Resistance vs Renewal Our country is undergoing serious attacks on fundamental issues we once held sacred.

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Oct 20, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

Our country is undergoing serious attacks on fundamental issues we once held sacred.

The country has now evolved into factions that are at war internally.  

Protestors outside of a Wisconsin town-hall meeting. Kenny Yoo/Waukesha Freeman

We see the “Resistance” movement seeking to destroy, divide and conquer time honored institutions and values under the name of progressivism. We see the “Renewal” movement seeking to preserve, revive and build upon the same core beliefs that once made America the greatest nation on earth.

The Resistance movement…

… is a vicious attempt to alter the thinking of the masses by promoting a mindset that the people are being victimized, oppressed and discriminated against.

The target population should be considered the “bobble head” followers. These followers tend to believe the influencer that tells them what to think not how to reason. The influencer then converts entire segments of the population into believers thus establishing a resistance movement.

The objective of the Resistance movement is ultimate control over the people these influencers feel are too stupid to realize what is happening. Influencers see themselves as affluent spokespersons for the indentured servants they seek to manipulate.

Ironically these folks declare independence and working for a living as a return to “The Plantation.”

The Renewal movement…

…even though larger and wiser are the silent majority that go about their lives producing goods, services and innovations for the support of others. Typically, they see their role in society as productive and independent. Their daily lives are focused on building and improving the condition of this great nation, the enforcement of laws and the preservation of freedom and liberty for all.

They reject the idea of government dependence, socialism and the notion that they are victims in the nation they love and respect. They serve proudly in our military, they support family and Christian values while resisting the call of the devil’s disciples. These folks are grateful and proud to work and remain self reliant.

Former President George W. Bush broke the unwritten protocol among former chief executives by launching a thinly veiled attack on President Trump. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)

It should be obvious that the leadership of the United States has undergone both a Resistance and a Renewal philosophy.

The “disillusioned” were led to believe that bigger government, entitlements, demonetization of the free enterprise system and the Washington elites would bring about a Utopian lifestyle… but as we’ve always seen that leads to further upheaval. As we enter a period of optimistic Renewal, we are still burdened by the same perverted mentality that preaches Resistance is a tactic to bring about universal peace and happiness.

What fool cannot see that fake destructive news; too big to fail government programs; airhead politicians, actors and professional athletes as well as corrupt bureaucrats serving their own personal enrichment agenda. This has nothing to do with empowering the people and everything to do with manipulating the people though corrupt media messaging.

Video: President Bush full remarks at Bush Institute Summit (C-SPAN)

It is past time for those that have seen themselves as victims to realize their “better way of life” lies in the hands of the people that want to renew their greatness not relegate them to a level of resistance against the facts.

They certainly do not need platitudes from former Presidents nor over the hill Senators telling them that Renewal or revival isn’t essential or necessary based on the current conditions in our world.

Sid Frasier is a political writer.

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