Democrats not logically equipped to solve Racial Divide When whites shoot people, Democrats blame guns; when blacks shoot people, Democrats blame Republicans.

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Jul 8, 2016 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Two more police shootings in which black men died – followed by an ambush in Dallas, killing five policemen.

If Democrats could close the racial division in America, Barack Obama would have done it by now. But under the nation’s first black president, race relations are at a generational low. The reason is that Democrats leading our nation refuse to recognize facts – and instead create narratives.

AMBUSH-DMN 7-8-16“Hands up; don’t shoot” was untrue but continued to be used. The murder rate in Chicago, Obama’s hometown, is out of control. The “Ferguson Effect” has caused police to back off – and that sends crime up.

And yet, there is little talk among Democrats about “root causes” of black crime other than guns and poverty. No mention of welfare enabling, the dissolution of inner city families, gang activity and the lack of fathers.

Liberal Logic.

We write about this all the time. But Rush Limbaugh is playing in the background as I write – and made a statement to the effect of:

When whites shoot people, Democrats blame guns; when blacks shoot people, Democrats blame Republicans.

It is simply not logical that all the problems in urban communities are brought on by white racism. Some years ago, flying out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, I was chatting with a pretty young girl in the gift shop. I asked her what she did for a living. She replied that she worked for a big company in the Department of Diversity. She didn’t see anything wrong with that.

Protests in Ferguson (Photo: (REUTERS - Shannon Stapleton)

Protests in Ferguson (Photo: (REUTERS – Shannon Stapleton)

My alma mater, the University of Texas maintains something called “International Student & Scholar Services,” designed for the specific purpose of being a resource for undocumented [illegal] students at UT. The Democrats that run the University see nothing askew about that.

In Chicago, a city with lots of gun control, armed gangs kill black adults and children in what amounts to a massacre virtually every weekend. The Democrats that run the city seem not to notice.

The common denominator among children that do poorly in school has little to do with poverty and everything to do with broken families. Most of these “problem” kids that fail or drop out – or get into trouble with the law – do not know their fathers. Their single-parent mothers, who may have 8 or 9 kids, may not be able to match up each kid with a biological progenitor. This is obvious, but the Democrats that run our schools divide test scores according to race.

The welfare system including food stamps, Obamaphones, WIC, CHIP insurance, free lunch programs in schools, and other payouts enable young women to work the system. Some of them are adept at working it and they know how to make it more profitable than work. The system contains an embedded “marriage penalty” – so why bother? Democrats want the dependent community to vote for them, and so the freebies continue to flow. This is not logical but it is devious.

Video: The famous Obamaphone You Tube video

The grievance industry.

Never mind the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter. Since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who wanted to be judged by the content of his character, we’ve seen the rise of race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who show up at events when there is money to be made and TV cameras to beam their images to the nation.

It would be one thing if they provided solutions. But their ideas usually result in large companies writing them big checks. This is illogical – and yet political correctness allows them to get away with it. Democrats, illogically, aid and abet these hustlers.

What would a logical approach to race relations look like?

It would start by weaning folks off welfare. The deserving poor and disabled should have a safety net, but government is the great enabler for people to do the wrong thing.

Second, the abortion culture must change. If black lives matter, then black lives in the womb should matter. No society can ever be great unless it respects life. The black community, in particular, has been devastated by abortion.

Marriage should be promoted – and government should encourage marriage rather than welfare. Intact families are far better off financially and produce children that are loved and nurtured. It sounds old fashioned, but it works. There will always be broken families, but marriage should still be the societal norm.

Children in school should be taught character, citizenship, personal finance – and that America is exceptional. None of these things are taught in our schools and we wonder why we are turning out children that will live their lives as wards of the state.

We should work to make college diverse – in thought and opinion rather than just in skin color – and we should make it easier to afford. The Democrats that run our universities have jacked up tuition to extort more government money to pay educrats six and seven figure salaries. It is illogical to make college impossible for many young people to attend and then to expect them to be happy and content in menial jobs.

And finally…

This Democrat is NOT a Cherokee

This Democrat is NOT a Cherokee

It’s time to put everything related to race in the background. It’s time to drop affirmative action. It was a necessary remedy, but its time is past. It’s time to look at a person’s character and initiative rather than skin color. Democrats, like Elizabeth Warren, put a premium on ethnic identity. That is illogical in a country that desperately needs to unite.

Democrats seem to believe that, in order to get to a post-racial society, everything must be all about diversity. That is beyond ignorant. It is stupid. We need to come together as Americans, putting emphasis on the things that bring us together.

If it happens, Republicans will have to do it. Democrats are not logically equipped to solve America’s racial divide.

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    This is Robert in Morgan’s Point ! You are right on I wish I knew of a way to open more eyes but there are none as blind as though’s that will not see ! You should think about having a listener lunch day would love to meet you sometime .Great show !!

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