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By Lynn Woolley

The “Demographics is Destiny” crowd often finds kindred spirits within the Republican Party.

One of them appears to be Tom Mechler of Amarillo – who took over as the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party last year. You’d think that a major priority would be to spread the conservative message and grow the Party by teaching the merits of smaller, constitutional government.

But according to a Dallas Morning News article by Brandi Grissom, his major goal has been to…

“make the complexion of his party match the demographics of this minority-majority state.”

Those are the words of the reporter, but the article bears it out. He wants to increase the GOP’s appeal to Hispanics that now make up about 38 percent of the state’s population. He should do that by emphasizing conservative values – not by pandering.

Tom Mechler

Tom Mechler

According to the article, Mechler wants the Party’s membership to reflect Texas’ diversity.

I cringe when Republicans start talking about diversity. It smacks of race-based politics, and that is what Democrats do. As Republicans (or, more correct, conservatives) we should be talking about unity – not only of the races, but also of what Texas and America is all about.

Mechler knows the drill.

Video: Mechler talks to Bob Price of Breitbart Texas about “minority engagement” in March 2015

He says he values of Hispanics coincide with those of Republicans: family; low taxes; less regulation; and a free-market economy. Oh, so?
Then, what’s the problem? If Mechler is right, then how could we keep Hispanics out of the GOP even if we wanted to? The reason is simple, and liberals have exacerbated it.

The “old” model of immigration was ASSIMILATION. The “new” model is DIVERSITY.

Yes, I know the old assimilation model was created and designed by dead white males which are now despised on college campuses and by the left-wing elite of academia and politics. But it’s still the only safe method of bringing in people from other countries here.

We used to tell prospective immigrants that, if they want to come here, they must put aside the old country and the old ways. They would be welcomed only if they actually BECAME Americans. Folks, that is assimilation.

We don’t do it that way anymore. Now, have an essentially open border.

We allow dual citizenship to left-wing broadcasters like Jorge Ramos. We teach the children of illegal immigrants in their own language. We provide sanctuary cities where illegals are in safe zones. We now have a media environment where Spanish-speakers have their own newspapers and broadcast stations. We open up our emergency room to immigrants for free healthcare.

Video: From a GOP debate in 2011. How can Republicans ever craft a serious immigration policy when their own candidates spout idiotic things such as this?

We even offer in-state tuition costs to college students that are here illegally.

What, then, is the incentive for an illegal alien to come here in accordance with our laws? Where is the incentive to assimilate? It’s gone.

So the “Demographic is Destiny” threat is not about demographics. It is about diversity.

There would be little objection if Hispanic immigrants came here legally, spoke English, taught their children English and sent them to schools where they would be immersed in English, bought health insurance like the rest of us, and paid a price (deportation) if they came in illegally. There would be virtually no objection if Hispanic immigrants’ loyalty were 100 percent for the United States.

Please note that many legal U.S. citizens of Latino decent are totally loyal to their adopted country. Also note that a great deal of them are opposed to illegal immigration. We call those people – conservatives.

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Tyler (Photo: USA Today)

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Tyler (Photo: USA Today)

Winning over Hispanic voters.

Tom Mechler might want to think about this as he worries about the “complexion” of future Republicans. Borrowing a phrase from Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make?” Conservatives are not hung up on skin color. We want a conservative party that believes in those values we enumerated earlier – the ones that Mechler says Hispanics also embrace.

Before Mr. Mechler wins over anyone, it should be required that the person be a legal U.S. citizen. That MUST be the starting point. Once that is satisfied, I don’t care about skin color or ethnicity. What I think most conservatives want is assimilated American citizens that embrace our culture – and add to it from theirs.

That’s what we used to call the melting pot.

It was a great model and it served us well until Democrats and moderate Republicans started telling us that what matters most is demographics. What really matters most is to make sure that people who come here seeking citizenship want to be Americans and are willing to take the steps to be a part of what we have created.


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