Left-wing Intolerance is Growing in America Donald Trump was elected to stop a left-wing cultural revolution that is sweeping the United States.

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By Lynn Woolley

Everybody has an opinion on why Donald Trump was elected President. Some say it was to build the wall. Others say it was to drain the swamp. More and more, I’m beginning to believe that Trump was elected to stop a left-wing cultural revolution that is sweeping America.

We see it mostly on college campuses where free speech is no longer in vogue. We see it on city streets where riots now take place to settle disputes that used to be settled in court. Speaking of court decisions, the Left only tolerates them if they agree with the verdict. If not, rocks are sent flying through store windows.

Girl Confronts police at Berkeley Protest April 15, 2017 (Wikipedia)

As president, Hillary Clinton would have sided with the emerging ugly side of American intolerance. Donald Trump is more likely to embrace the old values. If we don’t return to at least some modicum of respect for what made this country great, we may be lost.

This new movement is apparent in the selection of Amazon’s new headquarters.

How can there be any connection to Amazon’s search for HQ2, their proposed second major headquarters? Maybe there isn’t. But Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is a big leftist and if he’s looking for a tiebreaker, he might turn to Social Justice.

We’ve all read that Denver is the leading city for HQ2. Here at WBDaily, we’ve been told that the three finalists will be Detroit, Atlanta, and Austin. Suppose Austin is in the final two. Bezos may very decide which city is most left leaning – and Austin might get the prize.

Robert F. Young is an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin. In a Dallas Morning News op-ed, he maintains that Amazon’s vision for HQ2 must include social equity.

“Austin, once the bohemian center of music and cowboy culture whose allure drew tech companies, is rapidly becoming … one of the least affordable markets in the nation. For the city fortunate enough to win Amazon’s favor, without a strong commitment so social justice, such will be its fate.”

It’s an interesting thought – that Amazon might factor in Social Justice – and probably will – as we wrote in these pages, it might try to change the state it invades. Here’s the problem: Social Justice, in itself, is not a bad thing. People who are wronged should have a way to become whole.

Protesters walked along Washington Avenue during a Black Lives Matter rally on April 29, 2015, in Minneapolis. RENEE JONES SCHNEIDER, Star Tribune

But Social Justice has been co-opted by the left to mean equality of outcomes.

If I study in school and make A’s, and that gets me into college, and I graduate with a marketable skill, I can expect more Social Justice than the kid who grows up on the south side of Chicago amid gang violence and with no father. To me, this changes the calculus of what Social Justice ought to be.

Social Justice ought to involve having a father and a family.

That, to the Left, makes me a bigot. I did not grow up rich. We were poor. But I had a mom and a dad that loved and nurtured me, and that got me off to a wonderful start. Social Justice ought to make a college education easier – not saddle students with huge debt.

Social Justice ought NOT to be the enabler of single parent households where the more babies you have, the bigger your government check. There should be some Social Justice for the taxpayer.

Heather McDonald, writing in the Wall Street Journal, discusses “Bourgeois Norms.”

She says there is a list of forbidden ideas on American college campuses. What ideas?

• Hard work
• Self-discipline
• Marriage (get married before you have kids and stay together)
• Respect for authority
• Get the education you need for employment
• Avoid drugs and crime

Try to convince a left-winger of this. That’s not happening. Promote those values, and you may be called racist, white supremacist, or any number of hate-words that arise from the Left.

Meanwhile we continue to take down “”symbols of hate.”

William McGurn has a wonderful column in the Wall Street Journal about how New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has implemented a 90-day review of all symbols of hate – and de Blasio may be upset because he has no Robert E. Lee statue to remove.

McGurn has a few suggestions about New York’s symbols of hate that contribute to racial injustice. He mentions:

• New York’s failing public school system
• New York state’s new $15 per hour minimum wage that costs young blacks jobs
• The state’s misguided welfare programs that undermine the black family

He also mentions a study that shows that 13 of the top 15 cities for opportunities for African Americas turn out to be in the former Confederacy.

Why Donald Trump?

The New American of Sept. 18, 2017, carries an article entitled America’s Cultural Revolution. It discusses unrest in our cities and on our university campuses and mentions left-wing hate groups like Black Lives Matter an d even “the shock troops of the aggressive LGBTQ community.”

It also addresses the election of Donald Trump:

Not only is President Trump “Hitler, “Mussolini,” “racist,” fascist,” “Nazi” – i.e. evil incarnate – as a wide swath of Trump critics insist, but he must be “resisted” by “all means possible,” including violent riots and revolution, even assassination.

This is where we are in America.

The new cultural revolution of the Left is in full battle mode.

We’re not fighting back effectively so far; in fact, many of us may not realize we are at war. But enough of us felt like something was wrong to vote President Trump into office.

Video:  FOX News coverage of what happened when Ben Shapiro spoke at Berkeley amid heavy protests from the intolerant Left.  (Sept. 15, 2017)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, unwittingly or not, is part of the left-wing revolution. If he brings down Trump, what then? What indeed?

Can you name any Democrat or any other Republican that would fight for rule of law on immigration, protect us from Islamic terrorism as Trump is doing, and fight for traditional values that the Left is trying to destroy? Can you name any establishment politician that wants to drain the swamp?

I can’t either.


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