“We need more government shutdowns in order to train Democrats.” When it was all over, and Schumer’s Democratic Party was in tatters, he had been adjusted.

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By Lynn Woolley

After the first recent government shut down, the second one didn’t last long at all.

Mark Wilson-Getty Images

That’s because Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had no stomach for another one—after being blamed for the first one. We all know Republicans can be trained. During the Obama administration, when the government shut down over Obamacare, President Obama did two things.

First, he blamed it on the Republicans. Then, he did as much as he could to make it painful – things like shutting down the World War II Memorial in Washington, a monument that is open air and requires no funding to be open.

The Republicans wanted to no part of that ever again.

This time, the Republicans went wall-to-wall that Democrats shut down the government for illegal aliens – and it stuck. The Democrats have now felt the pain of responsibility. They are trainable.

Obama shut down the World War II Memorial in October, 2013 (Associated Press)

Something the Frontbencher said resonated with me.

Late afternoon host Mark Levin (known to our audience as “the Frontbencher” because he likes to brand other talk show hosts as “backbenchers”) said something last week that I caught just out of the corner of my shell-like ear. Paraphrasing, it was to the effect of…

“We need more government shutdowns in order to train Democrats.”

That was a throwaway comment on his part, but it got me to thinking. Why do Democrats typically win these government shutdown fights? It’s because of several reasons.

• They are able to frame the argument that the Republicans are shutting down the government to harm people – such as take away their health insurance.
• They all work together as a single body to denigrate the Republicans.
• They have the backing and full support of all the media except FOX News, talk radio, and a few websites.

Video: January 22, 2018 – Schumer blinks: Democrats end government shutdown

Remember when Ted Cruz led the fight against Obamacare – just as he had promised to do when the sought the job of U.S. senator?

A TV screen in the Senate Press Gallery in 2013. Sen. Ted Cruz spoke for 21 hours against Obamacare on the Senate floor. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

He kept that promise and he stuck with his “green eggs and ham” filibuster until it was certain that the rest of the GOP had caved to the Left. Other than Cruz, few in the Republican Party showed backbone, and few could couch the argument in terms that were favorable to the Republicans’’ point of view.

What was different this time?

Everything was different this time.

There was no easy-to-smear Republican mounting a filibuster. The Republicans stood together and stayed united. Even Trump-hating CNN was not able to refute the oft-repeated statements that this was a “Schumer Shutdown.” They tried to term it as a “Trump Shutdown,” but, sans alliteration, that never caught on.

Schumer, as the leader of the movement saw that he was this year’s Ted Cruz. He was going to take the blame. He blinked big.

Video: Schumer tried to brand it the Trump Shutdown — but his ploy never caught on.

Of course, the main difference was DACA.

The shutdown was over the idea of extending protections and eventually citizenship to the so-called “Dreamers,” a subset of illegal aliens who were brought here as children.

• The Democrats were perceived as putting illegals ahead of American citizens.
• The Dreamers overplayed their hand and began to demand a DACA fix — and the voting public was not happy with these demands.

When it was all over, and Schumer’s Democratic Party was in tatters, he had been adjusted. Both sides, in fact, lad learned a lesson. The Democrats learned that, while they usually win these arguments, they can only do it with a issue that is ripe for them to exploit. The Republicans learned how to exploit an issue that resonated with the American people — and how to win.

Ted Cruz could have won his Obamacare fight with a united party, assuming it had framed the issue correctly. Remember, Obamacare has been the disaster that the GOP predicted.

The Republicans should note this: if they intend to play “chicken” with the threat of government shutdowns, the Democrats are now trained. If the Republicans stand strong, frame the issue in a politically smart way, and show no chance of backing down – the Democrats will.


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