Secret Service should investigate Anitfa protesters These thugs should be charged with threatening the life of the President and they should be jailed...

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Aug 15, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

A very strange characterization by some Mainstream media including the Washington Post – referring to Antifa thugs as “thousands of anti-hate protesters.”

You wonder if the headline writer had the least clue about what happened.

The white supremacists – by definition an identity politics group like Black Lives Matter – only produced a couple of dozen people. Antifa – the left-wing, anti- capitalist group had the numbers. Were they protesting hatred – or were they the haters?

Counterprotesters and members of antifa and Blac Bloc rally on the east side of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as the white supremacist Unite the Right rally is being held across from the White House August 12, 2018, in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It was hard for TV and radio to run clips because the protesters were so profane that much of the audio had to be bleeped. More striking were the threats against President Trump’s life, and the anti-American sentiment in the chant:

“No border, no walls, no USA at all.”

Hating our country is not illegal. Threatening our President is, and the Secret Service ought to step in.

One protester was asked what he would do if the President Trump showed up at the rally.

His answer, on camera, left nothing to the imagination:

“I would murder him. Murder him for the people.”

Referencing the assassination of the former Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, another said:

“If it came down to it and it was a group effort, we’d have to do him like Gaddafi.”

Another answer:

“If I get a chance to (bleep) him up, I would,”

There’s more, but much of the audio is too bleeped-out to transcribe. And yet, the headline in the Washington Post was:

White-supremacist rally near White House dwarfed by thousands of anti-hate protesters

Does Jeff Bezos even read his own newspaper?

Bezos, the CEO of both the Post and, presumably condones this type of “journalism” and yet cities are falling all over themselves to pony up millions of dollars worth of incentives for his second headquarters known as HQ2. Why would any city want this type of presence?

Video: You can hear several of the “anti-hate protesters” threatening to murder President Trump in this clip from the Sean Hannity Show

It does make you wonder why the Secret Service lets this slide by.

Google “threats to President Trump” or search the topic on You Tube, and you’ll find this type of left-wing hatred for the President – in spite of his many successes in office.

I remember a time when a talk show host in Austin either said about some president or allowed a caller to say:

“Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?”

The Secret Service used to frown in such statements. I agree. We’ve had four presidents assassinated – one in my lifetime. It’s the way some banana republics and some Middle Eastern countries are run – but it shouldn’t be that way in the United States – not when Obama was in office and not now with Trump.

Video: Dan Bongino on NRA TV plays the anti-USA chant

What are Antifa thugs being taught in college?

This is a serious and important question. With the Democrat Party sliding toward socialism at a rapid pace, we also have to worry about the Party becoming so hateful and violent. A lot of this comes from left-wing, America-hating professors that we can’t seem to fire.

Until governors have the guts to name university regents that will insist on hiring at least some professors that love this country and teach the benefits of the free enterprise system, this is going to get worse. Meanwhile, the Secret Service is supposed to protect ANY president of the United States.

Video: Grant Stinchfield on NRA TV – Chris Cuomo Shamelessly Defends Antifa

I don’t take the Antifa threats as a joke or as spur-of-the-moment comments. I take them seriously. These thugs should be charged with threatening the life of the President and they should be jailed, have a bond set, and go to trial and then serve time if convicted.

I felt that way when Obama was president and I still believe it.

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