Obama to Trump After Flynn Resignation: YOUR MOVE These are the CONSEQUENCES of NOT Impeaching Obama

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By Ben Barrack

Trump must confront Obama now.

The real crime when it comes to the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is the illegal act of tapping his phone and then leaking the contents of a conversation with his Russian counterpart. Yet, it was Flynn who had to pay price. This is happening because Obama’s apparatchiks in the intelligence community did it. Here is Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer making that case, even pointing a finger at alleged Muslim convert and former CIA Director John Brennan:

Also in December, it was alleged by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) that it was Brennan who leaked false information that Russia hacked John Podesta’s emails to help Trump get elected. In this case, the content of Podesta’s emails didn’t bother the Democrats, only how they were obtained. This is all part of an attempt by Obama loyalists to take the Trump administration down.

Here is Ed Klein in December, explaining how Obama plans to sabotage the Trump administration immediately after the inauguration:

While President, Barack Obama committed several impeachable offenses. He was allowed to get away with them because of a feckless and cowardly Republican House. Today, Obama is operating a shadow government from a base in Washington, DC. Republican politicians instead chose to punt on impeachment, hoping that Obama would just go away after a new president was elected and sworn in.

At one point, House Speaker John Boehner took impeachment off the table entirely.

Perhaps most laughably, whenever Boehner was faced with executive branch transgressions too blatant to ignore, he elected to sue Obama. This was cowardice and a transparent attempt by Boehner to abdicate is job and responsibility:

Bad Guys Who Get Away with Doing Bad Things only do WORSE THINGS

History is littered with bad people who do bad things and are left alone in hopes they will go away. It’s a terrible strategy. It happened with Bill Ayers, who was allowed to get away with committing acts terrorism. Since that time, Ayers has infected countless young minds with left-wing propaganda and even became a professor with access to millions of dollars.

Not only that but Ayers actually helped to mentor a young Obama in Chicago, even launching Obama’s political career from the Ayers living room.

Then, of course, there is George Soros, the hard left-wing, multi-billionaire who helped make Obama. In 1992, Soros helped to break the Bank of England. He was even convicted but paid no real price. It’s safe to say that since that time, Soros has done far more damage to America.

What Ayers, Soros and Obama all have in common is that they were allowed to get away with doing very bad things and have proceeded to do far worse things. Coincidentally, Obama knows both Ayers and Soros well. They both helped get him to this point, a point where he is attempting to sabotage his successor in the White House.

It is unfortunate that Trump already has a heaping plate of foreign and domestic problems to deal with. It’s unfortunate because in order to deal with them effectively, he will have to deal with Obama and his operatives. Unless and until he does these things, he never will and the mandate he received from the electorate will be neutered.

As we have maintained at WB Daily, one huge first step would be prosecuting Soros.

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