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America’s Top Ten Crises – and what to do about them

By Lynn Woolley

Existential threats to our country are often overblown – think bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, the population bomb, and of course, global warming. Some things are real such as the Cold War threat of mutual assured destruction – and diseases like smallpox and polio.

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It seems to me that we’re in a golden age right now – where most of our big problems – stuff like illegal immigration, and the breakup of the family – could be solved.

It often seems like to one wants to do it.

America is split into two political camps that can’t agree on much [2], and the Swamp works hard to maintain the status quo because it benefits the political class. I think, if we put our minds to it, and worked together, we could solve most of our problems fairly easily [3]. Our big crises today are nothing even close to what we faced in the Civil War, the Great Depression, and in two World Wars.

What are our Top Ten crises? 

The U.S. Capitol Building. Photo courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol

That all depends on who you are, what your interests are and what side of the political divide you’re on. As a conservative and a traditionalist, my Top Ten issues are mostly about preserving the Great Experiment that is the United States of America.

From that point-of-view, I’ve listed ten items – by no means exhaustive – that I think we could solve, thereby preserving American for future generations and greatly improving the world. Let me stress once again: most of our current problems are self-inflicted and could be mitigated with a modicum of logic and common sense.

Crises rated from 1 to 4 stars.

1 star * Easy to solve but requires logic and cooperation.
2 stars ** Not too hard, but requires some pain that politicians don’t wish to inflict.
3 stars *** A difficult problem, but certainly not insurmountable.
4 stars **** We’re in some real difficulty here and it will cause tremendous pain to fix it.

America’s crises from bottom to top.

Number 10: CLIMATE CHANGE **. I list this because so many Americans and so many across world believe that it is a true crisis [4] – and because hot summers seem to add to the credibility of climate alarmists. The facts are that climate is cyclical, it is controlled mostly by the sun, and there’s not much we can do about it except adapt. My solutions: make sure we work to keep our air and water clean, utilize renewable energy as it becomes economically feasible to do so – and stop destroying jobs and lives over something we can’t control.

Number 9: THE SWAMP***. This gets three stars even though it would be simple to fix [5]. We have hundred of thousands of bureaucrats that make “rules” that the rest of us have to follow. We have a Congress that enjoys the perks it gets and that sets all the rules in favor of incumbents. The #1 goal of any member is reelection, and the top activity is fundraising. Presidents have assumed powers given to the Congress, and the Judiciary has assumed powers given to the Executive Branch. My solutions: restore separation of powers, maintain an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, and shrink the federal government by returning most functions to states. We also need a strong law to address the lobbying cesspool that makes any form of bribery (baseball tickets, a cab ride, anything) to a government official a felony.

Number 8: RESPECT FOR LIFE*. This should be so easy. The Founders thought life was the most important thing that anyone can have. In the Declaration of Independence, they put it first. But we have stopped respecting life [6]. The non-existent privacy clause that opened the floodgates for millions of abortions destroyed the idea of respect for life. If we’re going to restore it – and create a national atmosphere in which shooting up a school or a newspaper is unthinkable – we have to come to terms with the fact that we have cheapened the very concept of life. My solutions: Abolish Roe v. Wade (which constitutionally cannot be considered a law anyway), and return the issue to the states. Schools and media outlets must be hardened until the threat is minimized. We need tough programs to clean up gangs and drugs in the inner cities.

Number 7: COMPETITION*. I’m talking about our Free Enterprise System [7], which for generations, preserved jobs, held costs down for consumers, and led to the creation of innovative new products [8]while still creating millionaires and billionaires. Our freewheeling system of lobbying (see Crisis #9) has led to a country with four cellular phone companies, about 7 radio companies, 7 or so oil companies, and entertainment giants like AT&T-Time Warner and Disney-Fox (if that one goes through as expected). I’d like 50 choices for a landline cable service at my house. I have one. My solutions: since today’s big technology and media companies rival the government (that’s us!) in power, we ought to stop most of the mega mergers and at least have a discussion about whether companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have too much power over our lives.

Number 6: THE NATIONAL DEBT****. This one’s hard. Government exists to spend money. [9]To spend money, government taxes us to get it. When it doesn’t get enough, it borrows. We are now $21 trillion in the hole. The Left uses the word “unsustainable” for all kinds of things. I think the National Debt is unsustainable. We are told that Congress doesn’t bother with discretionary spending cuts because doing so wouldn’t make a difference. They are lying to us when they say that. We are going to have to reform entitlements—and the Congress that does it will be thrown out by voters. That’s why this gets 4 stars. But we have to do it. President Trump is trying help with better trade deals and by getting deadbeat NATO members like Germany to pay for more of their own defense. My solutions: we gotta start working now to make cuts. Abolish political agencies like the Department of Education. Send the functions of the Environmental Protection Agency back to the states. Come up with an entitlement reform plan that is private sector based and provides more choices. Our military should operate within a reasonable budget, using modern technology and other efficiencies.

