CalExit could mean East California & West California Liberals haven’t thought this through – they are far too angry over the election of Donald Trump.

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Mar 27, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

CalExit – the Left Coast’s answer to Brexit could mean one of two things. It could mean liberal Callie splitting from more conservative Callie – or a total secession from the United States.

Liberals haven’t thought this through – they are far too angry over the election of Donald Trump.


But either way, Republicans would come out ahead.

If the entire state leaves, then the entire California Congressional delegation, virtually all leftists, goes away and the GOP runs Congress. If the state splits in two, the coastal elites would have their own state complete with two U.S. senators – both liberals.

But East California would pick up two additional senate seats and those would likely go conservative. There would be no effect on the House delegation, but the Senate would get two additional Republicans. More likely, California will come to its senses.

But what if the state did split in two? 

Banks (left) with outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage. (Photo: Matt Cardy – Getty Images)

The Daily Mail has an amazing story about the involvement of Nigel Farage and Arron banks in the CalExit movement. Farage, as you probably know, was a key player in Brexit, and Banks was a backer. They were in Callie to raise $1 million for the effort to split into two states.

Farage and Banks are looking to split the state up so that the eastern, more rural side of the state would be set apart from the coastal elites in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The map shows the border splitting conservative Orange County off from Los Angeles and then snaking up to include the liberal cities of San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland – including the technology center of Silicon valley.

But the current capital of California, Sacramento, appears on the map in East California as does San Diego. It is thought by Farage and Banks that East California would be a Republican stronghold. According to the Mail, 78 percent of people in California are unhappy with the left-wing government.

Secession talk usually includes Texas – but not this time.

Liberal elites in California are mad about Trump’s win. They see that Hillary Clinton won California by a margin of two to one – and they are not happy that she did not make it to the Oval Office because of the Electoral College.

But if they secede, they run into all the same issues that we’ve discussed so many times about Texas. We could do it here, but we wouldn’t like it. And neither would they – and they probably know it. But the splitting of Callie into two states would make them feel better.

To liberals, it’s all about feelings. So bring it on! If they do, look for a referendum during the U.S. midterms in 2018.

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