It’s “Snowflakes” vs “Drain the Swamp” & may the Best Revolution Win These competing visions for the nation and the world are polar opposites.

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by Lynn Woolley

I see two revolutions going on in America right now.

On the left, there’s the cultural revolution that seems to have started on college campuses. Let’s call it the “Snowflake Revolution.” It includes the anti-free-speech movement on campuses, the removal of Confederate statues, and the kneeling protests in the NFL.

The other revolution is personified by the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote in England, and the people’s disgust with establishment politicians. This is the “Drain the Swamp Revolution.”

Kaepernick & Trump (Thearon W. Henderson – Scott Olson/Getty Images)

These competing visions for the nation and the world are polar opposites.

One is about political correctness, a so-called right not to be offended, and race. The other is about national sovereignty, love of country, and a return to traditional values. Both movements are making gains in their own way. Americans are deciding which side to take.

Protesters walked along Washington Avenue during a Black Lives Matter rally on April 29, 2015, in Minneapolis. RENEE JONES SCHNEIDER, Star Tribune

Here’s what I think the “Snowflake Revolution” is all about.

It’s hard to figure where this all got started, but college campuses – filled with left-wing professors that hate America – have been radical for a long time. Those professors are openly teaching socialism, Communism, hate-of-country, victim-ism, and so on. Robert Jensen at the University of Texas at Austin wants to see the downfall of the free market system.

The university campus is also the home of the original Snowflake movement at the University of Missouri, and the anti-free-speech movement that has been particularly prominent at the University of California at Berkeley.

Fires at the riot at Berkeley

Then you have inner cities where fathers are rare, but drug dealers, gangs and illegal guns proliferate. After a few incidents in which blacks were shot by white cops, the Black Lives Matter movement got its start.

Add to that such anti-American organizations as Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Media Matters for America (Soros funded) – and you’ve got enough to start a movement. Colin Kaepernick egged it on his with disrespect of the national anthem, and now all the teams in the league have knelt in some form or fashion.

Then, the racist Dylann Roof slaughtered black people at a church in Charleston – and he had a Confederate flag among his possessions. Soon, the statue removal fad was underway on liberal campuses and in cities run by liberals.

What does this movement seek to accomplish? Just based on news stories and TV interviews, here’s what the protesters seem to want:

• A total removal of all symbols of history that they disagree with.
• A redefining of our Founding Fathers from heroes to racists since they owned slaves.
• Suppression of conservative speech and all conservative organizations and corporations.
• The end to capitalism in America and the installation of a new socialist state as exampled by a single-payer healthcare system and free college.
• A new, more liberal Constitution.
• Reparations for blacks paid for by taxpayers.

Here’s what I think the “Drain the Swamp Revolution” is all about.

This movement is personified by Donald Trump but it was brewing long before he took the national stage. Under Barack Obama, government grew and its influence on our lives multiplied. The National Debt climbed to $20 trillion. President Obama apologized for America overseas, and bowed before Middle Eastern kings.

Under Obama, homosexuality went from a fringe segment of the population – to the preferred and coddled segment. After Obama “evolved,” we went from four basic homosexual groups (LGBT) to at least 7 (LGBTQIA) and maybe there are more coming. Taxpayers even had to pick up the tab for Bradley Manning’s sex change surgery.

Over the past 8 years, all forms of perversity seem to be embraced by the political Left.

Not only that, the Clintons committed crimes regularly, and the establishment on both sides winked and nodded. When Hillary’s server scandal broke, the FBI Director, James Comey, pronounced her guilty but let her off the hook. The people began to get mad about our two-tiered justice system. 

On the massive issue of immigration, politicians continue to lie. They have told us for decades that we have 11,000,000 illegals when thinking people know that’s not a reasonable number. They wink and nod as hard-working people from south of the border flow into the country along with criminals. The Kate Steinle murder energized the law-and-order segment of the country. They began to tire of hearing about “jobs Americans won’t take,” and DREAMERS.

Most of all, this group is sick and tired of crooked politicians from Anthony Weiner to Dollar Bill Jefferson, to Harry Reid, to the Clintons. And yet, the Democrats nominated one of the most corrupt politicians in history as their presidential candidate.

Then, there the legal but shady operations of members of Congress – stuff like insider trading and Leadership PACs. There’re the advantages that members of Congress vote themselves so that they are nearly impossible to vote out of office.

This is the Swamp at its worst. Here’s what this movement seems to be wanting:

• Lower taxes and better stewardship of our money including a start to lowering the National Debt.
• Passage of Trump’s immigration plan and building of the border wall.
• A return to traditional American values such as opposite-sex marriage.
• A repudiation of the homosexual agenda – and a stop to glorifying this obvious perversity.
• Bringing our schools and colleges under control and adding diversity of ideology in the classroom – getting rid of left-wing, whack-job professors.
• The complete repeal of Obamacare – and the return of healthcare to the states.
• A major downsizing of the bureaucratic state – i.e. smaller government.
• Taking away congressional perks and forcing members of Congress to live under the same rules they make for us. Adding term limits.

Both of these revolutions cannot win.

I cannot tell you which one will win.

The left-wing agenda is far removed from the right. It is race-based, identity-oriented, and hinges on Big Government that sends out welfare checks without being judgmental. The right-wing agenda is traditional, based on values that have been known as the American Way, and is based on the idea of personal achievement without regard to race or gender.

These two competing visions are at each other’s throats right now. I know which side I’m on.

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