Five Things I’d Abolish If I Could There is a rhythm to the universe and bad people and bad things often come to an inglorious end.

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Oct 21, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

No one has made me king so far, and I have no magical powers.

But here’s five things the world would be better off without. Let’s start with the obvious. The top thing I’d destroy if I could is cancer. Everyone has been touched by it and most of us have lost people near and dear to us. If I were President, I’d declare war on it.

Second, I’d get rid of political and religious terrorism. I include in this the tactics of radical Islam as well as the Democrats’ mobocracy that we’ve had to live with for the past few years.

Third is the “isms” of socialism and Communism that always lead to tyranny and dictatorships.

If I had my way, these little bastards would be kaput! (Photo: Wikipedia)

Fourth would be mosquitoes. These little flying bugs spread disease all over the world.

The fifth thing I’d abolish is Amazon dot com. Bezos is coming close to having more power than nations do and that is a recipe for disaster. I’d stop him now.

[Note that this is not being anti-capitalism or anti-success. But when on-line shopping destroys local businesses and puts the profits in one man’s pockets, I’m not happy. Banks are closing branches, we’re losing big retailers like Sears and Macy’s, and it makes me wonder what we’re going to do with all the empty buildings. The jobs situation in America is great right now, but can it stay great if we lose millions of jobs to the internet?]

Of course, I could name a hundred more things.

Tenure on college campuses. The idiotic diversity movement. Counterproductive organizations like the Anti-Defamation League the Texas Association of School Boards, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. If I could snap my fingers and make it happen, the Westboro Baptist Church would go to well, where they should.

For sure, I’d love to see all the college Diversity & Inclusion departments go poof! Some things are ridiculous – but D&I departments are perhaps the biggest waste of money colleges have ever flushed down a hole. I’d rather spend it on a $10 million dollar football coach.

I could say I’d abolish war, but I’m really trying to be careful. War is hell, but sometimes it is necessary to keep the world from falling into the hands of a Hitler or a Pol Pot. I hate war, but without it, none of us would be free.

My X-Files lesson.

There was this episode (“Je Souhaite” – Season 7, episode 21) in which Fox Mulder is tracking down the criminals that had discovered a female genie and got their three wishes. As you might expect, all the wishes failed to produce desired results and the criminals ended up as losers.

Near the end of the episode, the genie comes into the possession of Mulder and he gets three wishes. She explains to him that being a genie is not easy and that she sees these wishes go badly so often over the generations of her life as genie. She tells Mulder she would give anything never to have been turned into a genie in the first place.

Video: FOX’s trailer for “Je Souhaite”

So Mulder thinks long and hard about his three wishes.

He decides on the first one. He wishes for world peace. She snaps her fingers. He looks around and everybody in the world has vanished. He’s the only human left on Earth. World peace has been achieved. But that’s not what Mulder had in mind, so he uses the second wish to undo the first. He has one more wish left.

Later that night, he is explaining to Dana Scully about the genie. She asks about the final wish – what was it? What did Mulder, after careful consideration, wish for? To answer, the scene shifts to a little coffee shop nearby where a normal woman, no longer a genie, is sipping coffee and savoring her new life free from granting wishes that never work out.

On second thought, it would be much nicer if, with God’s help, we can cure cancer, see a voluntary end to man’s inhumanity to man, realize what the blessings of liberty really mean, and find a way to stop diseases like malaria.

There is a rhythm to the universe and bad people and bad things often come to an inglorious end. We can’t simply wish them away.

We have to work hard to make good things happen.

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  1. ProfessorMac says:

    I think you got wrong, missed your opposition on the diversity inclusion argument, and failed to note that a stronger DOJ should be able to counter the intimidation and violence of the left which violate others civil rights and should be treated as hate crimes. Republicans have been too soft.

    On diversity & inclusion, it hasn’t helped me with my 12 failed brain shunts for hydrocephalus over 26 years. Somehow brain related disabilities are excluded. And now the left even gas people self identifying with autism, without a medical diagnosis. No, diversity has been hijacked by the radical left with their LBTQ community and Latinos wihout supporting science (little in LBTQ) and zero supporting law (anctuary cities). But Republicans have been pushovers, much as they were during most of my post injury years. The only difference today is Donald Trump.

    Republicans are still getting used to running a Democrat style of government in the Trump administration. Another way of saying it, is they need to grow some “balls.”

    Amazon has every right to do what it is doing. And because Amazon does it better than anyone else, they’re destroying the competition, including, fat & greedy established corporations. But that’s not Amazon’s fault. Why doesn’t the government further more small business & junior college programs to create new Amazon’s? Because the government is complicet in our economic inequality today… all the way down to the ridiculous cost of a college education.

    Now I have personal differences with Jeff Bezos political actisim, but don’t punish me & the marketplace for his sucess. I buy a great deal of home & health related products that serve me well in my circumstances of 12 failed brain surgeries and a terrible HMO health plan. You want me to drive around more to retail stores and pay higher prices? I’d prefer the government go after our corrupt medical, drug and insurance companies that fix prices, exclude me from affordable care, and leave me in poor health. I’d rather the government shut down the unions and their exclusive health care that is unavailable to me. It is legalized racketeering and antitrust.

    This stuff going on today makes me want to get into politics. I’d be every bit as outspoken as Trump. I’m an old hippie!

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