Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings targets Confederate statues People who oppose the memorials have a point—but so do those who wish to retain them.

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Jul 19, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu recently worked to remove four Confederate statues in his city. Now, it’s Dallas’ turn.

The Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas’ Turtle Creek area was vandalized

Mike Rawlings, Dallas left-leaning mayor, is not averse to political correctness.

And, as it turns out, Dallas has its share of Confederate symbols. Chief among them are Robert E. Lee Park and a statue bearing Lee’s name in Oak Lawn. There’s also a Confederate War Memorial at Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas that features a statue of Jefferson Davis.

Beyond that, Dallas still has schools named after Confederate leaders.

Already, John B. Hood Middle School has changed its name. Robert E. Lee Elementary is now turning some heads. So will Dallas dump all its Confederate memorials down the Orwellian memory hole? Probably so, though it would seem that simply using the memorials to teach about history would be more productive.

People who oppose the memorials have a point—but so do those who wish to retain them.

President Abraham Lincoln realized that healing after the Civil War would require reaching out from one side to the other. That is so say, if the Union, as the “winner,” treated the southerners as a conquered people, the United States could never achieve reconciliation. That’s why, at a victory ball, he asked the band to play “Dixie.” 

Statue of Jefferson Davis, part of the Confederate Memorial at Pioneer Plaza, downtown Dallas

Lincoln knew that it would take compromise to re-unite the United States. On the other hand, the actual enslavement of human beings – that seems so inhuman to us now, was a fact of life in Civil War times. It is perfectly understandable that people whose ancestors were held in chains would still retain resentment.

But then, these same people typically support the modern day equivalent of slavery and bias against a helpless class of people – namely, the unborn. It galls me to think that the Left, in its fervor to expunge all things Confederate, generally supports infanticide as “a woman’s right to choose.”

Why not “rebrand” the statues and memorials?

Perhaps we could compromise.

The statues are part of history – part of OUR history. Could we agree on plaques or mounted signage that would accurately tell the story behind these statues, reflecting the good and the bad? That is, use the memorials as a way to teach history.

Otherwise, it seems like the nutcase murderer Dylan Roof, who shot up a prayer service at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, has won a victory for his ilk.

Dallas will march on because political correctness rules in Big D.

Here is what Dallas Mayor Rawlings said:

“Personally, I’m careful about espousing my point of view too much but not ashamed to do it. Slavery was the greatest sin that America ever participated in and we need to appropriately own up to that and move beyond it.”

Mayor Mike Rawlings

He’s right to a point.

But America moved beyond it generations ago. We fought a bloody civil war to end it. We added amendments to the Constitution as remedies. More recently, we ended the Jim Crow era and now all Americans have a seat at the table.

Some people will never accept the progress we have made as enough – but we have made incredible progress. America should be congratulated for how far we have come.

So we’ll watch the situation in Dallas and see what the city does.

In my home county, there are at least three memorials to the Confederacy:

• “Confederate Park” in Belton.
• A statue at the Bell County Courthouse honoring Confederate soldiers.
• Fort Hood.

Many schools such as Midland’s Lee High School still are named after Confederate heroes. The Littlefield Fountain at the University of Texas also has a Confederate connection. Perhaps we shall rename all these things. Or maybe we should look at the example of President Lincoln.


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  1. don76550 says:

    There is another county that destroyed its history to promote political propaganda. That was Red China, they destroyed thousands of years of their history. Now we have the equalivant of Chinese communists, namely the democrat party trying to do the same in this country

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