Removal of Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas runs into Bad Karma The cost is now estimated at $450,000 and mounting. The death toll now stands at one.

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By Lynn Woolley

Maybe the Universe doesn’t want that statue in Lee Park to come down.

It most surely will, because the Dallas Statue Removal Czar, Mike Rawlings, and his henchmen on the City Council have sworn to remove this menace to civilized society.

The Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas’ Turtle Creek area after being vandalized

But it hasn’t been easy.

The cost is now estimated at $450,000 and mounting. The death toll now stands at one. The first attempt at removal was sabotaged because the crane was too small.

A larger crane was brought in, but was thwarted by a restraining order. The third attempt involved bringing in a big crane from Houston. But it was hit by an 18-wheeler that ran a red light, killing the truck driver and damaging the crane.

For 81 years, this amazing piece of artwork has not cost anybody anything and had not taken a life. Attempts to remove it have already taken a toll.

Johnny Carpenter views the statue, still standing almost a week after the Council voted take it down.  (Jae S. Lee/Staff Photographer)

With costs mounting, cash-strapped Dallas is determined to take Gen. Lee down.

Dwaine Caraway, the councilman who was once mayor of Dallas, co-authored the resolution calling for statue removal. Apparently caraway’s life is a living hell so long as Gen. Lee stands – as he has since June 12, 1936.

Caraway reveals to left-wing Dallas Morning News writer Robert Wilonsky that he hasn’t been able to sleep since the removal was stopped by the temporary restraining order obtained by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Perhaps a new mattress would help.

In his story, Wilonsky informs us that white supremacists and self-proclaimed neo-Nazis have been “gravitating” to Lee Park to protest the removal as such time as the Universe decides to allow it to happen.

Dwaine Caraway, the Dallas Councilman who can’t sleep.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t always believe everything Wilonsky writes. It may be true, though, and if so, it’s sad to see far-left agitators such as he describes defending Lee.

I’d prefer to see SCV members, true conservatives and historians coming out in defense of the statue.

I’d love to see this statue in my city.

I’ve casually driven by Lee Park in years past, and I may have actually seen that statue! I have slept well ever since. I’d sleep even better knowing that it would be of full display in a city that honors American history.

Famed sculptor Alexander Phimister Proctor created the artwork – his only statue to include a horse. By all accounts, he was not a proponent of slavery.  

Via A. Phimister Proctor, a New York sculptor who produced the equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee, is shown beside his new Lincoln-Zephyr which he has named “Traveler” after the Confederate General’s horse. The sculptor has more equestrian statues in this country than any other noted artist. The Dallas statue was unveiled June 12, 1936 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt who also spoke at the Texas Centennial Exposition, at Fair Park, while in town that day.
(DeGolyer Library/Southern Methodist University)

No matter. Liberal, left-wing Dallas is hell-bent on flushing this statue down the Memory Hole by putting it in some out-of-sight, as-yet undisclosed location where no one will see it.

I live in Temple, Texas. Speaking for the mayor and city council, we are progressive enough to accept this statue, and mount it right on the City Hall grounds! I’m pretty sure the Temple City Council would agree. I’m at least somewhat sure. Fine; I’m not sure, but I hope they would.

I’ll bet if we were putting that statue up instead of taking it down, the Universe would be on our side!

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