Americans must face the fact that today’s Democratic Party is evil Democrats promote every type of perversion known to man – and a country can only take so much.

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Aug 19, 2014 24 Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Something has gone wrong with the Democratic Party. There was a day when Democrats and Republicans held out the same goals for our country, but disagreed on how to reach them. There was a day – as recently as the administration of President John F. Kennedy – when the two parties could unite against a common enemy like Communism.

President John F. Kennedy (Photo:

President John F. Kennedy (Photo:

Those days are over.

Maybe it was Vietnam. Maybe it was Watergate. Maybe it was the left-wing candidacy of George McGovern. But whatever the tipping point was, today’s Democratic Party has turned mean and evil. Today’s Democrats don’t just just want to defeat their political opponents; they want to destroy them. They smear conservatives, take them to court, get them indicted, and allege that they are conducting “wars” on every conceivable group of people.

Today’s Democrats are liars.

This is not to say that the Party’s rank-and-file are all bad people. We are talking about the Democrats that are in charge – the ones you see as talking heads on TV and the ones that create a lot of the policies such as Obamacare that have caused the American people so much grief and heartache.

If you’re one of those folks who think it’s the other way around, you may be astonished to read this. Here’s the truth: You’ve been had! Democrats practice something called “misdirection.” It works like a magician who focuses your attention where he wants it to be while he pulls off his magic trick elsewhere. Similarly, Democrats call attention away from the fact they are harming this country by focusing on the lies they tell about others.

Bill Clinton was a master at political misdirection; Obama is even better.

Take the case of Mitt Romney who is a quintessential American success story. Yes, Romney has become very wealthy off of the free market system. He had some good ideas for this country – certainly better ideas than Obama had. But as the election drew closer, and President Obama’s policies were failing, Democrats attacked Romney.

President Clinton and President Obama (Photo: AP)

President Clinton and President Obama (Photo: AP)

They told many lies about him that were never challenged in any major way by the mainstream media or by the Romney campaign. So while the “recovery” was plodding along, unemployment was up, the national debt was out of control, more people were on welfare, and the new Affordable Healthcare Act was massively unpopular, Obama was reelected because – “Mitt Romney was out of touch with the American people.”

Romney was well-off, but Democrats made him seem like a space alien who came here to take away their money and give it to the rich.

Photo: Huffington Post

Photo: Huffington Post

They even accused him of cruelty to his dog for taking the dog on vacation in a crate atop the family car, and for the death of a woman whose husband had been laid off. They assassinated the character of a man who had created thousands of jobs through entrepreneurism, while their own record of job creation was a total disaster.

This is unethical and it is mean. But today, we simply call it “politics.”

The Democrats get away with it because Republicans can’t or won’t or don’t know how to fight back, and because the Democrats have near total support in the mainstream media. They also have their own “Hate TV” network, MSNBC, which is a 24-hour anti-conservative propaganda channel. FOX News Channel, while leaning conservative, is nothing like MSNBC.

Obama, who has never held a real job in the private sector, goes by the bible of political hatred: “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinksy. The book, also revered by Hillary Clinton, is a guide to revving up hatred against political opponents. It explains how to isolate an issue, use it against your opponent, accuse him of being the devil, and get people agitated against him.

The name for this is “community organizing.”

The Democrats used these tactics to pass the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), even though most of the American people did not want it and they had no Republican support in Congress. They did it by telling us over and over that 30 million people did not have insurance and that was not fair. The implication was that Republicans wanted people to die with no health care. They said as much, and ran a TV commercial showing a Republican dumping an elderly person out of a wheelchair and over a cliff.

Video: The infamous “Granny off the cliff” TV commercial

The Democrats lied because they did not want a serious discussion of how to improve a free market system; they wanted total control. They got what they wanted, and now we are seeing the fruits of socialism – less affordable healthcare, higher deductibles, a major doctor shortage – all the things other countries have suffered with government takeovers.

