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How to be an Optimist in Illogical times

By Lynn Woolley

You’ve heard the saying all your life – “don’t worry, things will turn out fine.”

Talk show host Sean Hannity is given to saying a quote from the Bible: “Let not your heart be troubled.” [1]When I decided to do a talk show of my own back in 1995 [2], I decided I didn’t want to spend my on-air time talking about gloom and doom.

President Ronald Reagan (Reagan Foundation)

I’ve always thought that Rush Limbaugh takes a positive tone most of the time – and I wanted to be on that side as well. And, of course, the great Ronald Reagan [3] talked about “morning in America” and “the shining city on a hill.”

Danger, Will Robinson!

Optimism seems to be fading fast in our country. The political Left screams “danger” at every turn. Check your morning featurepaper and you’ll see the eternal pessimist Seth Borenstein [4] of the (liberal) Associated Press with his latest alarmist screed [5] about how global warming is going to kill us all.

So was bird flu. Swine flu. Ebola. Nuclear war. The Comet Kohoutek. Most of these things came and went – a few people succumbed, but Earth and humanity lived on. The comet never showed up. Now it’s climate change, guns, and Trump. It must be tough being a down-in-the-mouth, left-wing pessimist.

Video: 1984. The great Hal Riney [6] narrates the amazing “Morning In America” TV commercial.

The Lynn Woolley creed.

Being logical means I have to look at all things through the lens of what is really a threat to our planet, our country, or to my personal life. These things exist of course, but even then, it’s possible to be optimistic about them.

For example, cancer is not cured.

But the good news is that many people overcome it through modern treatments, and someday it will be cured just as we vanquished smallpox and polio. So I look at it this way: while people who know more than I do about renegade cells are trying to find new treatments, I should concentrate on things I can do something about.

On my former talk show, I tried to analyze the news logically, and expose people in power that were corrupt or did not put the interests of our state and country first. Not that a small syndicated show can have a huge effect – that’s not the point. The point was that some effect is good and it can ripple. I know for a fact that some government officials and bureaucrats listened to what I (and you) had to say on that show.

On the other hand, world peace is outside my grasp. Therefore, I do not worry about it. Climate change or global warming is outside the grasp of mortal humans. Therefore, as it pertains to me (if at all), I will seek to adapt and move on.

The logical optimist understands that climate change is cyclical and largely controlled by the sun, and that to spend billions or trillions to change the average temperature by a tenth of a degree is lunacy.

Al Gore (Getty Images)

So why worry? Because if you’re a liberal, that’s what you do. It’s how you try to assume power and hold on to it. You scare people as Borenstein does and as Al Gore does. Borenstein labors for a writer’s wage, but Gore has used his scare tactics [7] to become very rich in the way that some predatory lawyers prey on the poor.

Here’s what I’m optimistic about.

I may be going way out on a limb, but I think the United States of America will survive this current left-wing wave of outright stupidity.

As years pass, and the world still turns, the climate change scare will dissipate. I believe that voters will notice the fact that California is a failed state and Chicago is a failed city [8]and will understand why. If they do, they will not want the rest of the country to go there. That’s logical.

I think our $22-trillion dollar national debt is fixable. Remember, the U.S. government is massive, and even small changes in spending have an outsized effect. The so-called Penny Plan [9] would be a nice start toward fiscal solvency, and a futuristic high-tech military might help us stay strong while spending less. (Note that there is a newly established unit headquartered in Austin aimed at that very goal.)

Entitlements, of course, are the big problem and one that we have to solve. The eventual answer for that may be for people to be more self-sustaining, and that means we need to train our young people to plan, to save, and invest wisely.

We WILL do this.

President Trump has bolstered my optimism. 

Getty Images

Say what you will, but Mr. Trump is a can-do guy. Go back and look at the promises he made and how many he has kept [10].

Add to that the promises he has tried to keep while being stymied by Democrats and Republican never-Trumpers like the despicable Jeff Flake [11].

Trump’s motto, “Make America Great Again” is brilliant and right on target. Obama was a globalist and a socialist [12]who thought America should be punished in the name of social justice.

