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Anti-Trump protesters in Austin are an embarrassment to Texas

By Lynn Woolley

Austin’s motto – “Keep Austin Weird” is a reminder – not of the city – but of the strange people that live there. As a city, Austin is just fine. [1] It may, in fact, be Texas’ most beautiful city.


“Indivisible” protests President Trump in an embarrassing display of arrogance. (John Savage – Dallas Morning News)

But the people that live there are, to a large extent, obnoxious leftists.

About 200 of them showed up to protest President Trump as he arrived to discuss relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. [3]

Liberals were already out to get him, so Trump took pains to do everything right. He pledged aid would come without delay. He worked with local authorities. He avoided being a distraction.

None of that mattered to Trump-hating leftists.

They brought signs, some in Spanish, in support of every left-wing perversity you can think of [4] – none of which had anything to do with the hurricane. These people were not interested in helping with the relief effort. Only in disrespecting the President.

http://www.wbdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/LM-8-31-17.mp3 [5]

Why don’t these people have jobs?

That’s the question asked by 73-year-old Carol Grossman who came out to support the President. She told the Dallas Morning News:

“He’s the best president we’ve ever had. I’m retired and have a right to be here. Why aren’t all these other people at work?”

That’s a good question. Perhaps they took off work to come protest. Maybe they were paid to protest by some George Soros outfit [6]. Maybe they live on government assistance and don’t have to work. Who knows? In whatever case, they make me feel embarrassed about the beautiful city that serves as our state capital.


Taken August 19, 2017. Gay-themed flags were posted all over downtown Austin.

As the seat of government, and the home the flagship university, Austin has been taken over by the Left. They run every aspect of the city from the schools to the city council [8] to the school located on the Forty Acres.

Liberals have banned plastic grocery bags [9], removed historical statues that offend snowflakes [10], and have made Austin a sanctuary city [11]. The office of the Travis County District Attorney has a history of attacking big-name Republican office holders.

Austin also embraces homosexuality in a way I never seen anywhere else, with “pride” signs all over town the last time I strolled though the central part of town. Yes, Austinites are typically weirdos. No question. [12]

So what was being said at the Trump protest?

You can bet there were not signs of “Thank You, Mr. President for supporting our state in its time of need.” Of course not. Here what the signs said:

• Protect DACA.
• Whose side are you on? Paxton? Abbott?
• Persecuting people of color.
• Pardoning Xenophobia.
• Excusing white supremacy.
• Terrorizing transgender folxs (sic).
• En la lucha No SB4.
• Want to support Texas? Support DACA.
• Support trans troops.
• Preserve our climate and DACA not racist sheriffs.

Essentially, the agenda of the far Left [13]was being promoted in the signage. There may have been statue removal signs – but I only had one photo to draw from (using a magnifying glass).

Of course, we’ve written about the pluses and minus of DACA, sanctuary city laws, and the pardon of Joe Arpaio [14]in these pages. The Left is entitled to its opinions. But this trip was about President Trump helping Texans in need.

The left-wing group “Indivisible” took an opportunity to complain. [15]

They can do it. The First Amendment says they can. But should they? Listen to what they said. Matt Oliver, an Austin musician (that probably means “jobless”) who organized the rally said it was all about hating Trump:

“Trump’s anti-DACA rhetoric, the pardon of Joe Arpaio, the transgender military ban, this is why we’re here. Trump is only here for an expensive photo op.”

Oliver wasn’t going to like Trump no matter why he came. Bush didn’t please the Left when Hurricane Katrina hit, and Trump is not going to please them now – even though he has done just about everything exactly right. If the Left hates you, it isn’t going to pacified just because you do the right thing.

So they were chanting leftist slogans:

“Rebuild Houston, not a wall.”

“No human is illegal.”

“Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

A few pro-Trump protesters were there with their own yell.

They were chanting words that now would “trigger” some college students [16] to find a safe space:


That sounds like a bunch of nationalists (people who support their country) – and we can’t have that in Austin, Texas – home of the weird. Austin is not weird at all. [12] It’s a great town, rapidly growing, and with unsurpassed natural beauty. Not all its residents are left-wing nutcases, but the bulk of them arguably are.

That’s embarrassing.