To make it work, Democrats installed subsidies – income redistribution. But government run healthcare based on redistribution and fairness will never work. We’ve already seen that, and it will get worse. Government-run healthcare is socialism and it is evil.

So is the idea of Climate Change.

Climate change (Photo: Telegraph/UK)

Climate change (Photo: Telegraph/UK)

Heavily pushed by media and the Associated Press’s Seth Borenstein, Climate Change is another government takeover. This time the target is energy. Using Climate Change scare tactics, the Democrats want to move away from fossil fuels that drive the economic engine of the world – and move to an alternative energy model. Of course, this doesn’t work, and it leads to cronyism as we learned from the Solyndra debacle. But Democrats keep trying to fool you.

Forget that Democrats had to change the name of this crisis from Global Warming, because none of their computer models ever came true. Forget the fact that Al Gore became rich like Mitt Romney off of scaring people about this nonsense. Forget that nothing they have ever predicted about Climate Change has actually occurred – nothing matters except the fear.

Democrats love the concept of fear.

They tell us: If we don’t stop Global Warming, the oceans will swallow up the coastlines. Polar bears will die out. The Arctic icecap will melt away. Life as we know it will be over. We may, in fact, all die.

They tell us: Republicans hate the poor and want to take from them and give to the rich.

They tell us: Rich Republican men don’t want women to have birth control.

In each case, the answer is bigger and more controlling government.

No serious person believes that government can change the climate, but that doesn’t matter to a party of liars. Democrats do not tell you how much poorer the poor have become under Obama, and how Lyndon Johnson’s War On Poverty has created so much more of it. They don’t tell women that birth control is inexpensive and readily available. Facts don’t matter; only emotions do.

Democrats are liars and they are mean.

They did not like Tom Delay. They made sure that the politics he engaged in was criminalized and they got him indicted, convicted, and sent to prison. But Bill Clinton never went to prison –and he sold pardons and transferred American secrets to the Chinese. He abused women in the Oval Office and committed perjury. Republicans impeached him but did not have the stomach to convict him and remove him from office. Republicans always play nice.

The Democratic way is to go for the throat.

The same “Public Integrity Unit” that went after DeLay has now gotten an indictment against Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Perry engaged in politics, telling a drunken Travis County DA to resign or he would veto her funding. Being a Democrat, she refused. Following the veto, liberal scalp-hunters pounced. A left-wing “watchdog” group with a reputation for attacking Republicans and conservatives found a (Republican) judge in San Antonio who could be persuaded to appoint a so-called bipartisan special prosecutor.

Rick Perry vetoed funding for the “Public Integrity Unit” run by a convicted drunk named Rosemary Lehmberg who was caught behind the wheel with an open bottle of vodka in her Lexus and a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit. But she is a liberal Democrat. There were no major calls from her party for her to resign – not even after she became belligerent during the booking process and acted in a totally disgusting manner to officers.

[We googled “Democrats call for Lehmberg to resign.” Nothing. No hits.]

Democrats do not go after Democrats except when they are forced to in the media. And even then, it takes a lot. In the case of the sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner, they threw him under the bus – but his wife was Huma Abedin, a practicing Muslim who worked for Hillary Clinton. So what else could they do? Dollar Bill Jefferson was caught with his freezer money and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was so corrupt that Democrats did not consider him worth a fight. In the case of John Edwards, it took the National Enquirer to expose what the mainstream media refused to do.

Now they are after Rick Perry and will not stop until he is imprisoned, even though their case is virtually non-existent. They are also going after Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin, charging that he coordinated too closely during an election with outside conservative groups. The Perry and Walker cases are purely political with not as much meat to them as, say the “Bridgegate” case of Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey. But even there, the media took it way beyond its national importance with MSNBC leading the charge.

Democrats don’t just hate conservatives in office. They hate them in the media, too.

