Radical Ideology Comes to the United States Conservatives need a billioniare-funded organization designed to get left-wing professors fired.

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May 30, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

It can no longer be denied.

Various forces have combined to create a radical political movement that pushes forward with the power of gravity drive. This is an ideology that attempts to impose its will on the entire population, and will not accept opposing points of view.

The forces that seem to propel it include academia, the homosexual and transgender movements, the media, and illegal immigration.

Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses a rally in support of Social Security on March 28, 2011 in Washington. Sanders and four other Democratic senators, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, said the Republicans’ entitlement reform plan will “dismantle Social Security.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The result is a loss of national values, the rejection of constitutional authority, and increased violence.

This movement is often referred to as “progressive” because it always moves forward and fights to stave off any organized opposition. It demeans anyone who does not agree with its agenda, and works to shut down traditional voices.

Opposition figures are considered enemies that must be destroyed. These forces have coalesced into what used to be the Democratic Party.


The great bulk of professorship in the United States is on the Left, with many occupying the Far Left. These professors typically hate America, despise our values, and teach their students to believe these things. They have tenure and that protects them from being fired – but they wouldn’t be fired anyway since college administrations and regents are usually liberal as well.

The radical professor problem has manifested itself in the “snowflake” movement on college campuses, and in the refusal of many colleges to allow opposing viewpoints, particularly regarding commencement speeches.

The Homosexual & Transgender movements.

These two movements constitute a denial of science. The left tells us that Climate Change deniers reject science. But left-wing views on human sexuality belie millennia of human existence in which men and women were considered to be designed by God (or nature) to be compatible for an ordered society and for reproduction.

The facts of male/female anatomy is ironclad proof of how sexuality is supposed to work. The Progressive Movement denies this science because doing so serves their purpose of uprooting all traditional values.

The media. 

Night after night, radicals like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spout venom against conservatives.

If you have a brain made of mush and you are influenced by liberal teachers, you may enroll in J-School when you get to college. There, you will likely be taught by liberal professors how to go and save the world. So you go into the journalism business and become a part of the Mainstream Media.

You probably enter the MSM with the best of intentions. But if you work for a major newspaper, a national network, or a cable news channel – you are swimming in a sea of left-wing sharks. If you work at the New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, ABC/CBS/NBC or CNN – you are expected to be of the Left.

Illegal immigration.

Immigration, especially the illegal type, is part and parcel of the campaign to destroy traditional American values. The Left lets them in, provides welfare, free medical care, and local schools with classes conducted in their own language. Naturally, they become Democrats. That’s the idea. Immigrants are nothing more than a means to hold power by keeping a permanent underclass for the Left to manipulate.

The politics of immigration also relates to the “equality” movement, and identity politics that the Left uses to divide us. This is what “community organizing” is all about: find a grievance, fire up an aggrieved community – such as blacks, immigrants, women, or gays – and demand they turn over part of their wealth to you and give you special privileges, while diminishing the people who work and pay taxes.

These are Democrats. Defeat them.

The Democratic Party.

It used to be thought that the Republicans were the Party of Business and the Democrats were the Party of Compassion. It turns out that business is where we get jobs from – and the Democrats are willing to kill children in the womb to appease one of their consistency groups – the antithesis of compassion.

By supporting business, Republicans are actually being compassionate to people who need jobs. But professors, who favor socialism or Communism as a governing model, have a stranglehold on Democrats because they’ve produced most of the people that report the news. There are virtually no independent-minded Democrats left.

It is academia & the media that set the agenda and Democrats follow like puppies.

The media comes from liberal government, business, and journalism schools operating on college campuses that can’t withstand an opposing viewpoint. How do we fix it? We start by teaching our children traditional values—and sending them to school fully armed with the understanding that their teachers and professors will try to change them. We should agitate for diversity of thought on campuses.

We should stop electing establishment candidates to Congress that want nothing more than to get reelected. We must control our borders. We may have to use the courts like liberals do. 

The Left has organizations dedicated to getting rid of people they disagree with.

They have billionaires like George Soros funding them. Perhaps the Right needs such groups, funded by the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson. Imagine placing monitors in the classrooms of professors known to be far left. And then, publishing their lectures and demanding that they be fired.

To fight back against left-wing intimidation groups like Media Matters for America, left-wing universities, and left-wing weasels in Congress, we have to adopt some of the tactics of the Left.



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