How Democrats Steal Elections Start by understanding that winning is everything to the Left. So they go all-out.

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By Lynn Woolley

“Steal” is such a harsh word – but when you total up all the things (legal & illegal) that the Left does to win elections, the word fits like a glove. Start by understanding that winning is everything to the Left. So they go all-out.

Alinsky: Obama mastered his tactics

Alinsky: Obama mastered his tactics

Like their hero, Saul Alinsky, they believe the end is important and the means to the end is just collateral damage. They do far more than find votes in the trunks of cars at the most opportune time – or encourage illegals and even dead people to vote.

They take over entire segments of society – like academia – to shape political viewpoints almost from birth. They promote massive welfare programs to solidify the immigrant vote and those who prefer to live on someone else’s money. They stack the judiciary and get photo-ID and other ballot protections overturned. They own the news media and use it to suppress opposition vote.

And when they run the show, they never get in trouble.

On my radio show, I have pleaded with Hillary Clinton to slow down the scandals, as they seem to happen quicker than I can report them. Note that early Clinton scandals were about sex and/or money. Clinton scandals that came to light early in the campaign were centered on Hillary’s penchant for keeping her emails private to avoid pubic knowledge of selling influence.  Hillary-Clinton-Defends-Handling-Of-Benghazi-Attack

The more current scandals involve things like pro-Hillary organizations and SuperPACS meddling with Donald Trump rallies to cause violence and watch their friends in the media blame Trump. Most recently, Project Veritas has released hidden camera video showing a PAC coordinating illegally with Hillary Clinton on the “Ducks on the Ground” campaign to smear Trump.

And of course, the most corrupt politician in America outside of the Clintons and Harry Reid, the man Rush Limbaugh calls their “Bagman,” is back in action.

Former President Bill Clinton supports gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe during a campaign stop at Nauticus on May 14, 2009. (Photo: The Virginian-Pilot, Stephen M. Katz)

Former President Bill Clinton supports gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe during a campaign stop at Nauticus on May 14, 2009. (Photo: The Virginian-Pilot, Stephen M. Katz)

That would be Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe who gave nearly $500,000 to the state senate campaign of the wife of an FBI official who later helped oversee Hillary’s server investigation.

McAuliffe had already raised eyebrows by restoring voting rights to felons in time for the election.

They also practice the art of the set-up. The Miss Universe controversy against Trump and the women that popped up to demean Trump (and, earlier, Herman Cain) were almost certainly contrived by the Left. When Dan Rather was at CBS, he attempted to influence the election by smearing George W. Bush’s military service.

These things are not actual voter fraud, but they contribute to helping Hillary Clinton win by demeaning Trump and by (possibly) corrupting an FBI official. Remember, the Democrats used the IRS against Tea Parties and other conservative organizations. Under Obama, the State Department, Justice Department, IRS, and the FBI have been corrupted for political purposes.

All these activities take their toll. 

Spray-painted statues on the UT campus (Photo:

Spray-painted statues on the UT campus (Photo:

Democrats play the long game. Over the years, they have worked hard to infiltrate our colleges and universities so that young people could be inculcated with socialist, anti-American thought.

They have worked to accomplish a near total takeover of news media, Hollywood and other pop culture. Even comic books are liberal.

Newspapers like the Dallas Morning News and the New York Times, and the TV networks, run “suppression” stories by the dozens. These are news reports and polls that show Trump losing badly and Hillary riding high. These stories are intended to discourage the Republican vote.

Realizing that changing demographics work to their favor, Democrats pour on the welfare – and then work to pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in order to create millions of new votes for their side. In Virginia, illegal immigrants are going door-to-door for Hillary Clinton.

Unions are almost always pro-Left and they use union dues to support Democrats and undermine Republicans – even when the rank and file does not approve.

The Left uses the Judiciary – even the Supreme Court – to stop any type of reasonable protections that might ensure the integrity of polling places. Obama’s left-wing judges have pretty much eviscerated the commonsense concept of Photo ID. The Left knows that voter fraud always helps them and so they don’t want any protections at all. Remember, they had an organization called ACORN that was dedicated to committing voter fraud in the election of liberals.

Video: Uploaded on Jun 6, 2006 – Francine Busby Democrat congressional candidate in 50th Congressional District of California — you don’t need papers to vote

Democrat plots to get votes.

“Motor Voter” is a way to register likely Democrats who otherwise would not vote. Mail-in ballots and on-line ballots are easy to manipulate. Left-wing billionaire George Soros is connected to a line of voting machines. Black, presumably tax-exempt churches urge the flock to vote for Democrats. Operatives use “walking around money” to bribe poor people to vote. Democrats take advantage of early voting by busing people to the polls to vote for leftists.

Sen. Al Franken (Photo: Slate)

Sen. Al Franken (Photo: Slate)

Out and out fraud happens too.

Al Franken squeaks through in a Minnesota campaign for the U.S. Senate, finding just enough votes to win. Fraud in Texas and Illinois in 1960 puts John Kennedy over the top. California congressional candidate Francine Busby tells illegal aliens they don’t need papers to vote. Dead people end up on the voting rolls – but never vote for a Republican. In California, about half of new driver’s licenses are issued (legally) to illegal aliens who might be tempted to use them to vote.

And what do Republicans do?

They make speeches, run a few ads on radio and TV, and give Power Point presentations at meetings. They do not own the academic system or pop culture, or the TV networks and they do not pass out welfare checks like candy. They do not seek votes through any way possible. They can’t see past the next election. It’s politics to them. But to Democrats, it’s war. They treat it as such, and that’s why they win.

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