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Demise of Chief Wahoo evidence of Cultural Divide

By Lynn Woolley

Those who oppose Indian names and logos for sports teams have won a major victory. Chief Wahoo [1], the toothy logo of the Cleveland Indians will disappear from team uniforms in 2019.  [2]

Chief Wahoo

Now, the American Indian Movement of Ohio [3] can start working on the team’s name – and try to get that changed as well.

Chief Wahoo has been a part of the fabric of Cleveland for a long time [4]– but in politically correct times, and after 8 years of Obama, he’s no longer welcome.

So where do we go from here?

Cleveland can’t be a safe space for the easily offended so long as the name remains. And other teams are still branded with Indian names and logos – notably the NFL’s Washington Redskins — a team that has refused to cave. With this win for the PC crowd, the culture divide will deepen.

http://www.wbdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/LM-1-31-18.mp3 [5]

If the Redskins make the change to “Bravehearts,” the fight will be over.

Chief Wahoo merchandise

Other teams are watching this development.

Baseball’s Atlanta Braves and Football’s Kansas City Chiefs have to be concerned. In fact, if the ‘Skins become the ‘Hearts, the Braves and the Chiefs may be looking for new names.

The Braves could becomes the Atlanta Peaches (peaches are big in Atlanta) and the Chiefs might become the Kansas City Commanders [a synonym for “chiefs”].  Arrowhead Stadium would also need a new name.

Would it stop there? 

Colt McCoy of the Washington Redskins

Not likely.

In college sports, we still have several Indian-themed teams – even though changes have already been made by Stanford, Illinois, and Dartmouth.

The biggest offender is Florida State. The Seminoles! Seriously? They could be the Florida State Mosquitoes since “Gators” is already taken.

Logo of the Kansas City Chiefs

Once ALL the major sports teams are renamed and rebranded, what’s next?

States like Indiana? Cities like Indianapolis? To the Native American community: be careful of what you wish for. Your culture could disappear from public view.

Just think.

In a world without Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Redskins, and Seminoles, and with virtually zero westerns on TV, the American Indian culture might start to fade from the public consciousness. That would be a shame.

Logo of the Atlanta Braves

Meanwhile, white mascots are still OK.

Dallas is the Cowboys and nobody cares. Houston is still the Texans. I care because most of the team members aren’t Texans – but what the heck? Texans can be any color, so who cares?

I don’t know what ethnicity a Red Raider is, but I’m pretty sure that Texas A&M’s “Ol’ Sarge” is a white dude. He’s also a caricature and a stereotype just as Chief Wahoo is.

The difference is that Aggie fans have bigger fish to fry and don’t seem to care about a carton mascot and whom it might offend.

Texas A&M’s Ol’ Sarge

The American Indian Movement of Ohio is far easier to offend.