Resistance is Futile — there’s no break from politics! Be it sports or comics -- or a walk in the park, there's always politics!

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May 2, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by David Hodges

I’m upset, mad etc. at the G.O.P. Congress that continues to let the Democrats win even if they lose every election. That’s not what this article is about though. There are times we all need a break from politics. Get away from the headlines and the ideologues and seek entertainment.

Two of my favorite ways to de-stress are sports and comics.

So, let’s try sports.  I love a good spirited sports debate. Haven’t seen one for awhile so let’s check out this panel.

Colin Kapernick

They seem to be debating whether the National Anthem should be played before sporting events??!! Of course it should, end of debate, but no these guys are going on about how militaristic it is.

Okay, another sports channel, and here the panel is discussing why Colin Kapernick has not been signed by a NFL team.

Could it be he stunk out loud on the field the last 2 years? He was once considered a cancer in the locker room in San Francisco?

That little thing about him taking a knee during the National Anthem in support of Black Lives Matter? NAW! It’s because he’s black and the white owners hate him!

So much for sports, think I’ll check out the local comics store.

Maybe I’ll try something new, hardly ever buy Marvel comics so let’s give ‘em a look.

Womanly Thor (Marvel Comics)

Iron Man.  Used to love that title in the ‘70’s, but now Iron “man” is still iron but inside it’s a teenage black girl!!

Well, changes happen, Thor “the God of Thunder” Son of Odin in Norse mythology..whoops now also female?

Ms. Marvel, now a Muslim girl..I remember her blonde and white.

Well there’s still my favorite Marvel character of all-time, Captain America! I search and find two titles of has a black Captain named Sam Wilson, that’s the Falcon who used to be Cap’s partner in the ‘70’s ok.

Finally, I find Steve Rogers: Captain America, the Cap of my youth, the hero who’s fought injustice for 70 something years. Open up the story, this Cap is now a fascist, of course because he’s still male, hetro and white…ugh.

Captain America hails Hydra in Steve Rogers: Captain America #1. (Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Comics)

It appears there is no escape.

Maybe a walk in the park?

No, government controlled park might have a protest going on. Only one answer. The libs haven’t found a way to get my John Wayne movies yet!
But I’m sure they are working on it.

David Hodges is Executive Producer of the Lynn Woolley Show.

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