As Demographics change California & Chicago could be America’s future Even laboratory rats learn from their mistakes. Democrats do not.

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By Lynn Woolley

If “as goes California, so goes the nation” were to be true – we’re in trouble.

Just as Chicago is the nation’s model for how NOT to run a city, so California is the nation’s poster state for lunacy in government. And yet, two factors seem to be dragging the entire country into the crazy world of California and Chicago.

One factor is changing demographics – something left-wing featurepapers like to trumpet on a regular basis. But it’s true. The vast majority of immigrants seem to be leftists. The other thing is academia where left-wing college professors teach their students the ways of socialism and Marxism.

In this Feb. 26, 2016 photo, syringes are seen in the remains of a tent city being cleared by city workers along Division Street in San Francisco. The mayor says he’s hiring 10 workers whose sole responsibility will be to clean up needles. San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell said April 23, 2018, the team will respond to resident complaints and remove needles and syringes from “hot spots” every day of the week. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

If the Millennials and the new Generation Z are buying into this, there’d better soon be a new generation of young people who understand traditional American values. Failing that, America will soon be on its way to third world status.

When states and cities fail, they usually have one thing in common.

Look at the states that are in deep debt and that may someday have to ask U.S. taxpayers for a bailout: California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. They are all run by liberals and have been for years.

California is in trouble mostly due to governments workers’ pension plans that the state can’t pay for. But that’s not all. California is a sanctuary state – rolling out the red carpet for immigrants both legal and illegal. Callie now hands out drivers’ licenses to illegals. Meanwhile, the state has a tremendous homeless problem and San Francisco streets are littered with used syringes.

Over in Chicago, the situation is so bad that the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has decided to bail and not run for reelection. The state of Illinois is also in arrears and can’t pay its bills. The murder rate in south Chicago is well documented. Liberal policies don’t work and they never have.

Video: Vice President Mike Pence is now taking aim at former President Barack Obama after his rally in Orange County.

In spite of all this, Obama pushes for “sanity.”

Former President Obama shoed up in Anaheim – to a small crown by presidential standards – top blast Trump’ policies and to take credit for the good economy. He said the November med-terms would be “a chance to restore some sanity to our politics.”

In a show of fake new or at the least, sloppy journalism, Associated Press writer Elliot Spagat wrote that Obama didn’t mention President Trump by name. The tape shows that he did. Obama’s defense of liberalism went something like this:

“We’re in a challenging moment because, when you look at the arc of American history, there’s always been a push and pull between those who want to go forward, and those who want to look back, between those who want to divide and those who are seeking to bring people together, between those who promote the politics of hope and those who exploit the politics of fear.”

This from a president that was known as “The Great Divider” and attended perhaps the most racist church in America. “The politics of hope” under Obama led to eight years of economic ruin and malaise. Obama used to rail about what the “inherited” from George W. Bush. But the mess he left Trump was worse, and Trump has cleaned much of it up.

Video: (CBS News) Former President Barack Obama spoke at a rally in Anaheim, California, to support Democratic congressional candidates running for office in districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

Note that Hillary beat Trump by four million votes in California – but in Orange County, Trump beat her by 9 points. So we can all be thankful that there are pockets of sanity in Callie – Orange County, San Diego, and a few other places that push back of the left-wing nuttiness.

We are left to wonder how Obama or anyone else can tout liberalism after what it has done to California and to Chicago.

Even laboratory rats learn from their mistakes. Democrats do not. The more left-wing we get in this country, the worse off we become from an economic standpoint as well as from the societal rot that liberalism causes.

Obama was elected as the first black president. Hillary was almost elected the first woman president. Beto O’Rourke is routinely cited as a great candidate because he in Kennedy-esque – and, he can skateboard.

O’Rourke is far more like Rahm Emanuel or the ultra-liberal Gavin Newsom (who may be the next governor of California) than he is like JFK. President Kennedy was a war hero who believed in a strong military, fought commies, and used tax cuts for stimulus.

Today’s Democrats have run several states into the ground and ruined cities like Chicago and San Francisco. If young voters and the rest of us ignore what has happened in California and Chicago – we may become them.

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