Republicans MUST declare WAR on Democrats or All Is Lost Democrats are ruining the greatest country that ever was. I’m fighting back. I’m ready to kick their asses.

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Oct 1, 2018 2 Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Democrats run a take-no-prisoners party.

If you oppose them, they will steamroll you and they don’t care who gets hurt.

They will change positions on a dime when it meets their needs – such as Joe Biden’s emotional tirade against using the FBI in the Clarence Thomas hearings – and then they will accuse you of taking them out of context.

Is this the face of the Democratic Party? Sen. Richard Blumenthal — a known liar.

They will interrupt at hearings and pay protesters to disrupt the proceedings further. They will fix elections any way they can – by urging everyone to vote – even illegals – and by opposing any reasonable laws that would prevent voter fraud.

They stack our schools and colleges with left-wing professors, and own much of our media. How much longer do we on the Right take this? I’m ready to fight back hard.

America is still a conservative nation. Let’s declare war on liberalism and beat it back.

We have too many Jeff Flakes in our party – and they don’t have any at all.

Think about it. Even though some of our wimpier Republicans are not running for reelection, we have all the flakes on our side of the aisle. Just in the Senate, we have Jeff Flake (king of the wimps), Bob Corker, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. These are all senators that cannot be trusted to fight against liberals and progressives.

Senator Jeff Flake reacts during a confrontation with a protester in an elevator in Washington, D.C., U.S. September 28, 2018 in this still image obtained from a social media video. J.D. Durkin/Cheddar/via REUTERS

Remember, they’re at war with us and they have zero Flakes, Corkers and such. They always vote as a bloc – and when a Joe Manchin steps across the aisle, it’s always because it benefits him at the polls.

Flake and elevators girls.

Because he is a flake, Jeff Flake was the left-wing’s last best hope to bork Kavanaugh. They staged a confrontation as Flake was coming off a senators-only elevator, and two Democrat activist women got in his face.

Flake had just come out as a “yes” vote for sending Kavanaugh to Senate floor – and near 100 percent assurance of confirmation. CNN, almost certainly part of the conspiracy against Flake, was there to broadcast it live.

Yes, folks – the Democrats not only own our big colleges and universities, they also have control of two of three major cable news channels, all three of the big alphabet networks, and virtually every metro newspaper in America. Leadership at Facebook and Google are leftists, so the deck is stacked. Flake was an easy mark against all this pressure, and he caved.

Video: Sen. Jeff Flake, minutes after he announced he will support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, was confronted at the US Capitol Friday morning by two women who say they are sexual assault survivors. (And imagine! CNN just happened to be right on the spot!)

The two women that accosted him (it was on CNN so it could have been Acosta-ed him) were Ana Maria Archila and Maggie Gallagher. The former is an executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy. That’s a group we used to know as ACORN – far left and with funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Flake was clueless. Under pressure of these two activists and the CNN camera, he flaked out. This, to the Left, was just another battle in the overall war that they are fighting and that Republicans are not.

So Flake demanded the Left’s FBI investigation proceed before he delivers a “yes” vote. That gave the Dems an extra week to find more women to come out against Kavanaugh and more dirt to dig up on him.

Meanwhile Republicans are so congenial. No war for them.

I voted for Ted Cruz because I thought he’d fight. He did. The rest of the Republicans hated him for it. The wimps have been in charge too long. I not only intend to vote for Cruz again; I want him to be Senate Majority Leader. This is war.

Think about how we could be fighting back – if we had some backbone:

• We should be going after Dianne Feinstein for leaking the Ford letter. She says she didn’t, but it had to come from her office.
• We should be attacking Corey Booker (Spartacus) for trying to pre-empt his own sexual misconduct.
• We should make a big deal out of Joe Biden’s comments during the Clarence Thomas hearings – to screw up his planned presidential run.
• We should be talking about Keith Ellison’s sexual problems.
• We should absolutely name a prosecutor to investigate Bill Clinton’s sexual attacks on Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willy, and Paula Corbin Jones.
• We should back any state that wants an ironclad photo-ID law for voting.
• We should build the damn wall and deport illegals with a vengeance.
• We should fight everything California does – even if it’s something good.
• We should work with President Trump to stack the courts with conservatives.
• We should start right now to reform colleges and universities and load them with conservative leadership and professors.
• Make ALL restrooms gender-by-birth specific and ban same-sex marriage forever. We should call “transgender” operations what they are – surgical mutilation.
• Pass a congressional resolution noting that Yale and Harvard law schools have become infested with left-wing processors and that a law degree from these two schools should be treated with skepticism.
Beto O’Rourke is LYING about leaving the scene of his accident during which he was too drunk to make a statement. Let’s DEMAND an FBI investigation and delay the election until we get one.
Let’s tell Willie Nelson, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, most of Hollywood, the View, and Saturday Night Live to go to hell.
• Abolish Obamacare – oh yeah, we could have done that except for John McCain.
• Confirm Kavanaugh now – and start a deathwatch for Ruth Bader Ginsburg – with another far-right nominee waiting in the wings.

Beto at SMU lied about leaving the scene. Let’s DEMAND an FBI investigation.

We don’t play hardball like they do. But we should.

Michael Goodwin, writing in the New York Post, says the worst is yet to come from the Democrats. I think he’s right.

There is no depth to which they will not sink. He notes that Utah Senator Orrin Hatch says the Kavanaugh hearings have now eclipsed those of Bork and Thomas as being the most disgusting in our history.

I don’t want to be like them.

I think Corey Booker is little more than a court jester. Feinstein is a worn-out partisan, who at 84, is running for another 6 years. Kamala Harris is just Eric Holder in a dress. Perhaps the most disgusting of them all is Richard Blumenthal who is a known liar and who parades himself on left-wing networks with his holier-than-thou screeds. I’m tired of having to keep a barf bucket near the TV whenever I tune in to CNN.

To me, it’s war.

Politics doesn’t work anymore in these days in which we live. Democrats are ruining the greatest country that ever was. I’m fighting back. I’m ready to kick their asses.

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  1. ProfessorMac says:

    It’s actually not this complicated. More Republicans need to embrace and support Donald Trump’s policies and philosophy. President Trump has the potential to create more positive change and fairness in America than any President in the past 150 years. It’s the “deep state” of special & financial interests that would prefer things stay as they are. But we are on a collision course to many terrible things (as we’ve been presented by radical Democrats) if one or both parties doesn’t take responsibility for a good future for our country.

  2. sonicpopo says:

    As I stated in my last call to the show, having had a number of discussions about what’s going with this nomination, I can truthfully tell EVERYONE that if we dont put enough pressure on our Senators to PUSH this nominee through this SHAM of a hearing, the conservative Republicans are dead. In my last discussion with 4 of my friends, if the Senate Republicans FAIL to get this nominee through to take the open seat, THEY have failed us for the last time and there won’t be any further reason to continue voting in these SPINLESS, unwilling to fight for what they were elected to do, so-called conservatives.

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