City of Dallas gets blowback from removal of Robert E. Lee statue We’ve always known that the Left gets mad. Now, the Right is starting to get even.

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By Lynn Woolley

Dallas is a messed up town.

Jenifer Staubach Gates

The city desperately needs to shore up its police and fire pension fund – and yet, it spent $450,000 to remove the statue from Lee Park. Or what used to be Lee Park.

I wondered if Dallas is now a liberal wasteland – or if there would be repercussions. There are – and Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates is taking a lot of flak – being called a traitor, a disgrace and a failure.

Other Dallas council members are expressing shock at the level of the outrage – but they blow if off by saying it will subside and won’t have an effect on city politics.

It already has.

Diane Benjamin is with a group called “Citizens Matter” that is pushing for a referendum on the statue dispute. The group is also working to defeat Dallas’ proposed $1 billion bond issue. As for tossing councilmembers out office – we’ll have to wait for the next election.

We don’t have to wait long for the issue to reemerge in Dallas. 

While cranes and work crews prepared to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, their work was halted thanks to an injunction filed by one man. (WFAA-TV – Facebook)

In November, the Council will vote on where to remove the Confederate War Memorial near Dallas City Hall. And remember, the Dallas School Board is working to change the names of schools named after Confederate figures.

Dallas isn’t through with its mission to eradicate a part of our history.

The question is about blowback.

Dallas is a liberal city with a liberal city council and a liberal school board. The daily newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, is off-the-charts liberal. But as we’ve now seen, there is a conservative community in the city. And it’s not happy.

Councilmember Lee Kleinman told the News that he hasn’t seen outrage like this [the statue blowback] since Dallas implemented a 5-cent fee for plastic bags in 2014. The response to “the bag ban” was so intense that the City Council rescinded the law to avoid losing in court. Kleinman says the current anger over the statue has gone on far longer than he thought it would – but he isn’t worried about the 2019 council races.

Maybe he should be worried.

I’ve long thought that politicians and corporations kowtow to left-wing outrage because the Left will march in the streets, boycott companies and throw rocks through store windows. The Right generally grumbles and goes on about its business.

If the Right starts fighting back – hard, such as putting the kibosh on a billion-dollar bond issue, or throwing out local race-based politicians – things will change. The Left knows that, and the Right may be catching on.

Other things to watch for potential blowback: 

Protestors at TSU succeed in getting Rep. Cain hushed. (KHOU-TV)

Texas Southern University. Conservative State Representative Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) was already at the lectern when the school ran him off, saying the school’s Federalist Society had not gotten his speech approved. Students had been protesting his appearance.
San Antonio’s North East ISD. What used to be Robert E. Lee High School is now LEE High School. LEE stands for Legacy of Educational Excellence High School. This oh-so-PC school district is also holding its 6th Annual Declaration of Respect Day, which relates to “bullying” which is part of the LGBT agenda. And you thought the kids there were learning math and science.

And don’t forget about Robert E. High School in Midland and the Confederate Soldier Memorial in Belton, Texas. People on the right are starting to fight back against the political correctness scourge.

We’ve always known that the Left gets mad. Now, the Right is starting to get even.

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