Biden Priviledge – Just released 1:02 Minute Video from Great America PAC Thank you Pesident Trump for asking Ukraine President Zelensky to investigate the Bidens.

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Sep 30, 2019 No Comments ›› admin

by Donna Garner

According to Real Clear Politics, the six-figure ad will run online and on Fox News Channel.



“Thank you for asking Ukraine President Zelensky to investigate the Bidens even though you offered nothing to Zelensky nor did you try to extort him.”

“Thank you for making sure that our tax dollars are being well spent instead of using them for personal gain or to elevate your own family’s wealth and power.”

“Thank you for not being afraid to release to the public the Ukraine call transcript because ‘the truth will set you free.’ Since you did nothing wrong, you had nothing to fear.”

“Thank you for the many hours that you spend connecting with people groups all over this country so that you can grasp the realities of our everyday lives. You are doing great things for our nation and for us individually. You are indeed Keeping America Strong.”

Great America PAC


“Where are you? It is as if you are nowhere to be seen nor heard when Pres. Trump needs your support.”

“Why have you not done your jobs by countering publicly the lies, obstruction, and injustices being perpetrated on our President and upon the U. S. voters who elected him?”

“Why have you not held public hearings and brought to the forefront the people who know the truth and are courageous enough to tell it?”

“Why have you not countered with factual evidence each time the Democrats have loudly raised their voices and their fake allegations?”

“Where is your leadership and your wise counsel? Why have you not supported Pres. Trump publicly each time the Democrats have blasted out their false claims?”

“Yes, we appreciate the many judges who have made it through the judicial process: but there are many more issues than just that one. What else have you been doing? All we hear from you is ‘crickets.’ ”

Donna Garner

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