Number 5: GEOPOLITICAL ADVERSARIES***. Yes, Russia is an adversary [10], but we keep reminding ourselves that Russia’s economy is in the doldrums and its GDP is smaller than that of some states. Putin messes with us in order to stay relevant. He has a nuclear stockpile that is troubling, but we are in no real danger from Russia. China is a far bigger threat and it hacks our computers (probably) more than Russia does. Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are other problems. American cannot lead from behind. We are a world superpower with the ability to mitigate a lot of international disagreements. My solutions: always work to prevent war first – that’s what President Trump seems to be doing with regard to Russia, China, and North Korea. Keep our eyes open – as President Obama did NOT do with Russia, North Korea, Syria, and Iran. Abandon the silly and impossible “two-state solution” and look for a home in Jordan for the Palestinians. Stay strong, keep a modern and awesome nuclear stockpile, and avoid war until it becomes the only option.

Number 4: ISLAMIC TERRORISM****. Trump has made strides with ISIS, but al Qeada, Hamas, the Taliban, and Hezbollah still exist as blots on humanity. On 9/11, America learned that radical Islam was a large movement and that it would do anything to hurt us. Our eyes are now open [11]– and yet we have a large segment of the population that refuses to recognize [12] the continued threat. President Trump sees it clearly and has acted; yet judges unconstitutionally usurp his power (see Crisis #9). Basic Islamic law known as Shariah is totally incompatible with the Constitution. Yet, there are peaceful Muslims in America that contribute as doctors, engineers, or are otherwise in our workforce that do not deserve to be lumped with radicals. My solutions: President Trump’s extreme vetting and travel bans are commonsense ways to avoid importing terrorists. Judges should stay out of his way on those issues. We should ban Shariah Law once and for all and set limits on how many people from countries where “death to America” is chanted can emigrate.

Number 3: FAMILIES***. The breakup of the American family [13] is a major crisis. It occurs in our affluent suburbs as well as in our urban centers. Children with no fathers [14] run the risk of hunger, being shot by gang members, and being caught up in the drug culture. In the United States – since the 50’s – we have become entangled in a welfare state that enables single-parent families, and has almost completely removed the stigma from divorce and welfare. (Disclosure: I, sadly am a divorcee. I am not proud of it.) We MUST reinstate the idea of the family as the nucleus of our society even though so many aspects of popular culture (movies, TV, comics, hip-hop, the homosexual agenda) seem hell-bent on tearing it down and redefining the word “family.” My solutions: massive welfare reform including a federal law that requires an absent but able parent to support a child he or she created until the age of 21. We need welfare-to-work laws. We need to put teeth in these laws. We need to codify that marriage is between a man and a woman and provide marriage-related benefits only to traditional spouses.

Number 2: IMMIGRATION*. This is the easiest to fix [15] – and to some, the most important of all [16]our crises. We could start with enforcing laws as they exist. But we have a wink-and-nod system in which Republicans bow to wealthy donors that want cheap labor, and Democrats look to demographic changes [17]to gain political power. This system is pure crap. We can easily create guest-worker programs to take care of the labor situation. As far as importing new Democrats – that’s about as low as a party can sink – even in a day in which shame is hard to find. On the other hand, if we don’t maintain our culture – you know, the one that made us great – we will sink to third-world status some day, or be another run-of-the-mill power like Canada or France. My solutions: secure the border, send the CEO’s of companies that hire illegals to prison, deport illegals immediately, get rid of birthright citizenship to prevent anchor babies, install English as our official language to promote unity, and damn it, make U.S. citizenship mean something again.

Number 1: ACADEMIA***. It figures that the institutions that got us into these messes – especially the cultural ones [18]– should be rightly listed as our greatest problem. Cultural change may start in lower grades, but it is at our big universities where left-wing, communist, socialist, America-hating professors [19] begin to change normal students into emerging Marxists [20]. I give this a difficulty rating of three stars because we don’t seem to have the will to install diversity of thought in our universities. Republican governors appoint members to state college boards of regents – and still, the faculties are predominately left-wing. This should be easy to fix. My solutions: abolish tenure. Put this country first. Academic freedom is a fine thing, but it has to cut both ways. While UT/Austin removes statues, and students at Berkeley break windows and set fires to stop free speech, our country is burning with the fires of radicalism. The bottom line is that if we don’t change our universities, they will destroy our country.

None of these crises can’ t be fixed.

But where is the will to do it?

People in power (in government and in academia) seem to like things the way they are. They divide the country by denigrating people they disagree with as racists, capitalists, homophobes, nationalists, xenophobes, and you-name-it.

Meanwhile, the crises are there. We can do something about them.

But will we? Only time will tell.

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