Mueller’s Ex-CHIEF OF STAFF Emerges as White House LIAISON in Watergate 2.0 Lisa Monaco the Alleged Go-Between For Obama White House and FBI's Andrew McCabe

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By Ben Barrack

If the Obama White House received information from the FBI about the Steele Dossier, who would have been that person? According to Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, a woman named Lisa Monaco seems like the perfect fit.

Especially relevant is that Monaco was named Deputy Chief of Staff to FBI Director Robert Mueller in 2007. Later, she became his Chief of Staff.

Here is an excerpt of Farrell’s interview on a recent appearance on the Lou Dobbs program:

In September of 2016, Monaco was Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. As such, she was the successor to John Brennan.

Monaco’s history with Leftists

Monaco meeting with Susan Rice and Barack Obama at the White House

In addition to Monaco’s familiarity with Mueller, she rose through the ranks during the Obama administration. In 2011, as Operation Fast and Furious was dogging Attorney General Eric Holder, he promoted Monaco. Holder publicly announced that Monaco was the new Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

Prior to being Mueller’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Monaco was his Special Counsel. Before that, she worked on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Enron task force with none other than Mueller’s “pit bull” and Deputy in the Russia investigation, Andrew Weissmann.

In the late 1990’s, Monaco worked for Janet Reno, Bill Clinton’s Attorney General. Consequently, her bonafides among leftists are strong.

Monaco and McCabe Worked Together on Surveillance Cases

Monaco also has a history of working with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. In 2012, McCabe sent Monaco a secret Memorandum. The document, which is heavily redacted, references EXECUTIVE ORDER 12333 SEC. 2.5. That section refers to the use of FISA courts to conduct surveillance on American citizens. Especially relevant is that is exactly what the Obama administration did with the FBI and intelligence community to surveil Trump campaign officials and associates.

Here is the full text of 2.5:

2.5 Attorney General Approval. The Attorney General hereby is delegated the power to approve the use for intelligence purposes, within the United States or against a United States person abroad, of any technique for which a warrant would be required if undertaken for law enforcement purposes, provided that such techniques shall not be undertaken unless the Attorney General has determined in each case that there is probable cause to believe that the technique is directed against a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power. The authority delegated pursuant to this paragraph, including the authority to approve the use of electronic surveillance as defined in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, as amended, shall be exercised in accordance with that Act.

Click on the images below to see the heavily redacted document:



EO 12333, Section 2.3

In another part of the memorandum, McCabe makes reference to SECTION VI of EO 12333, which appears to be under Section 2.3, regarding dissemination of intelligence. A quick review of that section reveals it has to do with the dissemination of intelligence obtained from U.S. Person Information (USPI).

Especially relevant here is McCabe’s reference to something at the heart of the decision to spy on Trump campaign officials and associates. As a result, the case against the Obama administration – and Obama personally – gets stronger.


In the screenshot below, “USPI” means U.S. Person Information; “IC” means Intelligence Community; “SIGINT” means Signal Intelligence (wire tapping, for example); and “MOA” means Memorandum of Agreement.


What is abundantly clear is that the players in Watergate 2.0 had practice. McCabe signed FISA Applications to spy on Americans. The subject matter in his 2012 memorandum to Monaco was eerily similar. As a result, they prepared themselves for a high stakes, criminal operation that ultimately backfired.

A Key figure necessary for getting the approvals to spy on Americans as was done in 2016 and 2017 is the Attorney General. In 2016, that was Loretta Lynch. At the time of McCabe’s memo to Monaco, it was Holder. A quick search reveals that Monaco worked quite closely with both Holder and Lynch as well as with both Mueller and his successor at the FBI, James Comey.

Monaco sits with AG Eric Holder and then FBI Director Mueller as Obama looks on.

It’s clear that Monaco was a high ranking official inside the Obama administration. She was also very trusted. After all, she worked for Clinton’s Attorney General and both of Obama’s AG’s, as well as with Mueller.

Monaco in Situation Room with Obama, Holder and Mueller

Monaco as Liaison

There are several explosive texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page. One such text in September of 2016 from Page, who worked for Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe as his attorney, involved Obama. It read:

“potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Indications are that Monaco is the person most likely to have been that liaison between McCabe and the White House.

Judicial Watch’s Farrell appears to know far more than he let on in the interview above. The legal watchdog group he works for has subpoenaed and obtained thousands upon thousands of documents from the DOJ, State Department, FBI, etc.

If Monaco was Obama’s eyes and ears in Watergate 2.0, she puts that scandal inside the White House.

As a result, Obama was involved.

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