NBC at war with Trump. FOX News at war with NBC. NBC News is the entity that tried to change the outcome of the election.

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By Lynn Woolley

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s big scoop fell flat.

She claimed to have President Trump’s 2005 tax return – and she did have two pages of it. But all it showed was that Trump made a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes. She mounted an attack anyway – and was roundly derided for it in the twitterverse.

While she was putting forth weird theories about Trump’s taxes and the Russians, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson was busy dismantling NBC as a legitimate news organization.

Carlson said there was interference in the 2016 election – but it was not coming from the Russians; it was coming from NBC News. He charged that NBC “leaked” its own video from “Access Hollywood” to a rival news organization, the Washington Post, in an attempt to derail the Trump campaign. Carlson may be correct. Even sister network CNBC editorialized against Maddow.

Video: Maddow’s big scoop.

Maddow’s “exclusive” report actually helped Trump.

After she revealed that Trump made about $153 million in 2005, and paid $36.5 million in taxes, reporters scrambled to see what others had paid. Remember, Trump’s tax rate came out to about 25 percent.

The Obamas paid $81,000 in taxes last year on adjusted income of $436,065. That’s a rate of 18.7 percent.
• The socialist Bernie Sanders in 2014 paid at a rate of 13 percent.

In its op-ed, MSNBC’s sister network, CNBC wrote this in a column headlined:

“Donald Trump just got a nice victory, thanks, of all people, to Rachel Maddow.”

“For Trump, in the swirl of chaos thanks to the CBO saying the GOP healthcare bill would lead to 24 million uninsured and FBI preparing to weigh in on his accusation of President Barack Obama wiretapping him, this tax story is a welcome reprieve…. This story has created the appearance that Trump does in fact make a lot f money, and he pays millions in taxes.”

And that, the CNBC piece by Jay Yarow suggests, is a big help to President Trump – all thanks to Rachel Maddow.

Breitbart delighted in the Maddow mess with this headline:

“Epic Fail: Rachel Maddow mocked after dragging out Trump tax ‘scoop.’”

Meanwhile, over on FOX, Tucker Carlson had the real story.

Here it is:

NBC News is the entity that tried to change the outcome of the election.

Carlson asked excellent questions about the actions of NBC and MSNBC and how the network leaked its own videotape to The Washington Post. NBC seems to have managed its own News Division in an attempt to ensure that Hillary Clinton won, and Trump lost.

Video: At the same time Maddow was going after Trump, Tucker Carlson was going after NBC

So will we now have congressional hearings about NBC tampering with the election?

The Russians like to mess with elections in Western democracies and they do it all the time. Their goal is likely to destabilize, but it’s not widely thought that they have ever actually turned an election around. They are no doubt taking great delight in the Democrats’ derangement about all this. They probably think they’re getting far too much credit.

But the Russian connection is not as relevant as the NBC meddling.

Maddow, the Daily Beast writer David Cay Johnston that got the Trump return and handed it to her, and MSNBC chairman Andrew Lack have some explaining to do and it should be either before congressional committees or in the course of a Justice Department investigation.

It might do Maddow good to spend a few nights in jail. She is hiding behind the First Amendment, but it’d hard to imagine the Supreme Court allowing that a new organization can reveal private documents like tax returns without consent from the taxpayer or outside the course of a government investigation.

Turn it over to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions is recused from investigating connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians. He is NOT recused from being a part of an investigation into whether an American news organization was part of a conspiracy to influence an American election. The American people deserve to know what NBC News did, when they did it, and who at NBC broke the law.


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