So long Austin and Welcome to Snowflake City Limits Austin’s goofy left-wing culture has become an embarrassment to Texas.

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Jul 30, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Just when you think the people who run Austin can’t get any dumber, they seem to reach for the stars. There is apparently a city board called the Austin Equity Office. This office was formed to put an end to “Austin’s long history of systemic racism and racial inequity.”

So the Equity Office has been combing the highways and byways looking for racism wherever it may exist.

According to the latest report, it’s worse than we thought. In addition to various offensive names for streets and schools, the very name “Austin” has been deemed racist.

Apparently, the city’s namesake and the “Father of Texas,’ Stephen F. Austin once warned that freed slaves might become vagabonds, a nuisance, and a menace. So Austin may need a nice name that offends no one, and we’re suggesting Snowflake. It has a ring to it. Snowflake, Texas – the city for people who can’t be offended.

The summer sun sets on Snowflake, TX on a humid August evening.

What is the Austin Equity Office (a.k.a. Officina de Equidad)?

Glad you asked. This august board has a web listing to explain just what it is and what it’s for. It was created in 2016 to right all racial wrongs. The first Chief Equity Office, Brion Oaks, started his mission in October 2016. The justification of this mission of inclusiveness and equality reads this way:

Austin has a long history of systemic racism and racial inequity that continues today. Throughout history, communities of color have been excluded, marginalized, and discriminated against as a result of City policies and practices. This history was reinforced by segregationist policies throughout the 20th century affecting a range of Austin venues, including schools, public parks, and commercial businesses, among others.

But never fear. Austin is a woke city. It gets it. It understands, and so…

Brion Oaks, Chief Equity Officer

In an effort to address racial inequity in Austin, City Council passed Resolution No. 20150507-027 in 2015, which directed the City Manager to evaluate the impact of existing city policies and practices on racial equity and develop an Equity Assessment Tool that can be used across City departments during the budget process.

The equity Office is going about its business of taking nasty racial names (read: Confederate) and pumping them down the Memory Hole.

Here are some names that it has deemed must be changed:

• Pease Park
• Bouldin Neighborhood
• Barton Srpings (named after William Barton)
• Littlefield Street
• Tom Green Street
• Sneed Cove
• Reagan Hill Drive
• Dixie Drive
• Confederate Avenue
• Plantation Road

Already, Robert E. Lee Road has been renamed Azie Morton Road and Jeff Davis Avenue has been changed to William Holland Avenue. School names have been changed. Cut the city’s name? Good grief! “Snowflake” is a word associated with those who insist they must never be offended. I’m up for it. I don’t want to live in a city called Snowflake, but we’ll see what that does for Austin’s…I mean Snowflake’s image.

Welcome to Snowflake City Limits.

Yes folks, if we change the city’s name, reruns of Austin City Limits would have to be retitled. People who live in the 56-story condo tower known as the Austonian would have to change their address to the Snowflakian. The university would be the University of Texas at Snowflake. And that’s assuming the name “Texas” is still all right.

If Austin does decide to change the name – highly unlikely, I think – but they might name it after some liberal icon. Here are some serious possibilities:

• Richards, Texas (after Ann Richards)
• Lyndon, Texas (after LBJ)
• Chavez, Texas (after Cesar Chavez)
• Jordan, Texas (after Barbara Jordan)
• Ferguson, Texas (after James E. Ferguson)
• Big O, Texas (after the Big O)

Remember, this is Austin and we are not dealing with sentient people.

Video: KHOU-TV, Channel 11, in Houston jumped on the story.

Austin’s goofy left-wing culture has become an embarrassment to Texas.

Even former residents of the Left Coast, moving to Austin from San Francisco must think this is a bridge too far. If the whack jobs on the Austin City Council rename the city – even some Californians might want to turn around and go back home.

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