Russian interference in the United States is far more than Media reports Most important, does Russia plant socialists in our colleges and universities?

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By Lynn Woolley

The joint news conference between Presidents Trump and Putin took place while I was on–air —and we carried the audio live.

It was mesmerizing to hear Putin flatly deny any interference in our country and that he would “look into” the charges that 12 Russian operatives have been indicted by Special Counsel Mueller for messing with our elections.

Trump shakes hands with Putin in Helsinki 7-16-18 (ABC News)

I’ve been convinced for a while that Russia interfered in 2016, with the idea of sowing chaos in the United States and the Western World.

But I think Russian meddling goes far beyond that.

If chaos is Putin’s goal, look no further than the streets of London during Mr. Trump’s visit. THAT was chaos at its finest.

It would not surprise me at all if the Russians aren’t behind the left-wing ideology that we find in our big universities.

Russia may have influence over Bernie Sanders and the Democrats’ emerging socialism.

Video: Is Russia influencing urban areas around the world? Here’s Sean Hannity on the streets of London as protestors hate Trump because…?

Russia must have applauded the results of the recent election in New York.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Puerto-Rican American socialist, defeated Joe Crowley – a member of the Washington Swamp who was thought to be the next Speaker of the House if the Democrats were able to take back the House. But he didn’t make it past the primary. Crowley only received 42.5% of the vote — pretty embarrassing for establishment Dems.

Video: CBS’s Late Show features the socialist Ocasio-Cortez with like-minded Colbert as the audience applauds wildly.

Ocasio-Cortez had 57.5% in a predominantly minority district that included parts of Queens and the Bronx, and with the win, she has caused a small socialist earthquake in her party. The Russians must love it – just as they love everything that comes out of Bernie Sanders’ mouth.

A May Day march in Los Angeles (LA Times)

The Russians may be involved in out immigration battle.

Go back to the glory days of street marches in cities like Dallas and Los Angeles. Demonstrators were demonstrating for open borders and yelling “Si Se Puede.”

Many of them carried Mexican flags – but look in crowd shots for communist flags too. So was Russia ginning any of this up?

Probably so, but the Left supports the open borders movement – so Russian interference wouldn’t get any play.

Russia is famously anti-LGBT – but would they promote it here?

Macho Vladimir Putin wouldn’t stand for all the gender nonsense we have here – but he may very well push it here. Even if news media knew about such interference, they wouldn’t run it because of political correctness.

I also wonder if Russia doesn’t promote abortion on demand in the United States. That divides us more than anything else except immigration – and will be a factor in the Senate’s vote to approve or bork Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Most important, does Russia plant socialists in our colleges and universities?

I wish I knew – but there’s no coverage. So you have to ask yourself, how to we get college professors like Robert Jensen at the University of Texas, Noam Chomsky at MIT, and Ward Churchill at Colorado –or the hundreds of other left-wing professors all over the country.

How did the snowflake movement being at the University of Missouri? How did the anti-free speech movement begin at Berkeley? Why did the Confederate statues have to come down at the University of Texas? It would not surprise me if the Russians are behind most of the things that tend to tear the United States apart.

If Russia’s goal is to sow the seeds of chaos – then all these things bear investigating – including the question of why all these divisive movements are part of the Democrat Party. A curious and aggressive news media might investigate – assuming they haven’t been co-opted as well.

The Russians are good at spreading chaos.

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