The ‘SWITCH’ Question NO Liberal Can Answer in a Debate Liberals Insist that Republicans and Democrats 'Switched' Sides But Can't tell you When

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Feb 7, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Andrew Johnson (L) and Barack Obama (R)

While debating the liberal husband of a family friend, I again stumbled onto the question no liberal can answer; at least non consistently. That question? When did the Republican and Democratic Parties switch sides?

You see, whenever you point out to a liberal that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was created by Democrats as the armed wing of its party, that reality runs completely counter to what Democrats claim to believe. The only way they can attempt to rationalize it is by saying that the Democrat Party became the Republican Party. What they cannot tell you is when this ‘switch’ happened.

You’ll get a different answer from every liberal. The reason is because it’s an insane argument.

At some point after the KKK was formed as the armed wing of the Democrat Party on Christmas Eve in 1865, the Democrats became the Republicans. So, presumably, the “switch” happened sometime after that but before now.

But when?

Well, since Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President and was assassinated in office, there have been exactly ten U.S Presidents that were Democrats. Let’s have a look at them and maybe we can divine when the pseudo-switch occurred.

Democrat Presidents (post-Lincoln)

1.) Andrew Johnson: During Lincoln’s first term, right-wing Republican Hannibal Hamlin was the vice president. Lincoln attempted to reach across the aisle and select a Democrat as vice president for his second term. We all know how that worked out. Johnson was a pro-slavery Democrat who vetoed a bill that would have granted reparations to blacks for slavery. Lincoln’s General William Sherman implemented Special Field Order #15 that would guarantee every black family 40 acres and a mule.

It was Johnson who withdrew the promise to blacks.

In 2004, while at the Democratic National Convention, race-hustler Al Sharpton seemed to blame the unfulfilled promise of reparations on Republicans, despite the fact that Johnson – a Democrat – vetoed the bill that would have granted those reparations:

It’s safe to say that the Democrats of today are not willing to insist that the ‘switch’ happened with Johnson.

Johnson was also the first of only two Presidents to be impeached (the other, Bill Clinton is also a Democrat).

2.) Grover Cleveland: A northern Democrat, Cleveland was first elected president just a few years after passage of the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted blacks the right to vote. Ironically, it was a Republican Congress that passed that amendment. Cleveland is known for refusing to enforce this amendment and for having little to no regard for blacks. Here too, the ‘switch’ doesn’t appear to have taken place on Cleveland’s watch.

Woodrow Wilson, a grandfather of modern day progressivism

3.) Woodrow Wilson: The presidential father of modern day progressives, Wilson was close friends with Thomas Dixon, a staunch Democrat who glorified the KKK with propaganda. Dixon authored the Clansman, a stage play that demonized blacks and painted the KKK as heroic. The play was later turned into a film entitled, Birth of a Nation. It was the first film shown in the White House. Again, let any liberal Democrat try to tell you that ‘the Switch’ happened with Wilson.

4.) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR): FDR actually appointed Dixon clerk of the United States Court, Eastern District of North Carolina in 1938. He also appointed Klansman Hugo Black to the U.S. Supreme Court. FDR is also well known for publicly stating that he would never have his photo taken with a black man.

How about it, Democrats? Have we come across that point in history when Democrats actually ‘switched’ to Republicans?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

5.) Harry S. Truman: In his earlier years, Truman was a member of the KKK. It’s widely known that Truman did little to nothing to advance the cause of blacks in America. At a minimum, no liberal would possibly dare to say that the infamous ‘switch’ came about because of Truman.

6.) John F. Kennedy: If ever there was a ‘switch’ between Democrat and Republican parties, liberals are likely to point to the JFK administration. This was a time in which civil rights legislation was beginning to percolate. Martin Luther King Jr. was becoming increasingly prominent.

Weeks prior to the 1960 election, MLK had been jailed in Atlanta after he and other blacks attempted to integrate with patrons inside a restaurant. JFK called MLK’s wife to offer his support. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) called a judge to see what could be done about MLK’s release. Ultimately, MLK was released. Republican Party candidate Richard Nixon did not take these steps and history has been written in such a way that JFK’s outreach to MLK’s wife caused blacks to become Democrats en masse.

The extent to which JFK’s efforts were political more than moral is unknown. However, a tape released in 2014 showed that although MLK conceded JFK and RFK played a role in his release, he wasn’t giving them all the credit. Said MLK:

“…I must make it clear that many other forces worked to bring it about also.”

In the same article, Christian Science Monitor (hardly a right-wing publication) stated the following:

Early in his administration, President Kennedy did not want to be seen as too eager to press for such moves as equal housing and voting protection for minorities, even though he saw such changes as inevitable. King was not invited to his inauguration or to an initial meeting of civil rights figures in the Oval Office.

JFK’s motives for doing what he did relative to civil rights notwithstanding, his choice for a vice presidential running mate left much to be desired. LBJ became president when JFK was assassinated and whatever LBJ did along the lines of civil rights was most definitely for political expediency more than it was for righting wrongs.

JFK (L) and LBJ (R)

7.) Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ): When LBJ was sworn in as president, the country was not far away from seeing civil rights legislation passed. The problem was that it was Republicans who got it passed. In particular, Senator Everett Dirksen (R-IL) persuaded the Senate to vote for cloture and end debate. If any government official was most responsible for passing the civil rights act, it would have been Dirksen, a Republican.