Democrats practice a virulent form of, to use a word coined by Rush Limbaugh, getevenism. When Limbaugh went too far in his criticism of Sandra Fluke, they didn’t want an apology – they wanted his head on a platter. When Dr. Laura Schlessigner used the N-word to make a point, liberals ended her career on terrestrial radio. They are mean like that.

In fact, David Brock makes a career of vindictiveness with the website “Media Matters.” The George Soros-funded site monitors conservative talk and organizes email campaigns and boycotts if Rush or Sean Hannity or any other conservative annoys them. That’s why you never hear big advertisers like Wal-Mart on national talk radio. Mean and evil Democrats will punish any business that supports a point-of-view that they don’t like. Even conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who stupidly violated a campaign finance law on behalf of a minor candidate, was vigorously prosecuted.

Democrats go after Republicans, but not so much the other way around. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the late Congressman John Murtha, Congressman Charlie Rangel, Hillary Rodham Clinton and so many other Democrats seem to get away with shady business deals and under-the-table relationships with lobbyists. Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff was prosecuted and went to jail when he was involved in a scandal while Hillary got a free pass on her cattle futures insider trading.

Worst of all, Democrats are evil because of their policies.

Unlike President Kennedy, today’s Democrats have turned into socialists. They now promote such things as income redistribution, takeovers of entire segments of our lives like healthcare and energy, social justice leading to a Green Utopia, and they want a giant government that can take care of the people while controlling everything they do.

Video: Obama lies about the Affordable healthcare Act

But look at their record with big government programs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid always are on the edge of bankruptcy. (Yes, we know that President George W. Bush added the pharmaceutical benefit.) President Carter signed the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and it eventually caused poor people to lose their homes. Democrats never seemed to consider the fact that some people cannot afford to buy homes –and that passing legislation to force banks to provide them with mortgages only made them worse off.

Obama’s big government Stimulus Act, his “Cash for Clunkers” program, and now Obamacare – all failures. The former benefited mostly public unions and political cronies and the latter only time-shifted the purchase of new cars. Now, he’s taken control of student loans (which cause the huge tuition inflation we’ve seen), and he wants to control the climate.

There is no Green Utopia in our future.

Climate Change is a lie; perhaps the biggest lie of all. But it is just one of many.

The Republicans do not wage war against the poor, or blacks, or immigrants, or women. The Democrats’ takeover of healthcare is a disaster and their social policies will eventually create a nation of misery. Abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, and open borders are recipes for national failure. Democrats promote every type of perversion known to man – and a country can only take so much.

America’s future lies in the traditional vales of hard work and self-reliance in a free market – and in the nuclear family with mothers and fathers raising kids and teaching them how to be productive members of society. America had better wake up. Conservatives are not perfect. But unlike Democrats, they are not taking us down a path of total destruction.

That’s what Democrats are doing. And that’s what makes them evil.

Lynn Woolley is a Texas based radio talk show host who blogs at

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  1. mttiro67 says:

    The Democrat Party lost its grip on power when they allowed McGovern to go “big-tent” in his desperate effort to defeat Nixon in 1972. McGovern turned the Democrat Party away from its moderate, center-of-the-road stability, where it had been for decades, into a radical-left nut-house represented by college dropouts, draft-dodgers, and all kinds of other anti-establishment weirdos. Nixon won 49 states in 1972, and except for Carter’s blip in 1976, the Republicans controlled the White House for the next 20 years.

  2. pervert says:

    I’d admit that the Democratic party elites are evil, though typically less so than their Republican counterparts, and certainly not for the absurd fake reasons presented here. The problem is not that the Democrats admit that climate change exists, it’s that they are too afraid of the fossil fuel industry to do anything substantial about it. And the Democrats are too “mean” to reactionaries and racists in the Republican party & right wing media? If anything, Democrats are far too submissive & deferential when it comes to their dealings with their supposed opposition. You are free to your own options but not your own facts.