Obama was the epitome of the left-wing pessimist. But a logical optimist would point out that slavery doesn’t exist here anymore, that Jim Crow is dead, and that everyone in America can succeed based on his or her own abilities, talents, and initiative. That’s why people risk their lives to come here.

United States President Barack Obama addresses the Climate Summit, at United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

President Trump understands – if liberals don’t – that a strong America is a stabilizing force for the planet. He realizes that the American culture – now under attack from all corners – is the key aspect of the Great Experiment in self-rule.

As a billionaire businessman, he understands problem solving and operating at a profit. He is socialism’s greatest nightmare.

Yet the media despises him because he is a counter-puncher and he is not part of the Washington Swamp.

I admit that I cringe at Trump’s style. It’s not my style. But as an optimist, I often wonder if he could have accomplished many of the things he’s done if he acted more like George W. Bush. For that reason, I remain optimistic and believe that Trump is part of God’s plan.

Note that President Trump is still in office even though he has been under constant investigation since the early days of his administration and despite the fact that all major American newspapers and two cable news networks attack him bitterly every day. CNN has become the most pessimistic of all news outlets [13], and to watch it for any length of time is to be as miserable as it’s on-air personalities seem to be.

Even an optimist worries about something.

Yes, there is something that looms in the back of my mind – something that could destroy the United States – and you already know what it is. It slapped me in the face a week ago in Austin, at a McDonald’s in the Rollingwood area. We stopped in for breakfast and ordered, and then listened as the entire staff conversed in Spanish. Not one individual there was peaking English except to take orders.

So-called “demographic change” is our biggest threat, and not even the national debt comes close to it. When President Trump and his crowds chant “Build the Wall” they are saying that we must preserve the culture of the world’s most exceptional country. But we are not doing that. Never-Trumpers in both parties are stopping it.

You and I both know that the America we grew up in – even with its civil rights injustices – was always fixable under the Constitution. We’ve made incredible progress. But along with it, we’ve seen immigration without assimilation in huge numbers.

Past waves have assimilated—but we’re not seeing that now. Democrats that tell us they will assimilate by the second generation are lying to us. The numbers are too big, and too many schools and institutions cater to other languages instead of demanding English immersion, as they should.

I voted for Trump for that reason.

There is no other presidential wannabe in America today that would make immigration and assimilation a top priority as Trump has. Not Pence. Not Cruz. Certainly not an empty suit like Beto O’Rourke.

Bird flu and Ebola will not destroy America. Climate change is laughable as an existential threat.

Our biggest threat, the one that I worry about, is open borders that lead to changing demographics and an America that is far different from what our Founders envisioned. As I write this, we’re about 243 years into the Great Experiment. The only threat strong enough to destroy it is to exchange a population that understands our traditions and values with a different population that doesn’t.

But I remain optimistic.

I don’t think the Russians have the capacity to harm us. China is our biggest global rival, but it’s not a suicidal country and we can work with the Chinese. For the record, I am optimistic that President Trump will not be indicted by Robert Mueller or impeached by Maxine Waters.

My biggest fear is that he will not run again or will not be re-elected.

If that happens and a Beto-style Democrat becomes president, then I will worry. Our nation has overcome left-wing presidents before. But the Obama years gave rise to a new breed of left-wing lunatics that scare the hell of logical people. In the past, there were enough sensible Democrats such as Joe Lieberman that would act as a buffer. Those Democrats are no longer with us. We live in a CNN world now, as far as the Left goes.

The good news is that Trump is still in office, and he is still putting America first. Knowing that, I sleep quite well at night.

lwoolley9189@gmail.com [14]

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1 Comment To "How to be an Optimist in Illogical times"

#1 Comment By VerbosePhil On December 5, 2018 @ 1:29 pm

Well Lynn, I think I will sleep a little better tonight — though there are still land mines in the path of our return to a greater America. An America we uaed to have and enjoy, one that is encouraged by the example of our exemplary president George H W Bush, honored and celebrated today as he was laid to rest.

I appreciate your sentiments expressed here and the efforts you have made over the 20 some years I have been listening to and reading your comments and viewpoints.

Thank you.