Texas officials that promote Sanctuary Cities could face jail time Make no mistake – this law is intended to force left-wing law enforcement officials to enforce the law.

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By Lynn Woolley

Gov. Greg Abbott is fed up with left-wing mayors, police chiefs, and sheriffs that refuse to cooperate in the enforcement of immigration laws. So is the Texas Senate. A new measure, SB-4, has passed and now goes to the House where speaker Joe Straus will have to make a decision.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Make no mistake – this law is intended to force left-wing law enforcement officials to enforce the law.

It seems like a no-brainer – but Democrats in in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin have refused to obey immigration law for years – claiming they are not immigration officers.

They may soon face stiff penalties for their insolence. They would lose millions in state funds, and face thousands in fines. Best of all, liberal sheriffs like Travis County’s Sally Hernandez could see her own jail from the inside. If she cannot enforce the law, she must be subject to it.

The Texas Senate

The Democrat talking point.

When Democrats want to do something that defies logic (and the law), they come up with a talking point and beat it to death. In the case of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, the TP is that the prison serves as a “recruitment tool.” That’s baloney because Islamic terrorists hated us before the prison was even opened.

Video: FOX News reports on Trump & Sanctuary Cities

In the current argument over sanctuary cities – Democrats have adopted a TP holding that immigrants will not cooperate with police on law enforcement matters if they fear deportation. 

This, of course, ignores the fact that those in our country illegally should be deported. So who cares what they think? Liberal officials in Texas’ big cities typically do. But, as was the case in the recent election, there is a vast group of largely ignored people who think the law should be enforced across the board.

We are a nation of laws and not men, right? Not so much where Democrats are concerned. Like on Islamic terrorism and Climate Change, they have a groupthink opinion based on the fact that ALL good liberals must be against enforcing immigration laws.

Their arguments about families being busted up and DREAMERS being forced out of the only country they have ever known ignores two facts:

1. The United States, while generously allowing millions into our country, has no obligation to allow any foreigners in.
2. United States citizens – even those with business that hire illegals – did not force anyone to break our immigration laws; therefore the fault belongs with the immigrants.

No one wants to see families split up over deportation, but the people being deported brought it on themselves. Our only devious contribution to the breaking up of families is our despicable court rulings on Birthright Citizenship.

Video: Gov. Abbott on Sanctuary Cities

Sheriffs & police chiefs have turned into lawbreakers. That could change.

SB-4 has teeth. It would institute some severe repercussions for rogue officials:

• It would apply major fines to agencies that adopt sanctuary polices.
• The initial fine would be $1,500 and the fine could go as high as $25,500.
• Law enforcement agencies could face civil lawsuits from the families of crime victims in a case where a federal detainer was refused.
• Sheriffs & police chiefs would be subject to a Class A misdemeanor for adopting sanctuary policies.
• They could be fined up to $4,000.
• They could be sentenced to as much as a year in jail if a DA presses charges.
• Cities may face the loss of federal grants under Trump administration rules.

It’s about time that left-wing officials are forced to obey the law while they work to make sure the rest of us obey the law. If they don’t like federal immigration laws, they can work to get them changed or to elect liberals that share their ideology – then change the law.

Gov. Abbott

This law has a chance to pass into law.

It’s through the Senate. There is no doubt that Gov. Abbott will sign it.

So that leaves it up to Speaker Straus and the Texas House. So – is Texas a state of laws?

Or is Texas a state in which Democrats can refuse to enforce laws because they don’t like them?

What about it, Mr. Speaker?


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