No One BURNED DEMOCRATS More Than Those Who Felt “The BERN” Campaign of Bernie Sanders Has Done MORE DAMAGE To Democrat Establishment Than ANYTHING ELSE

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By Ben Barrack

Spending too much time on what might have been is often a vain endeavor. However, in the case of the 2016 campaign of Bernie Sanders, so much would not have happened had it never existed.


If no one felt “the Bern”, Wikileaks would not have had Democrats feeding them anti-Hillary information. If no one felt “the Bern”, there wouldn’t have been lawsuits against the DNC. If no one felt “the Bern”, there would not have been so much internecine warfare between Bernie’s true believers and Hillary’s loyal establishment lemmings. If no one felt “the Bern”, it would not have come to light that the DNC fought to give Hillary the nomination. If no one felt “the Bern”, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would not have been forced to resign.

In short, if no one felt “the Bern”, Hillary quite likely would have been elected President. The people who chose to rally behind Bernie would have stayed on Hillary’s plantation.

Bernie did to Hillary’s campaign in 2016 what Barack Obama did to it in 2008.

Thank you BERNIE!

Bernie and his Wife: Facing consequences for causing Hillary loss?

Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that Bernie and his wife are facing prosecution for fraud today?

As the Trump-Russia narrative continues to fall apart like Obamacare, the Deep State appears to be setting its sites on the Sanders family. This is happening at the same time that Sanders supporting Democrats are setting their sites on establishmentarian Nancy Pelosi.

In politics, there always must be a fall guy. Make no mistake. The longer Trump is president, the more Bernie will be blamed by the Democrat establishment.

And rightfully so.

Again, thank you BERNIE!

You see, Bernie attracted true believers to the Democrat cause. Hillary only attracted them because she opposed right wingers. Right or wrong, Bernie gave his supporters something to believe in (yeah, it was wrong).

We should THANK the Bernie supporters. They did their best to take down the Democrat establishment.

They also have some dead bodies to hold up as martyrs.

In the summer of 2016, it became apparent that the DNC was working behind the scenes to ensure Hillary’s nomination. Bernie was getting too close; the DNC couldn’t have him as the nominee.

Take the case of Shawn Lucas. This Bernie supporter went to the DNC on July 1st and served them with a lawsuit. About one month later, he was found dead on his bathroom floor:

Nine days after Lucas served the DNC, a staffer for the DNC was murdered in the street. Seth Rich was shot in an upscale Washington, DC neighborhood. The police said it was a botched robbery; nothing of value was stolen from Rich’s person. He died later at a hospital.

In the months since, it’s been learned that Rich was in communication with Wikileaks. The evidence points to Rich leaking information damaging to Hillary Clinton at about the same time that the Trump/Russia narrative began.

Here is a video from a very assertive Rod Wheeler – investigator hired by the Rich family – in May of this year on Hannity. Note how specific Wheeler is in this segment. Since that time, both he and Hannity have been pressured into silence on this case. Hannity says he’s respecting the wishes of the family. Wheeler has basically been whack-a-moled by someone or something, into silence.

Hillary bagman and Nazi acolyte John Podesta sent an email months before, suggesting that leakers should be punished.

Podesta email via Wikileaks suggesting that examples should be made out of leakers (like Seth Rich)

As for the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary needed Bernie’s supports at the same time she was ostracizing them. As true believers, they began to see the Democrat tricks.

When Hillary got the nomination, many of Bernie’s supporters got behind Hillary but many of them stayed home

Had Bernie not been in the running, Hillary very well would have defeated Trump.

As I said at the beginning, spending too much time on what might have been is a vain endeavor.

So, here we are.

Trump won.

Thanks Bernie.

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