Glenn Beck Blames MSM for Making him Wear MAGA Hat Instead of Admitting he was DEAD Wrong, Beck says the Media Made Him do it

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May 19, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Radio host Glenn Beck made news this week. He did so by donning a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat during his show. What is most noteworthy is his rationale for doing so.

Glenn blames media

Beck blamed the media. As a result, he avoided a mea culpa. Instead of saying he was wrong about Trump from the beginning, the talk host scapegoated the liberal mainstream media.

Media bias is obvious and rampant. It has been for a long time. Especially relevant for Beck’s conversion was Trump’s reference to MS-13 as ‘animals’. News media took Trump’s words out of context to imply that he was referring to all immigrants as animals.

This is just the latest in a long line of blatantly false media narratives. They’ve been doing this since long before Trump was elected. Back when Beck was essentially endorsing Hillary Clinton, the media was doing the same thing.

Anyway, here is Beck’s conversion moment:

Beck Distracting his Listeners

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to see Beck is supporting Trump now. It’s just a bit disingenuous of him to blame the media for driving him onto the Trump train.

Instead, Beck should just admit he was dead wrong in 2016.

To be sure, the media is certainly deserving of contempt. The media elites have an agenda. They seek to destroy Trump and elevate liberal and establishment elites. It’s not new.

Yet, we’re to believe that this latest absurdity caused Beck to switch?

In an October 2016 tweet, Beck basically endorsed Hillary for president:

Screenshot from Glenn Beck’s Facebook page where he endorsed Hillary for president.

Especially relevant was his contention that conservatives could resist her. Based on what we know now about the counter-intelligence operation the DOJ and FBI conducted against the Trump campaign, Beck was wrong there too.

He referred to Trump as “very dangerous” in 2016. Mainstream media outlets gladly gave him a platform. CNN was one of them.

In an interview with Vice less than one month before the election, Glenn Beck said he considered voting for Hillary. Here is the audio:

In July of 2016, NBC’s Chuck Todd gladly welcomed Beck onto his show to bash Trump. Remember, Todd represents the same media Beck now says drove him into the arms of Team Trump:

Even after the election, Beck appeared on the far left-wing show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and basically bonded with her over a shared #NeverTrump spirit.

One week after Trump was elected, Beck went on CNN and commiserated with the network and liberals generally over the results:

Glenn Beck is Blaming Others instead of Admitting He was Wrong

At a minimum, Beck should admit that he was wrong to use these liberal media platforms. They represent the same media he is blaming for his conversion.

Beck is admitting that the same media he despises today was successful in duping him then.

When Glenn Beck attempted to undermine Trump and get Hillary elected, he destroyed his own credibility. The way for him to get it back is to deliver a full-throated admission that he was wrong. There is no shame in that.

However, there is shame in blaming others instead.

The truth is Beck is doing his best impersonation of the Fonz. He also jumped the shark a long time ago too.

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