The REAL Brett Kavanaugh Scandal is about Brett KARMAnaugh Trump SCOTUS Pick Unjustly Smeared but it was Kavanaugh who did the Same to a Credible Witness in the 1990's

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By Ben Barrack

In the 1990’s Brett Kavanaugh smeared a witness in a way very much like he is being smeared today.

The sexual assault allegations spearheaded by Democrats against Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are ridiculous. They are salacious and unverified. As a result, Kavanaugh deserves the benefit of the doubt on that.

However, there is a much larger scandal afoot that should sink him. It’s in the shadows and hidden from public view. Kavanaugh protected the Clintons when he was a lead investigator in Ken Starr’s investigation of the death of Vince Foster on July 20, 1993; Foster was Deputy White House Counsel for the Clinton administration at the time. Kavanaugh did so – in large part – by smearing and intimidating a very credible witness named Patrick Knowlton. Frankly, these sexual assault allegations represent karma for Kavanaugh.

It’s KARMAnaugh.

Conservatives don’t want to touch this scandal because they’re too emotionally invested in the Trump nominee. They staked their position early on and have batted away all facts that contradict it. This shocking reality does not comport with the paradigm they’ve built in their own minds. Consequently, Kavanaugh’s supporters have cognitive dissonance.

Democrats don’t want to touch the scandal because it dredges up the related scandal that will make the Clintons look bad.

Starr (L) and Knowlton (R) in a 2008 photo.

Shockingly, two explosive articles from mainstream publications placed Karmanaugh front and center. One from Salon, which included Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as a central instigator. The other courtesy of Yahoo, which published the account of the seasoned and very credible reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who first published Knowlton’s story more than 20 years ago.

The Real Scandal

The scandal that both parties have ignored was given attention by Feinstein earlier this week. It’s possible that she didn’t think it through before going there though.

Via Salon:

The Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., believes that Brett Kavanaugh may have lied to members of the committee about whether he broke grand jury secrecy laws while he worked on the investigation of President Bill Clinton.

“According to a memo from the National Archives, Brett Kavanaugh instructed Hickman Ewing, a colleague and deputy independent counsel in the Starr investigation, to ‘call [Chris] Ruddy’ about matters before a grand jury, which would be illegal to disclose,” Feinstein told Politico in a statement. “I asked Judge Kavanaugh in questions for the record whether he had shared ‘information learned through grand jury proceedings.’ His answer, which says that he acted ‘consistent with the law,’ conflicts with the official memo from Mr. Ewing. Disclosing grand jury information is against the law and would be troubling for any lawyer, especially one applying for a promotion to the highest court in the country.”

Knowingly or not, Feinstein was referring to questioning from Kavanaugh to Knowlton. You see, Knowlton happened to turn into Fort Marcy Park on that fateful day in 1993 when Foster allegedly committed suicide. At least, suicide was the official ruling, which Kavanaugh was very much a part of concluding.

Memo from Hickman Ewing that directly implicates Kavanaugh in commission of crime.

Here is a transcript of a subsequent voicemail left by Ruddy on Ewing’s answering machine. This clearly shows that Kavanaugh discussed grand jury testimony with Ruddy. It’s not illegal for a witness to discuss testimony but it IS illegal for prosecutors to do so. In this case, Kavanaugh broke the law by doing so.

Ruddy voicemail referred to by Feinstein

Knowlton the Monkeywrench

Kavanaugh and Starr ruled that Foster drove to the park on July 20, 1993 and shot himself. Knowlton arrived at the park more than an hour after Foster’s body lay dead. However, Knowlton insisted that Foster’s car – a 1989 silver Honda – was not there and that only two cars were there.

One car was a 1984 brown Honda. The other was a blue vehicle with a man inside. Knowlton further testified that the man glared at him as if to communicate that Knowlton shouldn’t be there.

The simple question is this: How could Foster have driven to the park and shot himself if his car was not at the scene after his death?

Knowlton represented the fly in the ointment for the Starr team, which asserted that Foster’s car was at the park. He had to be silenced. According to Knowlton, Kavanaugh implied in grand jury questioning that Knowlton was at the park for a homosexual encounter.

“Did the man in the park pass you a note?” Knowlton claimed Kavanaugh asked him, in addition to asking, “Did the man in the park touch your genitals?”

In short, Kavanaugh did to Knowlton what the Democrats are now doing to Kavanaugh; he attempted to assassinate his character.

That’s what makes him Karmanaugh.

The Democrats are wrong about most things. However, on this, they’re absolutely right that Kavanaugh discussed grand jury testimony with a reporter (Ruddy) – through Ewing’s notes – and that is in fact a crime.

The Reporter who Broke the Story

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is an extremely credible reporter. It was actually Pritchard who first broke Knowlton’s story. Here’s how he explains in his recent account:

I had tracked down Mr Knowlton and discovered that the Starr probe had never spoken to him, even though he had been the first person at the Fort Marcy death location and had highly-relevant information.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

If not for Pritchard, Knowlton may never have been known. Starr’s team – on which Kavanaugh was a lead investigator – seemed perfectly content to suppress the testimony of a key witness.

An additional dose of irony is the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh this week. Based on Pritchard’s account, it seems the FBI colluded with Kavanaugh to cover up the Foster death investigation. As such, the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh today should be considered tainted. At a minimum, the FBI has a serious conflict of interest. Here is Pritchard writing about his initial meeting with Knowlton, which relayed that Knowlton said Foster’s car was at the park:

I showed him his FBI ‘302’ witness statement from the earlier, superficial Fiske probe. He had never seen the words attributed to him before.

Mr Knowlton was stunned. It contradicted his express assertions. He said the FBI had tried repeatedly to badger him into changing his story on key facts. Each time he refused. Now it appeared they had written in what they wanted to hear. He agreed to go public and accused the FBI of falsifying his witness statement. This was to court trouble.

If true, the FBI altered witness testimony in much the same way that Kavanaugh attempted to alter his own questions of Knowlton after the fact.

Intimidation and Karma

Knowlton was subsequently intimidated by dozens of FBI agents in the street. Ruddy accompanied him and witnessed the intimidation firsthand.

Perhaps the biggest irony of all is this excerpt from Pritchard’s piece:

When Mr Knowlton appeared at the grand jury – thinking he was doing his civic duty – he says he was subjected to two and a half hours of character assassination by Mr Kavanaugh. There was little attempt to find out what he knew about the Foster death scene.

There it is, right there. For the past several days, Kavanaugh’s character has been assassinated, quite wrongly in all likelihood.

However, justice may have been levied anyway, even if he ends up as the next Supreme Court Justice.

That would be Justice Karmanaugh.

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