Mueller, Comey, Democrats & CNN in Collusion to remove Trump President Trump threatened to “Drain the Swamp,” and the Swamp is not happy.

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By Lynn Woolley

If I had thought of this, I would have written a novel. In the strange case of Trump versus the Swamp, truth is far too bizarre to become fiction.

Mueller & Comey

Now comes another anonymous source in the Washington Post alleging that special counsel Robert Mueller is now adding “obstruction of justice” to the list of crimes that must be investigated.

While this latest leak is reported as news, CNN has 9-member panels hour after hour with leftists like Jeffery Toobin to say that Trump is in trouble.

The Democrats, led by Maxine Waters, are standing by to impeach.

All they need is two things. First, they need Mueller and his protégé, James Comey to blow off an obvious conflict of interest so they can work together against the President. Second, they need a Democrat majority in the House. If they get that majority, President Trump will be impeached.

Video: Toobin on CNN: “I told you so.”

What in the world is going on?

That’s easy to answer. The anointed glass-ceiling-breaker, Hillary Clinton, failed to win what was considered to be a slam-dunk election. She has devoted her life since then to finding excuses as to why.

The excuse that stuck was that the Russians tampered with the election and swung it to Donald Trump. This is BS of the highest order, but Democrats either believe it, or are using it to trump up a case against the President. The Russian “hacking,” as it is called, is the basis for what followed.

The collusion charges have fallen apart. Six months into the Trump administration, nothing has been made public that proves President Trump had any underhanded dealings with Vladimir Putin concerning the election. Democrats may still believe it – but they’ve now moved on to “obstruction of justice.”

What do they have?

They have testimony from former (fired) FBI Director James Comey who said that Trump:

• Told him that he (Trump) hoped he could see his way clear to letting go of the investigation into Michael Flynn.
• Wanted him to life the cloud over the presidency by revealing that Trump was not a target.

That’s what they have.

They also have a big time conflict of interest.

FOX News’s Gregg Jarrett has written that Mueller and Comey might as well open up a law office together. Jarrett even wrote a mock announcement:

Legal Notice: “Proudly Announcing The Newly-Formed Law Firm of Mueller & Comey. We Specialize In Bungling Cases, Ignoring Legal Standards, And Bringing Down Presidents.”

Here is Jarrett’s point. Mueller and Comey seem to be acting as co-counsels, working as a team to bring down Donald Trump. Because of that, Mueller should recuse himself as special counsel. So is there a legal standard that would govern this type of situation?

Jarrett says there certainly is:

The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has a “conflict of interest.” Even the appearance of a conflict is disallowed. The same Code of Federal Regulations defines what constitutes a conflict. That is, “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution” (28 CFR 45.2). Comey is that person. He was substantially involved in the conversation with President Trump who may be the subject of an obstruction investigation. In fact, the former Director is the only other person involved. There were no witnesses beyond himself.

So how can two men – one a predecessor of the other and one a protégé of the other NOT be considered in conflict of interest? They obviously are, but it may not matter.

Video: FOX News’ Jarrett says Mueller should recuse himself from the case.

Democrats are out to impeach – and the Mainstream Media is driving the issue.

Rep. Maxine Waters may be – obviously is – nuts. Much is made about that in conservative media. But how is she any worse that Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer? The Democrats want to impeach Trump and that is where all this is heading.

Night after night, CNN runs its Brady Bunch windows with all manner of left-wingers, and a token conservative to discuss the imminent impeachment and removal of Donald Trump. As Jonah Goldberg writes, Trump badly needs to keep the House in the midterms.

Video: Tune into CNN — this is what you’ll get.

The Dems have demonstrated that they do not need a reason to impeach. All they need is control of the U.S House of Representatives. They will do it, and then it goes to the Senate. Trump needs to maintain a majority there, too – and he needs not to piss off any members if he can help it.

President Bill Clinton’s party circled the wagons as they always do, and the Republicans were too scared politically to toss him out – even after he perjured himself. But this is Donald Trump. No facts needed. No conflicts of interest on the part of the special counsel matter. Trump threatened to “Drain the Swamp,” and the Swamp is not happy.

When the Swamp isn’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Mueller, Comey, Democrats in Congress, and CNN are all card carrying members. Make no mistake – they are colluding to remove the sitting President of the United States.

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