The Declaration of Independence becoming a Declaration of Conformity ...local, county, state and federal agencies have assumed the power to restrict personal independence.

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Jan 26, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Fraiser

The Declaration of Independence is approaching a major revision based on the actions and standards of the result of government encroaching on the very people it was intended to support and protect. These changes are being implemented daily, systematically and without the conscious knowledge of the American people. Over the years, hundreds if not thousands of local, county, state and federal agencies have assumed the power to restrict personal independence. 

We the people over time have been “dumbed down” to accept more and more forms of taxation, fees, permits, laws, directives, orders, bans, requirements, restrictions and regulations.

This is the direct effect of too many people and agencies assuming power over individual rights. Government creates bureaucratic departments, committees, districts, special groups and organizations often with a consequence of increasing power and control. Once created they grow and spawn more entities as opposed to disbanding or shrinking over time.

Is there any wonder the country is drowning in debt with massive entitlements and unfunded mandates?

How do these organizations gain such power? The unfortunate part of all this is that the average American can do nothing about it because the power players manipulate the system.

The situation is so out of control we could easily call this a Declaration of Conformity.

Video: The ultimate song about “conformity” — Malvina Reynolds’ ode to sameness.

Our education system is teaching the next generation what to think not how to think!

Once we have several decades of young people that don’t have reasoning skills; conformity is never questioned. It is apparent by the social arguments that are spawned by emotion rather than facts. Corruption at the highest levels of government becomes prevalent because crime at that level is overlooked or covered up.

A Declaration of Conformity establishes double standards for those defining the rules and those forced to comply. Sadly, the majority of people that pay the penalties of this system must watch as they fall victim to the con-artists, career politicians, power hungry individual at every level of this bigger and less manageable government system.

The Declaration of Independence focused on the freedom and liberty of the people while the elected officials were intended to be held accountable for their actions. The Declaration of Conformity allows elected officials to play bipartisan games that have very little to do with what is best for the people. Once again the people must bow to the power elite who ultimately desire to enrich themselves and their cronies.

We have been conditioned that quality control for goods and services is not a priority any longer because we live in a throw away society.

Similarly, we have been conditioned to think that electing the same politicians over and over will lead to a better nation… nothing can be further from the truth.

We should all recognize this new Declaration of Conformity is discriminatory.

It seeks to divide everything and everyone into classifications then tries to define a new set of rules for conforming. It doesn’t matter if it is race, gender, religion or social values the government will define every aspect when the masses have been programmed to allow it. This is counter to a Declaration of Independence that expressly minimizes a herd mentality and empowers individual creativity for good.

The Declaration of Independence does not promote bigger and more oppressive government entities, however a Declaration of Conformity knows no limits as to the size and scope of government power. Obviously, our society appears to be reverting to concepts that has proven to fail throughout history.

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