    • mttiro67 says:

      Such silly nonsense. If someone can look at today’s Republican leaders and think of them as more evil than today’s Democrat leaders, then they have an issue with “discernment.” They can’t reasonably differentiate between good and evil, between facts and opinions, or even between black and white. In such a case, there is nothing that can be done. No amount of talking will change the mind, or heart, of someone who sees black as white. That change will have to come, if it ever does come, from within you. Best wishes.

      • Phil says:

        It all depends on what one deems evil, right? If one party decides to limit the nations possibilities, it’s benefits, the ability to defend itself, or it’s ability to sustain itself, would you not consider that being evil regarding a nations potential? If a party pigeonholes the nation, restrains it, suffocates it with overwhelming expenditures, regulation, misrepresented taxation, for votes to remain in power instead of accepting term limits, would you not consider that somewhat evil? If a party discounts a nations constitution, bill of rights, the declaration of Independence, and articles of republic, is that not to be considered treason, or to be deemed somewhat evil? If a party extends its welfare entitlement programs beyond the reach of payback to the tune of $16 trillion dollars since 1965 and offers nothing more than more entitlements to those that can work jobs, is that not cruel, unusual, and evil? Idleness is evil. Is a party that kills babies not evil, using billions of tax payers hard earned money to pay for a program not needed when the country already has hundreds of such clinics already in play not evil? Plan Parenthood is innocent death planning for irresponsible women and allows the Public School system to charter them for teenagers that don’t have to tell mommy and daddy. Some of these kids get hurt and the parents are left to clean up the damage, that’s not evil?
        When a party releases Gitmo prisoners into the killing field after American military operatives lost their lives to capture the most EVIL insidious criminals known to man not evil? Is a party who also releases thousands of illegal Mexicans back into the killing field to return to American soil just to kill again not evil? Is a party who strives to ban Americans from owing firearms to potentially protect themselves from the killing field not evil? Is a party who wants open borders, not evil? Is a party who ratchets up racial tensions on a country that’s been calm about said issues for decades, not evil. When a party who discredits our police enforcement and pits blacks against whites over court cases that don’t have enough evidence to prosecute, not evil? Is a party who protects their own who are involved in international skulduggery to screw other nations out of money to fill their pockets with millions and call it a foundation, not evil? Is a party who protects their own when email files are scanned and read by our enemies with proven American classified content gets hidden, hindering law from indicting that party, prosecuting that party, while that party continues making deals (while in office) to enrich themselves by selling 20% of our uranium to Putin to sell to our enemy Iran, that’s not evil? She made $30 million on that deal, that’s not evil? When a party says you can keep your doctor and lies about it to the point Americans have lost their medical insurance altogether, forced on ACA or suffer fines, fees and penalties (more taxation), that’s not evil? Many have to drive in pain, hundreds of miles for care now because of ACA, that’s freakin’ evil. Dude, I’m just warming up. Give me another hour or so, get a cup of coffee and I can continue. I’d love to go on about Marxist colleges, socialism, Political correctness, Religion, state and church, the military. All these issues scream to be discussed regarding which party deals with them over the other better. I think I’ll post this in the comment box to open up Pandora’s box.

  3. teebonicus says:

    “This is not to say that the Party’s rank-and-file are all bad people.”

    All? No. 99%. Yes.

    It is these people (called by Lenin “useful idiots”) who vote in the communist monsters that run the Democrat establishment.

