Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor VERY COZY With Members of Hillary’s Inner Circle Dina Powell has Partied with Hillary's Senior Advisor and Political Hit Man Philippe Reines

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By Ben Barrack

We already know that Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell is a DC insider. She was photographed with Barack Obama’s closest advisor Valerie Jarrett. She has also been captured with Huma Abedin at two different social functions that took place over four years apart.

Photo by Tony Powell

It’s now been learned that Powell is also quite comfortable around Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor and political hit man Philippe Reines. Described as Hillary’s “attack dog”, Reines likely held the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications at the time he was photographed with Powell.

Photo by Tony Powell

At the same event, Reines and Powell were captured in a group photo that included Powell’s Husband, Richard Powell. On July 23, 2012 Dina’s husband was named President of Teneo Strategy, a company with extremely close ties to the Clintons. Teneo was founded by Doug Band, who is to Bill Clinton what Huma is to Hillary – the closest of close advisors.

Rollins and Powell joined Teneo at same time Huma’s Brotherhood ties exposed by Bachmann

That date is potentially very important because it was at the height of a controversy surrounding Huma. Just five days earlier, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) took to the Senate floor to defend Huma.

Dina’s Husband and Teneo

In the summer of 2012, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) had recently sent a letter to the State Department’s Inspector General (IG) in which Bachmann raised questions about Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. At the time, Huma was employed by… Teneo as a Special Government Employee (SGE). Abedin worked for Teneo from June of 2012 thru February of 2013. The problem with that is that Abedin was prevented by law from working as an SGE for more than 130 days; she was an SGE for 240 days.

Reines and Abedin: two members of Hillary’s “inner circle”

Her Tenure there began when she would soon become the center of controversy.

Throughout Abedin’s time as an SGE for Teneo, Richard Powell was employed as a President for the company. He was also named as such at a time when Abedin needed damage control. In short, Teneo provided Abedin illegal cover after Bachmann’s letter struck a major nerve. At about the same time that Powell assumed the job of President, another influential Republican was hired by Teneo; his name is Ed Rollins. At or about the time that Rollins took his position there as a public affairs adviser, he also lit into Bachmann in a July 18, 2012 editorial (the same day that McCain defended Abedin) that was published on the Fox News website. Fox did not publish an opposing view and Rollins did not reveal a clear conflict of interest.

While Richard was serving as President of Teneo, Abedin and Dina had already been very well acquainted. In fact, more than one year after Huma began her work for Teneo and there existed far more than enough evidence against her relative to her Muslim Brotherhood ties, she and Dina were still socializing.

Huma and Dina at a November 2013 Luncheon (L); Huma and Dina in 2009 (R)

Abedin and Reines

As for Abedin and Reines, they are extremely familiar with one another. In a 2014 New York Times feature on “Planet Hillary”, Reines and Abedin were identified as two of the only five individuals in Hillary’s inner circle.

When it comes to Reines and Abedin, two closer members of Hillary’s inner circle you will not find.

Conspicuously rare or any photos of Abedin and Reines together. One exception is from July of 2013, when round two of Anthony Weiner’s sexting exploits burst onto the scene. Weiner, Abedin’s husband who was running for Mayof of New York City, brought Huma into more unwelcome spotlight.

In what appeared to be a very public display of communication between Huma and Hillary, Abedin met with Reines at a restaurant in DC. The Daily Mail captured photos of the two Hillary insiders at and leaving the restaurant.

Hillary insiders Abedin and Reines in July of 2013, leaving DC Restaurant.

Approximately four months later, Dina and Huma met for lunch.

At the time of a 2013 luncheon attended by Dina and Huma, the following facts were known:

1.) Huma had worked illegally as an SGE for Teneo, where Dina’s husband served as a President.
2.) Evidence against Huma being an enemy of the United States and stealth member of the Muslim Brotherood had become overwhelming.

So why would Dina choose to be so cozy with Abedin? In addition to that question being asked – as well as the one about Powell’s coziness with Reines – is why she would be so cozy with Obama’s equivalent – Valerie Jarrett?

Dina Powell (L) and Valerie Jarrett (R) in 2011.

What can be said with absolute certainty is that Dina Powell is very familiar with the DC swamp and very friendly with very bad people.

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