Offensive symbols of the Left must come down So what about it? What do we want to tear down first?

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Aug 17, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Not much offends me. I make it that way because nobody much cares if I’m offended, so why bother? On the other hand, the Left is easily offended and when liberals ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. They take to the streets and demand that other people conform to their demands.

The media, a part of the Left, jumps on the bandwagon and pretty soon, weak-kneed politicians are tearing down statues.

So I got to thinking.

What symbols of the Left are most offensive? There are a few we can mention, starting with the left-wing, anti-gun monument that is on the grounds of the United Nations building in New York. Never before have I thought about tearing it down – but now, the idea is starting to appeal.

As an example, I was offended when President Obama bathed the White House in rainbow colors to promote homosexuality. There’s much more, of course.

Here’s just a few things that might ought to be removed.

You know – because they offend conservatives. (Yes, this is satire. In America, it is bad bad bad to offend liberals but offending conservatives is sport. So I’m writing about a parallel universe in which conservatives are people too.)

  • The United Nations “Knotted Gun” sculpture. 

    A sculpture of a 45-caliber revolver with its barrel knotted, titled Non-Violence but frequently referred to as the “knotted gun”, outside the UN in New York, USA.

Here is some info from the UN website:

Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, best known for his sculpture of a revolver with a knotted barrel, died recently on May 3, 2016, aged 81. The famous sculpture is one of the first artworks seen at the UN on the outdoor Plaza at the UN Visitors Entrance on 46th Street and 1st Avenue. Reuterswärd made this sculpture after his friend, the singer and peace activist John Lennon, was shot dead in 1980. Yoko Ono asked him to commemorate Lennon. The bronze sculpture, Non-Violence, is of a giant Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver with a knotted barrel and the muzzle pointing upwards. Initially, the sculpture was placed in the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park, New York, across the street from where Lennon and Yoko lived. In 1988, the Government of Luxembourg donated the bronze sculpture to the United Nations. It was placed outside the United Nations headquarters in New York and Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Laureate, said: “The sculpture Non-Violence has not only endowed the United Nations with a cherished work of art; it has enriched the consciousness of humanity with a powerful symbol that encapsulates, in a few simple curves, the greatest prayer of man; that which asks not for victory, but for peace.”

Well, nice. But when I was in New York, and saw the sculpture, I took it to mean peaceniks were making a statement against my right to bear arms – and against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This monument is in the United States, so what do we do? Demand that it be town down?

  • Rainbow symbols that promote homosexuality.  

    Rainbow White House & (L) Kevin Barragan and his partner Adam Smith celebrate as do Kelly Miller (with glasses) and her wife Lindsey Miller. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

Remember that the rainbow is a symbol of Christianity – or God’s promise not to send another flood to destroy the world. But the symbol was co-opted by the gay agenda.

In major cities, including Austin, there are entire sections of town that display rainbows to indicate gay bars and other gay-friendly establishments. But homosexuality is abnormal and goes against science? Should we ban the gay rainbow?

  • The Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station in Dallas.

It’s always better to wait until someone is dead before naming stuff after them. But Dallas took the plunge and named this historic building after a congresswoman that has used her position for personal enrichment – and who has her share of ethical problems.

Oh well. At least it’s not the Robert E. Lee Building.

  • Planned Parenthood centers and signs. 

    Circa 1915: Studio headshot portrait of American social reformer Margaret Sanger, founder of the birth control movement. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Planned Parenthood and its spiritual mother, Margaret Sanger, should offend everyone – but doesn’t offend liberals. But wait! Liberals claim to despise Hitler because he was trying to exterminate a powerless group of people based on identity – the Jews.

But liberals never seem to understand that Planned Parenthood makes blood money off of killing a powerless group of people – unborn babies. Ms. Sanger was proponent of eugenics – the practice of weeding out human being that are deemed inferior – just as Iceland is now doing to eradicate people with Down Syndrome.

Another word for this is “genocide.” Every Planned Parenthood sign is a tribute to the despicable Margaret Sanger. We should demand they come down.

  • The Woodrow Wilson statue at the University of Texas at Austin.

Actually, this statue has been removed – ostensibly for aesthetic reasons. Nice try, UT! Wilson may be a favorite of the Left, but how is he better than Robert E. Lee?

Woodrow Wilson’s statue was removed along with the statue of Jefferson Davis.
Wally Gobetz/flickr

This is from The Federalist:

Like most progressives of his era, Wilson wasn’t merely a common racist, he embraced the pseudo-scientific eugenics that would haunt millions. After his election, he didn’t only say terrible things—”There are no government positions for Negroes in the South. A Negro’s place in the corn field”—he institutionalized racism in the federal government, segregating the civil service in 1913. He personally fired 15 out of 17 black supervisors appointed to federal jobs, while his postmaster general and Treasury secretary segregated their departments. He’s the only president that I know of who’s ever celebrated the Ku Klux Klan in the White House. While governor of New Jersey, Wilson signed a bill making sterilization of criminals and the mentally ill compulsory. Is that the legacy Princeton was talking? A well-regarded scholar, Wilson, who argued that Americans needed to get “beyond the Declaration of Independence” and valued “progress” over freedom, is typically given a pass because he was the first president to lead a massive expansion of the federal government, activating the state in the “service of humanity.”

Oh, so? Perhaps we should scrub Woodrow Wilson from history and send him down the Memory Hole. What about it?

  • The Bill Clinton Presidential Library.

    Clinton Library in Little Rock

Tear it down?

Remember, Slick Willie arguably presided over the most scandal-ridden administration in American history – worse than Grant, Harding, or Nixon. I haven’t been, but I’ll bet there’s no Monica Lewinsky wing complete with videos of Bill saying – I didn’t have sex with that woman – or – it depends on what the meaning of is is.

Clinton’s years produced a good economy due to relative peace and the fact that he had to work with Newt Gingrich. But as a human being, Bill Clinton was – and remains – despicable with a near total lack of character. And yet, a library and museum in his “honor.”

Excuse me?

After the Kosovo War of 1998 to 1999, the Albanians in Kosovo wanted to thank Clinton for his help in their struggle with the government of Yugoslavia. They erected this statue of Bill. I don’t suppose we can tear it down.

I’ve never before asked for monuments I disagree with to be removed.

But I’m watching the liberals, and learning. I imagine that they learned by watching ISIS and the Taliban – groups that participate in the same type of history scrubbing.

So what about it? What do we want to tear down first?

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