While LBJ was clearly pushing to have the legislation passed for political reasons, Senate Democrats like Robert Byrd and Albert Gore, Sr. were opposing it based on principle. Byrd was not only a KKK member but was a Kleagle who led his local chapter.

What can be said with certitude is that the civil rights act of 1965 passed because of Republicans; Democrats opposed it. LBJ saw political opportunity.

LBJ despised MLK.

In 1997, the New York Times reported that MLK’s son believed LBJ was part of the assassination plot.

On March 28, 1968 MLK was part of a protest that became violent. One day later, Byrd got up in front of the Senate and delivered an appeal to LBJ to stop MLK:

“Yesterday, Mr. President, the Nation was given a preview of what may be in store for this city by the outrageous and despicable riot that Martin Luther King helped to bring about in Memphis, Tenn. If this self-seeking rabble-rouser is allowed to go through with his plans here, Washington may well be treated to the same kind of violence, destruction, looting and bloodshed.”

Five days later, MLK was assassinated by James Earl Ray… a Democrat.

Speaking of Byrd, check out how the very liberal U.S. News makes him sound:

His years in public service changed him from a parochial conservative who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and called the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a ”rabble rouser” to a strong advocate of the proposed equal rights amendment to the Constitution.

Does that mean Al Gore, Sr. was a ‘conservative’ who voted against the Civil Rights Act and then his son Al Gore, Jr. became a liberal Democrat? If that’s true, why did Al Gore, Jr. lie and say that his father lost re-election because he voted FOR the Civil Rights Act, when in reality Al Gore, Sr. voted against it?

There you have it. Byrd was somehow a conservative when he was a member of the KKK, opposed Civil Rights and called MLK a “rabble rouser”. Yeah, right.

In 2010, Bill Clinton delivered a eulogy at the funeral of Byrd. He first minimized Byrd’s role in the KKK, saying the Senator had a “fleeting association” with the armed wing of the Democratic Party. Clinton then excused it by saying Byrd was just trying to get elected.

8.) Jimmy Carter: By the time Carter was elected President in 1976, it had become political suicide to oppose Civil Rights – on any grounds. MLK had been assassinated eight years earlier and many wrongs had been righted. Conversely, the climate was also ripe for capitalizing on and exploiting the issue of Civil Rights; it’s still happening today. Democrats are great at doing this. Carter actually aggressively pursued actions in the cause of civil rights.

Is this when the Republicans and Democrats “switched”? Are we to believe that Carter is the face of the old Republicans?

If so, no thanks.

Besides, to whatever extent Carter aided minorities in the U.S., he has been in bed with the Palestinians against another minority – the Jews and Israel.

9.) Bill Clinton: Surely, Clinton doesn’t represent “the switch”. Liberals that hold Clinton up today are the same ones who point to FDR, JFK and LBJ as heroes. Again, it was Clinton who defended Byrd’s involvement with the KKK.

In a book titled “Game Change”, Clinton is reported to have said the following to Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) about the next Democrat President, Barack Obama, who is considered black:

“A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would be getting us our coffee.”

In 2017, simply being opposed to illegal immigration has been deemed “racist” and “xenophobic” by the Democrat left. Republican President Donald Trump is savagely attacked for wanting to enforce immigration laws already on the books. Does this mean that at some point in history, Democrats wanted to do the same?

If so, the “switch” must have happened after Clinton because in 1995, he supported doing exactly what Trump wants to do today:

As President, Bill Clinton loved to exploit matters of race. In fact, the 2008 housing crisis can be tied back to Clinton’s attempt to do just that with the Community Reinvestment Act, which was actually signed into law by Carter two decades earlier. Clinton thought it best to force banks to lend money to high risk minorities that shouldn’t have qualified for loans in the first place, not because they were black but because… they… couldn’t… afford… mortgages.

As bad as racism is, equally bad is the exploitation of race to commit fraud, which is exactly what the Clinton administration did:

10.) Barack Obama: At first blush, the election of a black President would seem to indicate the Democrat Party was anything but racist. On the contrary, a Party that figured out how to exploit racism was almost pre-destined to elect a black president. Obama did worse than exploit racism; he fostered it.

Obama actively sought the support of race-baiter Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), et. al. When matters of race burst on the scene, Obama amplified them. In 2017, the country is more divided based on race than it was before Obama took office. From his illegitimate defense of black professor Henry Louis Gates to the death of Trayvon Martin to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO to the Black Lives Matter movement, Obama fueled racism; he didn’t attempt to stop it.

Furthermore, Obama has always billed himself as a “progressive”, which is a nice-sounding way to refer to a liberal. A problem for Obama is that Woodrow Wilson is often referred to as the grandfather of modern-day progressivism. As has been demonstrated, Wilson was clearly a racist who embraced the KKK.

Democrat Party vs. Nazi Party

The biggest problem with “the switch” argument is that if the Democrats USED to be so bad, why would today’s Democrats associate with them and claim their name? Can the Nazi Party be reformed? How about the KKK? Can it be reformed?

Of course not, which is why the whole “switch” argument is another Democrat lie.

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