Hollywood Nominates Oprah for POTUS with ID Politics as Platform If she’s going to run on being a woman – or even a black woman – she’s got a big hill to climb.

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By Lynn Woolley

Quick! What is Oprah Winfrey’s North Korea policy? What about Syria? The two-state solution in Israel? What would she do to to build on the gains Trump has made against ISIS? What are her thoughts on monetary policy? Would she secure the border? Would she reinstate higher taxes and the Obamacare mandate? Would she return to the high-regulation days of Barack Obama?

The Donald & The Oprah

Most likely, Oprah is not as concerned with these issues as she is with Social Justice and Identity Politics.

This is her big problem.

If she’s going to run on being a woman – or even a black woman – she’s got a big hill to climb. Now suppose that the Trump economy stays robust, and suppose Trump gets his infrastructure bill and people like the higher paychecks from the tax overhaul. How does she beat Trump by saying — vote for a woman who’ll roll back Trump’s successes?

Oprah has one qualification that she shares with Trump.

She is famous. Very famous. And she’s rich, too.

But it ends there. This woman made her fortune in television. Trump had a TV show, but his main fortune was made in real estate. As an international entrepreneur, Trump traveled the world building skyscrapers and doing deals. Trump is known for the “Art of the Deal.” He worked with presidents, prime ministers and kings.

Video: Trump visits Winfrey’s show in 1988.

Oprah is known for her emotional TV interviews, for giving stuff to her studio audience, and for OWN, her somewhat iffy cable network. If she’s going to use Social Justice as a platform, she’ll lose the Heartland. In the middle of the country, voters flocked to Trump because they were tired of being ignored by coastal elites. If she runs on Identity Politics, she has to come up with a way to win that eluded Hillary Clinton. Hillary was obsessed with breaking the “Glass Ceiling,” but the voters were less thrilled with that idea than they were with jobs and border security.

Video: Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes

Can Oprah run on fame?

She can get nominated on fame.

But assuming Trump runs for a second term, she’ll be up against someone even more famous than she is. There will be Oprah groupies that will vote for her because she is Oprah. The question is – will that be enough to pull her through? Remember, Trump won because the societal changes advocated by Hillary Clinton did not resonate – and because the 8 years of high-regulation Obama gave us did not create a vibrant economy.

In 2008, many voters likely were taken the idea of electing the first black president. We did that, it did not work well, and the 2020 election will almost assuredly focus on economic issues like jobs. If societal issues enter the fray, it will be more about draining the Swamp than it is about breaking the glass ceiling.

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis 1/7/18. Pastis nails the Hollywood crowd.

Still, Oprah is worshiped by some.

She was treated as a goddess by the Hollywood crowd at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. What did they applaud and cheer for? For one thing, they loved her proclamation that she sees….

“…a brighter morning even in our darkest nights.”

But the Trump economy belies that, and the electorate knows it. Virtually every economic indicator is up under Trump’s tutelage. So what are these “darkest nights” she is talking about? Trump could destroy her in a debate.

Video: ABC’s Nightline reports on the Golden Globes

Over in the Dallas Morning News, the deification of Oprah is well underway.

On Tuesday following the Globes, the News’ Dawn Burkes called Oprah “the Queen of the Night.”

“Winfrey’s acceptance speech should be required viewing. Surely, she talked the door open for ‘some little girls watching,’ just as she watched Sidney Poitier win his history-making Oscar for best actor.”

Poitier’s accomplishments were significant to be sure, but he worked in a different era. In his day, overt racial bias and prejudice was the norm – a far cry from the current era in which Obama’s race clearly helped him win.

Burkes goes on in her fawning column to note that, as Oprah spoke, there were “…teary eyes all over the room.” Oprah is known for such a thing. But how will that help her win the White House? Burkes wraps it up this way:

“Winfrey inspired everyone in the room. And that includes the presenters that followed her; pity them. Ron Howard called Winfrey’s speech ‘stunning,’ and introduced the category for Best Detector. Not missing a beat, Natalie Portman said, ‘And here are the all-male nominees. Ouch!”

Why “Ouch?” Is it the male directors’ fault that no woman earned the right to be named Best Director? No; but the point is that Hollywood and a lot of liberals put diversity ahead of accomplishment just as Portman did at the Globes. President Obama brought diversity to the White House, but not accomplishment. His eight years gave us a moribund economy with few jobs created, and with more government control over the lives of Americans. That’s what Hillary would have continued. That’s why she did not win.

It’s doubtful that Oprah Winfrey will ever be POTUS.

She’s not remotely as qualified as Hillary was. And as we all know, Hillary blew it. Oprah’s more likeable than Hillary, but her rhetoric brings back echoes of Obama at his Social Justice worst. Somehow I just can’t picture Oprah debating jobs and North Korean policy.

Unfortunately for her, she’ll have to do just that with the likes of Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Joe Biden, and Elisabeth Warren before she can stand on a stage with President Trump.


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