Media delights in labeling Alex Jones “Conservative” Jones has messed things up for those of us who have strong opinions – but do not traffic in Fake News.

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By Lynn Woolley

This latest big controversy regarding Mr. Jones involves his content being dumped by Facebook, Apple, You Tube, and Spotify.

The Mainstream Media is loving it, and is making sure that you know that Jones is “right-wing.” In the Associated Press story, that label shows up in the first sentence. It appears twice in the New York Times account. Jones, himself, warned that another “conservative” outlet could be next.

Alex Jones (Associated Press)

Let me say here and now that I support Alex Jones’ right of free speech.

This isn’t about free speech. This is about responsible speech. Jones may be a buddy of President Trump’s – and he may have some conservative leanings. But he makes his name and his income on being a provocateur.

He says things that are not true to gin up an audience. He has become famous for this—stuff like calling Sandy Hook a hoax – and now the free market is rebelling.

Video: Jones in 1999 — the Russians

Audiences listen to Jones to hear him say outrageous things.

Some of his claims are fun to listen to. You can laugh all you want about the “faked moon landing” theory – but the idea that 9/11 was an inside job is more serious. Jones’ claim that the 2012 sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting was a hoax is nasty and disgusting.

Video: CNN’s Michael Smerconish explains how parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting are suing Infowars host Alex Jones for defamation for his repeated claims that the massacre was a hoax.

Jones was also involved in disseminating false information on the so-called Pizzagate affair in which Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails were hacked and made public by Wikileaks.

The conspiracy theory was that the emails contained coded messages regarding human trafficking and an alleged child-sex ring and were related to some restaurants such as Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria. This resulted in a man from North Carolina going to Comet Ping Pong to investigate — and firing a rifle. Jones connected this to the Clinton Foundation. He was forced to issue an apology.

Video: Families Sue Alex Jones For Defamation Over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Claims | NBC Nightly News

The point is that Jones isn’t doing the Rush Limbaugh Show or the Lynn Woolley Show – political opinion based on facts. But the left-wing media labels him as “right-wing” to foster the impression that all conservative radio is like Jones. We are not.

You can do conspiracy radio without being nasty.

My first foray into talk radio was in the early 70’s on WFAA 570 in Dallas. I was the newscaster on the late-night “Ed Busch Show” where we did lot of shows about the Kennedy assassination and interviewed “Joey, the mafia Hit Man,” and Dr. Peter Beter, and Erich von Däniken who wrote “Chariots of the Gods?” Ed also interviewed Elizabeth Carmichael, a female carmaker who turned out to be Jerry Dean Michael in drag – and a business fraud to boot.

The Carmichael affair might have been Fake News, but Ed didn’t know she was a fraud – and a man. I was there and saw her/him – and I didn’t know either.

Video: Joe Rogan and Alex Jones talk about the fake moon landing and NASA conspiracies.

George Noory, and Art Bell before him, discuss conspiracies and stories of the weird on Coast to Coast AM – with a wink to the audience. Jones has been on that show, but most of the time, it’s all tongue in cheek.

So if media platforms decide they don’t want nasty – and false – information on their sites, who can blame them?

Jones has messed things up for those of us who have strong opinions – but do not traffic in Fake News. The big media companies must not censor free speech because of political disagreements. But if they do, other companies will spring up to compete with them.

As for Jones, he has about 5 current lawsuits to deal with as the free market works through all this. He might emerge from all this as a more reasonable voice with something to say that’s actually real.

If so, good for him. I wish him well.

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