Midland School officials dump “Dixie” then hide under their desks MISD officials went decades with the school’s current imagery – apparently without complaint.

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Aug 29, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

I have this theory about leftists than run colleges, universities, cities and school districts.

Lee High band members perform 8/18/17 to help kick off the 2017 MISD Convocation. Tim Fischer/Reporter-Telegram

I believe that when the Left claims to be offended, spineless officials bend to their will.

Part of that is because the officials may also be left-wingers, but part of it is that the Left may start throwing rocks if it doesn’t get its way. The Right will grumble and then accept the changes to our history.

That may explain why, at some point a few days ago, a few notes from the song “Dixie” was OK at Robert E. Lee High School, and now it’s not. When did this amazing change take place? What day? At what time?

Will MISD officials stand up and tell us? Not principal Stan VanHoozer. He referred a reporter to a press release [see below] that contains all the old bromides that educrats use when they are afraid to speak.

The scrubbing of history has begun at Lee High.

This is particularly disappointing at Midland Lee.

I flew to Midland with the Temple Wildcats to play Midland High back in September 1984. We had a good team. They were better that night, winning 32-7. It wasn’t Lee High, but it showed me the great traditions of high school football in Midland. I was impressed with the school and the city. Those traditions are now in jeopardy due to the current Civil War hysteria.

Stewart Doreen of the Midland Reporter-Telegram asks, “what happened” in an op-ed. He wants to know what changed in the course of a week that put “Dixie” on the chopping block, but, so far, not the school’s name or the “Rebels” mascot, or the dance team called the “Dixie Dolls.”

Was there a threat phoned in against the band? 

Midland Lee High School

We don’t know. School officials are in hide mode. All they tell us is that they are “focused on the mission of educating all students” (gag me with a spoon), and that the Lee High School band represents a “diverse student population” (the only left-wing term they did not use is “sustainable”).

Naturally, as we have heard at the University of Texas and at Berkeley, we must appease left-wing agitators in the name of safety. This is the Left’s new way of taking away freedom of speech and expression and scrubbing history.

Midland Lee Principal Stan VanHoozer

Note that MISD officials went decades with the school’s current branding and imagery – apparently without complaint. But now we have the mob. The mob has decided that all Civil War symbols must be expunged. The mob will get violent if it doesn’t get its way.

MISD officials know that conservatives will not tear down the schools. So they appease the side that threatens them and their livelihoods. Something tells me it is the “safety” of their positions and paychecks that they are most worried about. If they would come out for interviews, we could ask them.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta…

A new statue of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. has just been unveiled on the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol. Rev. King is worthy of a statue – at least so far. The mob may find a skeleton in his closet; after all, he was a Republican.

Video: Midland Lee Sr. High School Dixie Dolls Team Tap Dance at ADTS Competition 2016

Perhaps the MISD school board might have considered commissioning a statue of MLK, or Cesar Chavez (uh, but he was against illegal immigration – oh well!) to be erected on the school grounds or in front of the Administration Building. That would be a nice compromise that preserves and advances the lessons of history.

But that makes far too much sense. Better to appease the mob and look good to your left-wing peer group. I didn’t attended Midland Lee, but I will miss the Rebels and the Dixie Dolls. They aren’t long for this world.


Statement of the Midland School District on the removal of “Dixie” from the Lee High School fight song:

Midland ISD is focused on the mission of educating all students. Our students remain our number one priority. Any potential concern is taken very seriously and at times decisive action is required. This has always been our practice and will continue to be our practice regardless of the circumstances. We will always be proactive when it comes to our Midland ISD family.

The Midland ISD board of trustees and district administration is aware of the national conversation surrounding confederate symbols. This issue continues to be highly sensitive and people on both sides are very passionate about their beliefs. It is our belief that the Lee High School band students represent a diverse student population. There are also parents of students who participate in band, who are on both sides of this issue. However, even though they differ in opinions, they are united in their belief that academics and student achievement are paramount to their child’s success. Students should not be put in the middle of an argument where there are no winners.

The principal and district administrators support the decision to discontinue the incorporation of the song ‘Dixie’ into Lee High School’s actual fight song ‘On, On, Rebels.’ The decision is based solely upon keeping students participating in the Lee High School band safe at home and on the road. Students did not join the band to make a political statement but they chose to participate to showcase their talents and musical abilities in a safe and productive environment. That choice will be protected. Campus and district administrators will continue working to ensure that the rich, winning history of the Lee High band program continues.

The Lee High School band will continue to play the well-known and revered fight song ‘On, On, Rebels!’ in its entirety.”

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  1. Amybee says:

    Sounds like there is more here than meets the eye. Why do this right before school starts??? Why, now?? Why not when he first started? Or even at the end of the last school year. What changed???

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