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Julian Castro ponders run for White House but could lose Texas

By Lynn Woolley

If you get the Castro brothers mixed up, that’s understandable. We’re not talking about Fidel and Raul, but rather the Texas Castros – Julian and Joaquin. The latter is a Democratic Congressman. The former was mayor of San Antonio and then Housing Secretary under President Obama.

Julian is the one that wants to be president. 

Julian Castro (Photo: Alex Wong, My SanAntonio.com)

Not too many people know who he is – so what would he propose that would lead to a win? Simple! He would do everything the opposite of what President Trump is doing. This is flat-out dumb.

So Castro would return us to the morass that was the Obama era – including high unemployment, high taxes, and open borders.

Another Texan in the White House would be nice – but it won’t be Julian Castro. He has exactly nothing to offer.

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Castro joins a long list of people who think they’d make a great president.

The Democrats’ list is long and growing. It incudes such luminaries as Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Gavin Newsom, and Oprah Winfrey. And who can tell what Hillary Clinton will do? Or Bernie Sanders? Or Adam Schiff?

Julián Castro gives the keynote speech at the Texas Democratic Convention at the Alamodome on June 17, 2016. Photo:
Marjorie Kamys Cotera

If you ask me, I think Warren, Biden, and Harris all have a shot at the nomination. Warren is the queen of identity politics [2] now favored by the Left and the idea that “…you didn’t build that.”

Joe Biden has been on the government payroll forever [3] and has been a United States senator and vice-president.

Kamala Harris is a minority female [4]and is the junior senator from California – a state that would likely support her against former San Francisco Mayor Newsom. [5]

But even Booker – as weak as he is – has a better chance than Castro.

Castro has created a PAC known as “Opportunity First” [6]to get ready for 2020. Now all he needs is a name. He needs a brand. What has he accomplished?

The website MySanAntonio.com has all you need to know about Castro [7]:

Castro was elected to the San Antonio City Council in 2001. At age 26, he was the youngest councilman in the city’s history. He was elected mayor in 2009, becoming the city’s fifth Latino mayor and the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American city. His signature achievement was leading a 2012 voter referendum to expand pre-kindergarten education. Castro broke onto the national scene in 2012 with a well-received keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Then-President Barack Obama nominated him to his Cabinet in 2014.

Let me see if I got this straight. His signature achievement was expanding pre-kindergarten education? He’s going to run on that? Buena suerte! He’ll need it.

Kamala Harris is mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2020. (Jose Luis Magana / Associated Press)

His platform would likely be nothing more than anti-Trump.

In the Dallas Morning News, Castro is quoted [8] as saying he opposes all things Trump:

“This guy is taking the country in the completely wrong direction and he’s hurting people while he’s doing it. I have a completely different vision for the country and this seems like an important moment to turn things around.”

We get it that Castro and most other Democrats despise Trump.

The problem with running on this platform is that Trump has cleaned up a lot of the Obama mess. To do things “opposite” of Trump would mean repealing the tax law, reinstating the Obamacare mandate, and negating the great economic news that has accompanied Trump’s policies.

Don’t forget that Trump was elected primarily on the issue of illegal immigration – and Castro would undo any gains that Trump is able to make. Essentially, he would be like putting Luis Gutierrez into the White House.

Castro is a young, politically correct member of a rising demographic. But being a woman did not get Hillary Clinton elected.

Fortunately, Castro’s chance at the nomination is near zero.

He is not exactly a household name. He has no serious accomplishments on the national stage. The Democrats have far more viable candidates. His anti-Trump platform is a loser out of the gate. Perhaps most important, he likely could not deliver Texas to the Democrats. Remember, if Al Gore had won his home state of Tennessee, he would be been President [9].