Freedom of Speech is a foreign concept to Progressives The Democrats, as Obama loved to say, are on the wrong side of history.

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By Lynn Woolley

There was a time when you’d hear something like this from most Americans:

“I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it.”

Conservatives believe that. Today’s liberals have gone in a different direction. Perhaps adjusted by left-wing college professors, they seem to believe that there is only one way – theirs!

Middlebury College students shouted down Libertarian political scientist and author Charles Murray as he tried to deliver a speech Thursday afternoon. (Photo: NICOLE HIGGINS DeSMET/FREE PRESS)

In a free society, this is dangerous.

So it’s nice to see that a group of professors from Middlebury College has stepped up with a signed statement supporting what they called “free inquiry on campus.” Middlebury College made news when liberal students refused to allow Charles Murray, co-author of “The Bell Curve,” to speak.

Professors at Berkeley and other left-wing universities have not taken a similar stand. But maybe the faculty at Middlebury is starting a trend. Maybe that trend could spread to Congress.

What happened to Charles Murray is being called “the New McCarthyism.”

That’s what Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal writes:

“America’s campuses have been in the grip of a creeping McCarthyism for years. McCarthyism, the word, stands for the extreme repression of ideas and for silencing speech.”

That trend on American campuses isn’t new. Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has dodged pies, and other conservatives have been subjected to shout-downs and to being “un-invited” to speak at such events as commencements when liberal students and professors raised enough hell.

Charles Murray — The Bell Curve

This has led to a higher education system in America with a single point of view based on the majority-faculty’s narrow concept of America as a colonial nation with a racist history. The idea that our Framers planted equal rights into the constitution never occurs to them. The idea that America is now the Land of Opportunity where foreign nationals risk all to sneak in is lost on them.

This anti-speech movement is based on ignorance.

We don’t have room here to make a list of things that the Left, particularly left-wing students, don’t understand. But George Will points out one major item. He says some of the protesters at Middlebury were protesting eugenics with no clue that the entire concept was a progressive cause:

“Progressives rejected the Founders’ natural rights doctrine and conception of freedom. Progressives said freedom is not the natural capacity of individuals whose rights pre-exist government. Rather, freedom is something achieved, at different rates, and to different degrees, by different races.”

Will is saying that college students are largely ignorant of the Democrat Party’s rich heritage of racism. They support Planned Parenthood without a clue as to who Margaret Sanger was or what she stood for. They think the Ku Klux Klan was a Republican outfit.

It has always amazed me that any person of color could ever in any Bizarro world be a Democrat. It makes no sense, but it’s a major reason why freedom of speech has to be suppressed for the Democrats to control the minority vote.

Can the Democratic Party & the Progressive Movement survive a sustained attack on free speech?

I find it doubtful. When the Framers were working on the Constitution – and arguing about it, it took a robust “Bill of Rights” to get the states to sign on. The First Amendment in that Bill was freedom of speech. This right is basic to not only what America was and is – but also to what America will be in the future.

So don’t give this load of crap about Climate Change being “settled science,” or that no one can question the concept of same-sex marriage or gender identity. Don’t tell me that I can’t believe that both sides in the Civil War served with honor. I believe in vaccines, but I respect your right to believe that they cause autism. I’ve done my research; you do yours, and we’ll agree to disagree.

I choose not to buy into Alex Jones’ strange brand of conspiracy radio, but I will never try to shut him up. I believe Americans landed on the moon and planted a flag, but you prefer to believe they whole thing was staged – more power to you.

Political speech, though, is in a class by itself.

When rational and recognized speakers are shouted down on a college campus because the Left disagrees with their ideology, we have a big problem. Henninger asks:

“Why hasn’t one Democrat in Congress stood in the well of the Senate or House to denounce, or even to criticize, what the Middlebury Mob did to Charles Murray and the faculty who asked him to speak? Have any of them ever come out against the silencing of speech they don’t like?”

I have an idea why. Left-wing ideologues like Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, all 3 Clintons, former President Obama, and far too many editors of America’s op-ed pages don’t see anything wrong with shouting down people they disagree with.

It’s one reason newspapers are vanishing. They are supposed to report the news fairly and offer balanced opinion on their editorial pages. Those days are just as over as freedom of speech on college campuses where all vestiges of Confederate Statues have been removed and that history erased.

But there is a growing outrage against this suppression of speech. The Democrats, as Obama loved to say, are on the wrong side of history. They’d better get it fixed, or the American people are going to revolt against them and the liberal colleges from which they sprang.

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