While Democrats are down, Republicans should attack Kick them while they’re down. That’s what they were planning for the GOP.

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Dec 19, 2016 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The election of 2016 was pivotal.

There was talk of a Hillary Clinton landslide big enough to bury the Republican Party – perhaps forever. Democrats were salivating at the thought of perpetual power on the Left – a country in which the opposition party could be crushed forever. They would have done it, too. The only problem is that they lost – and they lost big in the Electoral College.

He's not going away. So he MUST be defeated.

He’s not going away. So he MUST be defeated.

So what will Republicans do?

Already there’s talk of working “across the aisle.” But that’s nonsense. Liberalism is a blight on freedom and constitutionalism. With Donald Trump’s massive win, the time is right to turn the tables and aim for the total destruction of the Democratic Party and the economic and social misery it causes. If Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are unwilling to do this, then President Trump should. They planned to do it to us!

“The Democrat Blues” continue in Texas.

Looking at a tale of two states, the two largest, you can see that Hillary Clinton’s win in the popular vote was facilitated by California – a state that has essentially open borders and has dramatically altered its demographics over the past few decades. The Golden State allows drivers licenses for illegals and is pretty much a complete sanctuary state, at least along coastal areas.

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex -- all red except for Dallas County. (KXAS-TV)

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex — all red except for Dallas County. (KXAS-TV)

But in Texas, even the big city vote was not enough. The Democrats do well in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin and somewhat well in Fort Worth. But the rest of the state is very, very red.

A Dallas Morning News analysis indicates that Democrats had their worst election in the Lone Star State this year than in any year since 1992. That’s even though Trump’s 9-point win was less than Mitt Romney’s 16-point win. The Dems lost in more counties than they have in a decade. They simply stink at the polls in rural areas and in smaller cities. Remember, too, that Trump won all the counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – except Dallas County.

The News’ article suggests that Texas Dems’ drive to turn Texas blue is a farce, never was going to happen anytime soon, and may never happen.

These are democrats. Defeat them.

These are Democrats. Defeat them.

The Democrats are down but not out. Republicans should pounce.

Kick them while they’re down. That’s what they were planning for the GOP. Their intentions were to preside over the total destruction of the Republican Party. In victory, trump and the Republicans should do no less.

Do what it takes. This is the time to use all legal means available.

Here are my suggestions:

• Gerrymander. They do it when they can. So we should too.
• Identify weak Democrats and fund their GOP opponents.
• Create a major outreach to black and Hispanic voters in metro areas explaining how the Dems have utterly failed them.
Investigate George Soros and shut him down by any legal means.
• Secure the border and prevent more potential Democrats from entering the country illegally.
• Make sure that criminal aliens are deported without bureaucratic delays.
• End sanctuary cities nationwide.
• Pass English as the official language of the United States government.
• Work to elect conservative black and Hispanic candidates.
• Work to reinstall conservative and traditional American values in our public schools.
Rework the public school curriculum to include Western Civilization, citizenship, civics, Constitutional studies, and personal finance.
• Expunge political correctness from the face of the nation.
• Implement “Photo ID” and other voter-fraud protection nationwide.
• Abolish “Motor Voter” and early voting – and make Election Day a major event nationwide.
• Appoint more conservatives to local school boards and to the boards of major universities.
• Force colleges and universities to hire more conservative presidents, administration, and faculty.
• Implement more school choice and force public schools to compete.
• Redefine “working across the aisle” and “bipartisanship” to mean “we win.”
• Begin dismantling liberal laws like Obamacare ASAP and replace them with Constitutional laws that work.
• Use every legislative trick (such as “reconciliation”) to beat them every time.
• Call a convention of the states and pass reforms like term limits on Congress and a balanced budget amendment.
• Work to keep taxes low and regulations reasonable and logical.
• Return most of the legislative power to the states.
• Respect the Constitution and follow it to the letter.
• Protect the unborn child and restore respect for life.

Of course, there’s more. But these points qualify a good start. The Republican Party has proven to be a national party of the people. The Democratic Party is a coastal party of political and cultural elites. Right now it’s down. Kick it!


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  1. don76550 says:

    I would add to that list end tenure for college professors and make it much easier to fire them. It should also be easier to fire high school teachers. I am fed up with clueless little snowflakes getting an indoctrination rather than an education. We should also enact school vouchers so that our government school monopoly will be forced to educate or lose students and dollars.

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