Texas & California cities fight Sanctuary Laws for different reasons We may get a Supreme Court ruling that will decide, once and for all, whether illegal immigrants really are illegal.

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Mar 27, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

It’s all topsy-turvy.

In red Texas, left-wing cities are fighting the State because of a new law that prevents sanctuary policies. In blue California, right-wing areas are fighting the State over pro sanctuary policies. The latest is a total uprising in Orange County, home of Disneyland, where city and county leaders are openly rebelling against new state laws aimed at protecting illegal immigrants from the feds.

Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes announces the arrest of Samuel Lincoln Woodward for the murder Blaze Bernstein during a press conference in Santa Ana on Friday, Jan 12, 2018. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Back in Texas, cities like Austin and San Antonio have joined a lawsuit against SB-4, a law that could remove officials for supporting sanctuary policies.

With this strange combination of events, we may get a Supreme Court ruling that will decide, once and for all, whether illegal immigrants really are illegal – and whether rule of law is still a guiding principle in America.

If California loses, liberals will look for new ways to skirt the law.

Liberals do not accept losing – not even when court rulings go against them.

The political Left has, in recent years, has depended on left-wing judges to let them get their way.

Whether the issue is immigration, photo-ID for voting, or gay marriage, the Left may lose at the ballot box – but eventually wins in court.

In this March 7, 2018, file photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions addresses the California Peace Officers’ Association in Sacramento, Calif. (Rich Pedroncelli, File/Associated Press)

What could happen if these two cases reach the High Court? Texas is a conservative state with liberal big cities and those cities demand that their illegal populations be protected from deportation.

California is a liberal state with a few conservative areas around San Diego and Anaheim that demand adherence to rule of law.

So far, the Texas law has held up. But in San Francisco, the federal appeals court is a far cry from the one in New Orleans.

The California sanctuary laws may pass through the courts unscathed – even though common sense and past rulings would give primacy to federal immigration laws.

Video: It begins in Los Alamitos.

It would make sense for the Supreme Court to hear these two cases together.

File Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

Because the two situations are diametrically opposed, they both cannot be upheld as implemented by the states of Texas and California. Based on the Constitution and case law, it’s hard to see how a conservative-majority Supreme Court could rule for California. The Court’s four liberal activists will probably favor California – but in a world in which federal judges actually follow law, they would not.

This should be a slam-dunk 9-0 decision to uphold federal law. Here’s my prediction. The Texas law is upheld and the California laws are struck down in a 5-4 decision. Liberals will not accept the ruling and will look for ways around it.

At that point, the Left and the Right be in open war over immigration.


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