Trump Proving To be IMMUNE To Alinsky’s Tactics Despite All the Forces Allayed Against Him, Trump is Not Succumbing to Rules for Radicals

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Oct 16, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are ideologically identical. They are each steeped in the teachings of Saul Alinsky. Hillary dedicated her senior thesis at Wellesley College to Alinsky, who dedicated his book ‘Rules for Radicals’ to Lucifer. Alinsky was so enthralled with Hillary that he offered her a job after graduation, which Hillary declined to pursue other interests.

Obama and the Clintons have been very effective against Republicans by employing Alinsky’s tactics. Whether Republican nominee Donald Trump wins or loses, he has been proving somewhat immune to those tactics. Yet, instead of rallying behind him because of it, significant factions of the Republican elites – as well as conservatives – are actually impeding his progress and may ultimately help to dispatch the best chance they have of defeating Alinsky.

Take Alinsky’s Rule #4 for example. Do so in the context of the recent audio recording of Trump in 2005, in which he says some lewd things about women.

Alinsky's Rule #4

Alinsky’s Rule #4

The history of the Republican Party is that any such audio recording would doom its candidate. Yet, Trump’s supporters continue to stand by him, not because they approve of the behavior. They do so because of the collective weakness of his predecessors, who’ve allowed themselves to be bullied into submission by these tactics.

The problem is that the weak Republican establishmentarians have a playbook which says their party’s representatives must project a certain righteous image. That image is based far more on the political calculations of contrasting themselves with evil Democrats than anything else. Elected Republican officials dating back to the second administration of Bill Clinton have neutered themselves. Ever since, they’ve shown themselves to be pliant to the will of Alinsky-style tactics. Like King Saul, they resent someone like Trump showing them how to do something they haven’t been able to do after decades of opportunity.

Part of the story of David and Goliath is that King Saul was deathly afraid of Goliath. He turned to David for help. After David slew the Giant, Saul grew jealous and attempted to have David killed. Like Saul, the feckless Republican Party has been deathly afraid of the Clintons and Obama. Now, upon seeing a man who can actually fight them, the Republican Party elites have grown jealous; their power is threatened.

That is why the Republican elites resent Trump and will continue to undermine him. Pride and power is more important to them than admitting their tacticians have failed so miserably for so long.

Providing an unfortunate contrast to the Republican elites is a pool of conservative Republicans who see support for Trump as selling out their principles based on things like Christianity.

Anti-Trump Republicans via GWP

Anti-Trump Republicans via GWP

Trump isn’t just fighting Hillary Clinton. He’s fighting the Clinton machine, a history of voter fraud, the Democrat Party, and the Mainstream Media. As if that wasn’t enough of an uneven playing field, Trump is also fighting the Republican Party elites as well as righteously indignant conservatives who still haven’t figured out how to beat Alinsky. Inexplicably, once they have a candidate who has, they side with the most corrupt woman in the history of American politics.

Yet, despite all that, Trump is still holding his own. He may or may not defeat Hillary but three weeks out, he still has a shot. That is a HUGE accomplishment.

Like a snake bitten patient who is fighting against the anti-venom that was injected into him, Republican Party loyalists and conservatives would rather let the venom take effect and die.

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