    • mballard1002 says:


      Here is where you’re mistaken. The voting dumbocrats, yes, most of them are stupid. Low information voters. They get their politics from MSNBC, idiot comedians and bumper stickers. The other ones who do have some knowledge, have an agenda. They think Americans and America have had it too good for too long, that it’s time we give up our sovereignty and lower our standards to resemble other countries. That’s what dumbocrats do. Instead of bringing up the standard for other countries, they’d rather bring down the quality of life in this country. But that’s no secret. But here is where you’re wrong. Many of those “useful idiots”, once you prove them wrong in every argument possible, they still hold on to their ideology b/c they do not want to be ‘wrong’. That’s called “pride” and that’s one of the 7 deadly sins. Now you know why. They’d rather see an entire country go down than to turn to someone and say, “you know what, I’ve never thought about it that way. You’re right!” and that is what makes them evil people. We know the politician libtards are pure evil. Hillary is the most evil, the most corrupt politician ever. But look at those who still vote for her. She protects child rapists and laughs when asked about the lie detector test. These people are Godless and straight up, selfish and ultimately EVIL people. They will be judged, hopefully by God soon enough. They’re going to kill us all. I’m very worried about the next 5 or so years. BTW, what do you think is going to happen when hillary has her “dream” come true? Open borders. 100%. What do you think is going to happen to this country? Gesh, God help us all. Seriously.

  4. antodav says:

    Aside from the climate change denialism and the unbelievable defense of Tom DeLay, this is a pretty fair article. However you could also make one equally damning about Republicans, without using any liberal talking points. At least for the Republicans though, there’s hope.

    • mballard1002 says:

      Not true. Maybe the idiot politician republicans who have given up on conservatism and have joined the dark side. But not the people. The ideology of “conservatism” is kind and wonderful by nature. We believe in God. We have someone to judge us once we pass, and quite frankly, that scares us God fearing people. So there is a limit to the bad that we can do. Dumbocrats on the other hand, not a chance. They’re GODLESS. That means a lot. But the ideology of conservatism, if followed, is great. Free markets, individual rights for all, bringing up the quality of life for everyone, equality for all. Strong military, which keeps the world in check (as you see now, how bad it is with our depleted military.) We freed the slaves. We introduced and passed, against the wishes of all dumbocrats, all the civil rights acts. We are good people who want good for everyone. Dumbocrats, nope. Pure evil.

    • mballard1002 says:

      Not true. Maybe the idiot politician republicans who have given up on conservatism and have joined the dark side. But not the people. The ideology of “conservatism” is kind and wonderful by nature. We believe in God. We have someone to judge us once we pass, and quite frankly, that scares us God fearing people. So there is a limit to the bad that we can do. Dems on the other hand, not a chance. They’re GODLESS. That means a lot. But the ideology of conservatism, if followed, is great. Free markets, individual rights for all, bringing up the quality of life for everyone, equality for all. Strong military, which keeps the world in check (as you see now, how bad it is with our depleted military.) We freed the slaves. We introduced and passed, against the wishes of all dems, all the civil rights acts. We are good people who want good for everyone. Dems, nope. Pure evil.

  5. Willie Horton - Jessup Correctional Institution says:

    You are SO correct. Republicans would NEVER stoop to using unjustifiable fear to win an election.

  6. TC says:

    The only reason the libs get away with this is because most conservatives are a bunch of pussies.

    Andrew Breibart had it right – if they hit us, we need to hit them back twice as hard. We need to stop being afraid to tell them to sit down and shut the fuck up.

    We need to wake up and realize that this ceased being a gentlemen’s game long ago, and that these people will take everything we own, and enslave or kill us if they can.

  7. says:

    When a person or group is committed fully to lies then they are very likely evil. This means that the truth in any form us violently resisted because their entire worldview is a house of cards built on lies. The good news is that any fundamental truth publicly held firm (AKA the light) will dispel years of their darkness. Imagine the foolishness of building your career and life on lies.

  8. RonTheJeeper says:

    While I whole heartedly agree with this article, I do have one criticism. There is mention of misdirection. It seems to me posting a picture of Howard Stern when he obviously has nothing to do with this is practicing what you rail against.

  9. admin says:

    Excuse me? I don’t believe we’ve ever presented a more literal, truthful column.

  10. Thecommonconservative says:

    Is this a satire?

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