Blatant MUSLIM INFILTRATION on FULL DISPLAY AT Women’s March Muslim Brotherhood Organizer of Women's March Supports Sharia Law which Persecutes Women

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Jan 30, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Linda Sarsour believes in NO GOD BUT ALLAH

Linda Sarsour believes in NO GOD BUT ALLAH

When you see a Muslim put up his or her index finger, it does NOT mean, “We’re #1”. It means that they believe in one God – Allah and that Allah is greater than your God. So, in a sense, it DOES mean they’re #1. In Christianity, we have a triune God known as the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). When a Muslim puts that index finger in the air, what that Muslim is really saying is “you suck”. Our god is greater than your god.

In fact, whenever you hear the phrase, “Allahu Akbar”, it does not mean “God is Great”. It means “Our God is Greater than your God”.

Can you imagine a Christian saying that publicly?

Actually, Christians SHOULD do that. Devout Muslims come into the U.S. and do it constantly. Doesn’t that offend you?

To illustrate just how absurd the recent women’s march on Washington was, Muslim Linda Sarsour was a lead organizer of the event who is now a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban (h/t GWP).

What was the Women’s march about anyway? Wasn’t about women’s rights? Wasn’t it based on manufactured outrage in response to what Trump said on a bus to Billy Bush about how he’d like to treat women?

If so, how can Sarsour lead that march and also defend Sharia Law, which persecutes women?

In 2014, Sarsour objected to a documentary film called, The Honor Diaries. The purpose of the film was to draw attention the persecution of women who live under Sharia Law. Here is Sarsour in action:

The truth is that Sarsour is nothing more than a Muslim Brotherhood operative and the women at the march who don’t get that are the useful idiot dupes who deserved to wear the stupid uterus hats they were wearing.

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