John Wiley Price to Dallas Cowboys: “Slaves Obey Your Master” If America is the racist pigsty that it’s being made out to be, then we need to get to work and fix it.

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Oct 11, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

John Wiley Price is the Dallas County Commissioner that thought the term “black hole” was racial – and who recently escaped from federal public corruption charges. So it’s not surprising that, when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones directed his players to stand and respect the National Anthem, Price spoke up.

John Wiley Price (screen shot)

“It’s Jerry’s world,” he said, “When they own you, that’s what they do. And so Jerry issues an order that says ‘Slaves obey your master.’”

Price isn’t the only one.

“The word that comes to my mind, and I don’t care who doesn’t like me using it, is ‘plantation,’” said ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson weighed in saying,

“This is not a patriotism test.”

The NAACP also lashed out at Jones. What is so ironic is that so many players that didn’t make it would give anything to be working for Jerry Jones.

Video: The infamous “black hole” incident with John Wiley Price. Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said it seemed that central collections “has become a black hole” because paperwork reportedly has become lost in the office. Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, interrupted him with a loud “Excuse me!” He then corrected his colleague, saying the office has become a “white hole.”

Jackson wants to meet with all 32 NFL team owners.

The Dallas Cowboys, led by owner Jerry Jones, center, take a knee prior to the national anthem prior to an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)

When Jesse Jackson wants to meet with a business – and that’s what the NFL is – he usually has some demands, or else! So if they agree to meet, it’ll be interesting to see if it turns into a shakedown.

As for Price and the NAACP – this is what they do. Price would be nothing if he did not have race to exploit. The NAACP has been an anachronism for years.

But how do you explain Dallas Morning News writer David Moore?

Moore is off-the-reservation critical of Jerry Jones. Noting that Jones has been conspicuously apolitical since he’s owned the Cowboys, Moore asks in a column – why Jones is entering this current dispute:

Why choose now, a few days before his 75th birthday, to dive into these ideological water? Why does he openly align himself with a divisive president… whose approval ratings are in steady decline?

One is tempted to attribute this craziness to the fact that Moore works for the Dallas Morning News—a far left newspaper in recent years. His bio notes that he does a spots radio show with Robert Wilonsky, another left-wing member of the News’ staff. But here’s what I think (and don’t know this guy from Adam): 

I think sports writers get tired of writing about fluff (sports is fun but still fluff) day after day. He sees his Editorial Board trashing Donald Trump on a daily basis – and here’s a chance for him to use the Jerry Jones story to get political. It gives him a chance to earn his liberal bona fides by trashing President Trump.

Note the irony.  Moore wants to know why Jones is getting political. A better question is why Moore did the same thing.

Jerry Jones had no choice.

Jones tried to thread the needle when the Cowboys played Arizona. He and the team worked out a decision two weeks ago to kneel and pray on the field before the Anthem – and then to go to the sideline and stand arm-in-arm during the anthem. But there are many fans that didn’t care for that decision.

Jones is the most powerful voice among the 32 owners. And, trust me, the owners have to act and soon. Even though the NFL was involved in 5 of the top ten TV shows last week, the numbers are down. There are empty seats in the stadia. Fans have taken to You Tube to burn NFL memorabilia. Jones tried siding with his players. Now, he’s siding with the bulk of the fans that see the players as spoiled sports millionaires.

If his players walk, he has no team. If the fans walk, he has no audience. The players are far more likely to return to their glory and big salaries than are disgruntled fans. Jerry is simply the catalyst for what the NFL had to do. Politicians and sports writers and broadcasters that are race-baiting are just looking for publicity.

What about Colin Kaepernick? 

Colin Kaepernick

He told us that the kneeling was originally to protest police brutality against blacks. If he’s serious, he can defend that position to some extent. But he should have done it off the field when he’s not at work. And there is another side.

Kevin Lawrence is the executive director if the Texas Municipal Police Association.

In the Dallas Morning News, he writes that police remember the initial protest – and they’re not happy. He says the accusation made by Kaepernick and others is “a deeply personal subject to the men and women in blue.”

Moreover, he says it is all based on lies and falsehoods.

Lawrence in an interview with Austin’s KTBC-TV.

He blames the media for pumping up certain cases that make for good TV – and for playing up the racial aspects.

Celebrity cases, where protests catch the eye of national networks in response to police shootings, have been grossly mishandles by the press. In fact, the entire “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protest was based on a lie. Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot in Ferguson, Mo,; he was reaching for the officer’s gun, a fact that was confirmed by African-American witnesses at the scene. The Obama administration’s Justice Department looked at the evidence and came to the same conclusion.

Lawrence cites other examples. He also writes that the entire narrative of Black Lives Matter is not borne out with facts:

Data collected on police violence shows black men are not disproportionately targeted when the crime rates of men across all races are examined.

Here’s a fact: if Lawrence is right – then the NFL kneeling situation, all the “plantation” comments, the blather of the NAACP and race-based commentators, and even the reason for existence of Black Lives Matter are all based on a sham.

Instead of protesting, why not, just for a moment, let “experts” examine the facts.

The media loves to quote “experts” on everything from women’s rights to climate change. In this particular episode in American race relations, some experts might come in handy. Police organizations keep records on all cases. So does the FBI.

Let’s do a thorough examination of the cases over the past decade (at least) and find out:

• How many times did a white cop shoot a black suspect?
• How many times were those cops justified, based on actions of the suspect?
• How many times were they NOT justified?
• How many times did a black cop shoot a white suspect without justification?
• How many times did a black cop shoot a black suspect without justification?
• How many times did a white cop shoot a white suspect without justification?
• Was there any truth to the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot narrative that started this?
• Is Black Lives Matter actively supporting the shooting and killing of police?
• How many times do cops of all races go into high-crime areas and save lives?

There are many more questions, but here’s the deal.

John Wiley Price, Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP and ESPN’s Michael Wilbon seem to think this dispute is all about race. Some say NFL players are on the “plantation” doing the bidding of their masters. Kevin Lawrence thinks the biggest part of the blame for all this should go to the media for mishandling the news.

What’s true and what’s not?

How about a Congressional investigation – a real one that actually looks for facts.

If America is the racist pigsty that it’s being made out to be by Price and others, then we need to get to work and fix it. If all this gnashing of teeth and based on a lie, then BLM ought to go away for good. NFL teams can then get off their knees and play some football.

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