Democrats like Elizabeth Warren become objects of ridicule Democrats are acting like fools. Will voters notice? Will they care?

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Oct 16, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Have you noticed how many prominent Democrats have made fools of themselves in the past few weeks?

Most famously, Sen. Elizabeth Warren – known as “Pocahontas” to Trump supporters, released the results of her DNA test intended to prove her claim of Native American heritage.

It showed that she MAY be one-one-thousand-and twenty-fourth (1/1024) Native American. Translation: She’s not at all.

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey had the infamous “Spartacus” moment during the Kavanaugh hearings where he proclaimed himself the bravest of all Democrats only to be made to look like a fool. It seems his great reveal had already been released the night before.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Hillary Clinton is taking heat for her statements that there can be no civility until Democrats win. And, of course, most Democrats came off badly during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Of course, many Democrats are taking criticism for encourage violence.

Hillary is in that camp along with Cory Booker, Eric Holder, and Maxine Waters.

In Dallas, the Morning News editorialized against County Commissioner John Wiley Price – a committed anti-white racist – for a vile mailer, comparing President Trump to Hitler.

The News, a left-wing anti-Trump newspaper, chided Price for his racism and lack of context. It also poked at Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, a Democrat, for passing on a chance to repudiate Price.

Video: John Wiley Price and the Black Hole

Price has already been a punch line for his comments some years ago about the idea that “black hole” is a racist term.

Then there’s Stormy Daniels and the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

A judge has thrown out Daniels’ case against President Trump – and ruled that the CPL, whose real name is Michael Avenatti, and his client must pay all legal fees. The two of them are already sniping at each other.

Democrats are acting like fools. Will voters notice? Will they care?

The best they seem to have to put up for the Democratic nomination is Joe Biden who has this nasty habit of rubbing the neck and shoulders of any attractive woman he happens to walk up behind.

Video: Joe Biden’s best creepy moments

So who will be their nominee?

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden? Kamala Harris who acted foolish at the Kavanaugh hearings? Pocahontas? Eric Holder who says that when Republican go low, Democrats should kick them? Sometimes-Republican-and-sometimes-Democrat Michael Bloomberg? John “Swift Boat” Kerry? Would anyone inside the Basket of Deplorables cross over and vote for Hillary if she runs a third time?

Face it. Democrats are looking bad, and they brought all their troubles on themselves. By comparison, Donald Trump is starting to look pretty normal.

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