Democrats, Dirty Tricks, & Christine Blasey Ford Republicans should tell Ford to go to hell, and put Kavanaugh on the High Court right on schedule.

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By Lynn Woolley

What the Democrats are doing right now used to be called “the politics of personal destruction.” That’s when a party – almost always Democrats – digs up some old event from someone’s past at the last minute in order to destroy someone they disagree with.

Make no mistake.

This current flap over something Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is alleged to have done when he was in high school is a political dirty trick. Blasey Ford alleges that Kavanaugh tried to rape her as a teenager – but she can’t remember any details.

That doesn’t matter so long as there are Republicans like Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker. They are likely to join the Democrats to bork the nominee — out of sheer hatred for President Trump. These four so-called Republicans have history in their hands right now. There is reason to be wary.

Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh (Getty/Palo Alto University via

Remember Robert Bork. Remember Clarence Thomas.

The transmogrification of Bork from a Supreme Court nominee into a verb meaning “rejected due to unsubstantiated last-minute revelations” was orchestrated by the “Lion of the Senate” Edward M. Kennedy. Kennedy, who abandoned a woman to die at Chappaquiddick was the worst kind of hypocrite. But he kept Bork – a fine jurist – off the Court.

We all remember the “high-tech lynching” – the words of nominee Clarence Thomas – in which a left-wing, female college professor came forward to allege sexual harassment – now considered in most circles to be baseless.

This current controversy involves a left-wing, female college professor coming forward at the last minute. It’s very familiar and it’s disgusting.

Factoids you need to know.

First, understand that the idea here is to delay the confirmation until after the midterms in the hope that Democrats take the Senate. If they do, then Trump has no hope of obtaining confirmation for Kavanaugh or anyone else on his famous list of prospects.

This is a dirty trick of the strategic kind. The Dems want to force Trump to nominate a Merrick Garland type.

Here are some other interesting factoids regarding Ford and her allegations:

• She is a faithful Democrat.
• Her social media accounts have been scrubbed over the past few days.
• She is part of the anti-Trump resistance.
• She signed a paper protesting the “separation of children from parents” at the border.
• She remained anonymous until it became apparent that strategy would not stop the confirmation.
• Kavanaugh has been vetted thoroughly and this allegation never surfaced.
• Senator Dianne Feinstein knew about the allegation but never brought it up during Kavanaugh’s hearing.
• The alleged event happened more than 35 years ago when Kavanaugh was in high school.
• The Washington Post claims that Ford has an imperfect memory of the events.
• Ford cannot remember how the event came about.
• Ford cannot remember whose house it was where the event took place.
• Ford cannot remember how she arrived there.
• She does not remember the county.
• She never mentioned this to anyone until 2012 when she was in “couples therapy.”
• Notes taken by the therapist conflict with Ford’s current story.
• She claims the therapist is in error.
• She says she escaped Kavanaugh’s advances by locking herself in the bathroom.
• She doesn’t remember how she got home.
• Both Kavanaugh and Ford had been drinking.
Kavanaugh firmly says none of this ever happened.

Video: (ABC) Ford’s lawyer is already making the rounds.

What my Google search turned up.

Google is under fire for pointing searches to left-wing or anti-Trump websites. This morning (September 17, 2018), around 7 a.m., I entered the name “Christine Blasey Ford” into the Google search engine. I logged the top 15 results – noting that most people click on results at the top of the search.

Here is what I was provided by Google on page 1 of the search:

1. Washington Post (liberal) the newspaper that broke the story
2. CNN (liberal)
3. New York Daily News (liberal)
4. Twitter posts
5. Videos (I did not see any major names here)
6. Washington Post (again)
7. CNN (again)
8. Wikipedia – her personal entry which had been rewritten within the past 24 hours
9. PBS (liberal)
10. Daily Beast (liberal)

I went to page 2 of the search and listed four additional results in order:

11. Weekly Standard (conservative)
12. Politico (generally liberal)
13. (list)
14. FOX News (conservative)

So where did I find the article that I used in my monologue? I found it by searching the web on Early in their list, they popped up a very good article by David Catron at which I pulled from to write this column.

Deborah Katz

The Senate should go right ahead and confirm Kavanaugh.

There is zero reason to change plans.

For one thing, Ford is already lawyered up with a left-wing, women’s rights lawyer named Deborah Katz. Unless she’s looking to be a special contributor on CNN or MSNBC, why would she need a lawyer? She isn’t accused of anything.

The bottom line is that Christine Blasey Ford has a chance to be a left-wing hero (heroine?) as the woman who borked Brett Kavanaugh. If Democrats take the Senate, Democrats will take out their revenge regarding the Merrick Garland nomination and Ford will become even bigger in the resistance.

Republicans should tell Ford and the rest of the Left to go to hell, and put Kavanaugh on the High Court right on schedule. But for Murkowski, Collins, Flake and Corker, I expect that’s what they would do.

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