Time for Democrats to put up or shut up on charges of Russian Collusion Russian Derangement Syndrome may well be a progressive construct.

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Mar 29, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

In fact, it’s time to put all the evidence on the table – with the full cooperation of the Trump administration – and let’s settle this. The Democrats are using the Russian issue to delegitimize Trump and to stall his agenda.

Video: March 21, 2017 — Roger Stone on CBS This Morning says there was no collusion

They must not get away with it.

President Trump says there was no collusion. His spokesman, Sean Spicer, says it’s OK with the White House if former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates – an Obama holdover – testifies.

A Russian billionaire close to Vladimir Putin – Oleg Deripaska, says he’ll come testify. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort says he’ll testify and another Trump aide, Roger Stone, did a video explaining why the charges are bogus.

If these people are guilty of some type of plot to overthrow the Hillary Clinton campaign – they’re not acting like it. So let’s gather the evidence and see if there’s anything there.

Video: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria calls it “treason”

Russian Derangement Syndrome may well be a progressive construct.

That is to say – there may not be anything to it other than an attempt to derail Trump. For the record, I don’t know. Maybe Trump, Manafort, and Stone all got together with Vladimir Putin and Wikileaks and unfairly plotted against the hapless Democrats and their female candidate Hillary Clinton.

If that’s where the evidence takes us – I’m good with it. But I’m tired of constant talk on CNN and MSNBC about Russian collusion with Trump. Prove it.

Video: Tucker and Brit Hume discuss the Russian interference in the American election — and the evidence for collusion

The evidence may exist, but we’ve seen nothing so far.

Christopher Caldwell, a senior editor for the Weekly Standard gave a speech on February 15, 2017 at Hillsdale College. The transcription is carried in the March, 2017 edition of IMPRIMUS.

Christopher Caldwell

In the speech, he referenced progressive obsessions with Putin, including some political prisoners that the Russian leader freed prior to the Sochi Olympics that included the performance art group Pussy Riot.

He mentions that progressives also opposed Russia’s Article 6.21, known as a law against “so-called gay propaganda.” But Caldwell says the law is more accurately described as forbidding the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations to children.”

In other words, Russian laws don’t allow an unfettered homosexual agenda to unfurl as we did in the States under Obama.

With regard to the current flap over Russian collusion with trump, Caldwell writes:

“The second campaign against Putin has been the attempt by the outgoing Obama administration to cast doubt on the legitimacy of last November’s presidential election by implying that the Russian government somehow ‘hacked’ it. This is an extraordinary episode in the history of manufacturing opinion. I certainly will not claim any independent expertise in cyber-espionage. But anyone who has read the public documentation on which the claims rest will find only speculation, arguments from authority, and attempts to make repetition do the work of logic.”

Caldwell makes a great point.

We don’t yet know what NSA or the FBI knows – but to the date of this writing there is not one piece of actual evidence of Russian collusion. All we have is endless mainstream anti-Trump media speculation — and virtually every talking-head-Democrat insisting that it is so.

That does not make it so.

There are three things I’d like to find out – sooner than later:

• Was there collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign?
• Was there surveillance against members of the Trump campaign?
• Who committed a felony by unmasking citizens caught up in wiretapping?

I’m quite comfortable with the truth. Whatever it turns out to be.

I think the Democrats are full of crap and it’s time to force their hand. Put all the facts on the table. Let anybody testify. If Trump is some international villain as charged, then he should resign and let the Democrats see what they can did up on President Pence.

If it turns out that Trump and his campaign did not collude with the Russians, the Democrats should shut the hell up.


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  1. Ronny says:

    Russians successfully completed their goal “To Undermine Public confidence in American Political System”. Democrats are “Colluding” with them with the public “outrage”, news articles, and media focus on “legitimacy” of the Trump Presidency.

    Democrats set up a “Win – Win” setup. If Hillary won, they could claim they won in spite of “Russian Interference”, or (as it is today) they claim the election is not valid because of the same “interference”.

    Both of the Democrat choice misses he point. The concept that our elections are not valid due to interference, or any other method. When we doubt our institutions, anarchy follows.

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